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M/T Stiklestad
Updated July 27-2012

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A picture is available on this external page (click in it to enlarge).

Manager: A. F. Klaveness & Co. A/S, Oslo
9349 gt

Built in Odense, Denmark in 1938.

Captain: Henrik Selmer Berntzen (captain till the fall of 1941 was Trygve Eide, who subsequently took command of Seirstad).

Stiklestad was on charter before the war to Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd., London (this was the UK arm of Standard Oil of New Jersey [Esso]), and after the invasion of Norway the vessel came under Allied control and under the operational and crewing management of Anglo-American. The tanker survived the war, during which it was engaged mainly in carrying oil cargoes across the North Atlantic from North America and the Caribbean (this info was posted to my Ship Forum by R. W. Jordan).

By 1944 Stiklestad had carried 50 000 tons aviation fuel to the U.K., at which time Captain Berntzen was appointed "Honorary Citizen of Baltimore" by the mayor. She later supplied British units in the Mediterranean for about a year.

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

  Voyage Record
From Febr.-1940 to Jan.-1946:  

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 Febr. 8 Algiers Lisbon Febr. 13 Independent
Febr. 17 Lisbon Halifax Independent
March 18 Halifax Havre Apr. 2 HX 28 For Le Havre
Apr. 6 Havre Bermuda Apr. 19 Independent
Apr. 24 Bermuda Port Arthur* May 1 Independent *Beaumont
(Page 1).
May 3 Beaumont Bermuda Independent
May 11 Bermuda BHX 42 For Havre.
See link to HX 42
May 17 Bermuda portion joined main convoy Pauillac May 28 HX 42 A. Hague says:
For Le Havre.
Left Pauillac May 31
(Page 1)
June 13 Brest Casablanca* June 19 50 BF Convoy available at 50 BF
(external link)
June 19 Detached from 50 BF Fort de France July 1 Independent
*Convoy 50 BF did arrive Casablanca on June 19, but as A. Hague himself says, Stiklestad was detached from the convoy that day. See also narrative below and Page 1
July 1 Fort de France Curacao July 4 Independent
July 8 Curacao Kingston July 10 Independent
July 24 Kingston Aruba July 26 Independent
July 27 Aruba Halifax Aug. 6 Independent Via Bermuda, Aug. 2
(Page 1).
See also narrative below and Advance Sailing Telegram for HX 63
Oct. 24 Halifax Clyde Nov. 7 HX 83 Missing movements, Page 1
Nov. 22 Clyde Liverpool Nov. 23 Independent
Dec. 2 Liverpool OB 253 For Capetown.
Dispersed Dec. 6.
Convoy available at OB 253
(external link)
Dec. 6 Dispersed from OB 253 Capetown Jan. 2-1941 Independent
1941 Jan. 5 Capetown Port Elizabeth Jan. 7 Independent
Jan. 14 Port Elizabeth Abadan Febr. 2 Independent
Febr. 4 Abadan Capetown Febr. 24 Independent
Febr. 25 Capetown Freetown March 10 Independent
March 13 Freetown SL 68 A. Hague says:
Detached March 15(??).
Convoy available at SL 68
(external link)
March 21 Dispersed from SL 68 Trinidad March 29 Independent (See also narrative)
Apr. 4 Trinidad Halifax Apr. 13 Independent
Apr. 20 Halifax Swansea May 9 HX 122 See also narrative below
May 24 Swansea Milford Haven May 24 Independent
May 27 Milford Haven OB 327 Dispersed 52 42N 22 18W, June 1.
Convoy available at OB 327
(external link)
June 1 Dispersed from OB 327 New York City June 13 Independent
July 17 New York City Halifax July 20 Independent
July 22 Halifax Belfast Lough Aug. 5 HX 140
Aug. 7 Belfast Lough Milford Haven* Aug. 9 BB 58 *Compare w/Page 1
Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Aug. 17 Swansea Milford Haven Independent Again, see also Page 1
Aug. 19 Milford Haven ON 9 For NYC.
Dispersed 54 51N 20 42W, Aug. 25
Aug. 25 Dispersed from ON 9 New York City Sept. 4 Independent
Sept. 27 New York City Aruba Oct. 3 Independent
Oct. 5 Aruba Halifax Oct. 13 Independent
Oct. 16 Halifax Belfast Lough Oct. 30 HX 155 Convoy will be added.
See ships in HX convoys
Oct. 31 Belfast Lough Avonmouth Nov. 3 BB 95 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Nov. 10 Avonmouth Milford Haven Nov. 11 Independent See also Page 2
Nov. 12 Milford Haven Belfast Lough Nov. 13 ON 36 Returned
Nov. 20 Belfast Lough ON 38 For NYC.
Dispersed 54 30N 51 00W, Nov. 30.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Nov. 30 Dispersed from ON 38 New York City Dec. 8 Independent
Dec. 17 New York City Aruba Dec. 24 Independent
Dec. 28 Aruba Halifax Jan. 5-1942 Independent
1942 Jan. 8 Halifax Belfast Lough Jan. 22 HX 169
Jan. 24 Belfast Lough Avonmouth Jan. 26 BB 128 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Febr. 5 Avonmouth Milford Haven Febr. 6 Independent
Febr. 7 Milford Haven ON 65 For Port Arthur
(via Belfast Lough - See Page 2).
Dispersed 43 50N 47 45W, Febr. 19
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Febr. 19 Dispersed from ON 65 Port Arthur March 6 Independent
March 8 Port Arthur Halifax March 17 Independent
March 21 Halifax Belfast Lough Apr. 2 HX 181
Apr. 3 Belfast Lough Avonmouth Apr. 5 BB 157 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Apr. 13 Avonmouth Milford Haven Apr. 14 Independent
Apr. 15 Milford Haven ON 87 For Port Arthur
(via Belfast Lough - Page 2).
Dispersed 36 03N 46 15W, Apr. 26.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Apr. 26 Dispersed from ON 87 Port Arthur May 9 Independent
May 11 Port Arthur New Orleans May 13 Independent
May 24 New Orleans Key West Independent Page 2 gives arrival May 28
May 30 Key West Hampton Roads June 4 KN 105 Convoy available at KN convoys
(external link)
June 4 Hampton Roads Cape Cod Canal Independent
June 8 Cape Cod Canal Halifax June 10 BX 23A Compare w/Page 2
Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
June 14 Halifax Liverpool June 26 HX 194
July 3 Liverpool ON 109 For NYC.
Detached July 14.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
July 14 Detached from ON 109 New York City July 17 Independent
Aug. 11 New York City Cape Cod Bay Independent
Aug. 13 Cape Cod Bay Halifax Aug. 15 BX 33B Convoy available at BX convoys
(external link)
Aug. 19 Halifax Curacao Aug. 28 HA 4 For Curacao.
Convoy available at HA convoys
(external link)
Sept. 2 Curacao Halifax Sept. 12 AH 3 Convoy available at AH convoys
(external link)
Sept. 13 Halifax Belfast Lough Sept. 24 HX 207
Sept. 25 Belfast Lough Barry Sept. 26 BB 223 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Oct. 6 Barry Milford Haven Oct. 7 Independent
Oct. 8 Milford Haven New York City Oct. 29 ON 137 Via Belfast Lough - See Page 3.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Nov. 4 New York City Gitmo Nov. 11 NG 319 For Curacao.
Convoy available at NG convoys
(external link)
Nov. 11 Gitmo Curacao Nov. 14 GAT 21 Gitmo to Curacao.
Convoy available at GAT convoys
(external link)
Nov. 16 Curacao Gitmo Nov. 19 TAG 21 Curacao to Gitmo.
Convoy available at TAG convoys
(external link)
Nov. 19 Gitmo New York City Nov. 25 GN 21 Convoy available at GN convoys
(external link)
Nov. 27 New York City Belfast Lough Dec. 13 HX 217
Dec. 13 Belfast Lough Avonmouth Dec. 16 BB 243 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Dec. 25 Avonmouth Milford Haven Dec. 26 Independent
Dec. 26 Milford Haven ON 157 Via Belfast Lough - Page 3.
Detached Jan. 5-1943*
1943 Jan. 5* Detached from ON 157 Gitmo Jan. 18 Independent
*A. Hague says she was detached on Jan. 5-1943, but according to the Commodore's notes for ON 157 (follow the link to this convoy), she was detached at 17:30 on Jan. 12 in 40 36N 65 13W.
Jan. 18 Gitmo Curacao Jan. 22 GAT 38 Gitmo to Curacao.
Convoy available at GAT convoys
(external link)
Jan. 26 Curacao Gitmo Jan. 29 TAG 38 Curacao to Gitmo.
Convoy available at TAG convoys
(external link)
Jan. 29 Gitmo New York City Febr. 6 GN 38 Convoy available at GN convoys
(external link)
Febr. 18 New York City Liverpool March 6 HX 227 See also narrative below.
Missing movements, Page 3.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in HX convoys
March 13 Liverpool ON 173 For NYC.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
March 29 From ON 173 Cape Cod Canal March 30 XB 40 Convoy available at XB convoys
(external link)
March 30 Cape Cod Canal New York City March 31 Independent
Apr. 6 New York City Liverpool Apr. 21 HX 233 Missing movements, Page 3
Apr. 30 Liverpool Baltimore May 18 ON 181 For NYC
June 16 Baltimore Philadelphia June 16 Independent
June 19 Philadelphia New York City June 20 Independent
June 23 New York City Liverpool July 7 HX 245 Missing movements, Page 4
July 16 Liverpool New York City July 30 ON 193 Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Aug. 7 New York City Liverpool Aug. 23 HX 251 Missing movements, Page 4
Aug. 27 Liverpool New York City Sept. 9 ON 199 Convoy will be added.
See link above
Sept. 16 New York City Avonmouth Oct. 1 HX 257 Convoy will be added.
See ships in HX convoys
Oct. 8 Avonmouth Milford Haven Oct. 9 Independent
Oct. 10 Milford Haven New York City Oct. 26 ON 206 Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Nov. 18 New York City Gitmo Nov. 24 NG 399 Convoy available at NG convoys
(external link)
Nov. 24 Gitmo Aruba Nov. 27 GAT 101 Gitmo to Aruba.
Convoy available at GAT convoys
(external link)
Nov. 28 Aruba Cristobal Dec. 1 Independent Notional dates
Dec. 2 Balboa Milne Bay Jan. 3-1944 Independent
1944 Jan. 8 Milne Bay Port Moresby Jan. 9 Independent
Jan. 14 Port Moresby Balboa Febr. 14 Independent
Febr. 15 Cristobal Aruba Febr. 19 Independent
Febr. 20 Aruba Cristobal Febr. 22 Independent
Febr. 23 Balboa Port Moresby March 28 Independent
Apr. 1 Port Moresby Port Moresby Apr. 3 A. Hague says:
Voyage data unknown
(Page 4 indicates Thursday Island).
Apr. 5 Port Moresby Milne Bay Apr. 6 Independent
Apr. 13 Milne Bay Balboa May 14 Independent
May 15 Cristobal Aruba May 18 Independent
May 20 Aruba Cristobal Independent
May 26 Balboa Tongatabu June 21 Independent
June 24 Tongatabu Balboa July 18 Independent
July 19 Cartagena, Col* Cartagena, Col July 20 Independent *From Cristobal
(Page 5).
July 21 Cartagena, Col Cristobal Independent
July 22 Cristobal Gitmo July 25 ZG 80 Convoy available at ZG convoys
(external link)
July 25 Gitmo Baltimore Aug. 1 Independent
Aug. 28 Baltimore New York City Aug. 31 Independent Via Philadelphia
(Page 5).
Sept. 6 New York City Swansea Sept. 19 HX 307
Sept. 21 Swansea Milford Haven Sept. 21 Independent
Sept. 22 Milford Haven New York City Oct. 9 ON 255 Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
Oct. 15 New York City Clyde Oct. 29 HX 314 Missing movements, Page 5
Nov. 4 Clyde New York City Nov. 21 ON 264 Convoy will be added.
See link above
Nov. 27 New York City Philadelphia Nov. 27 Independent
Dec. 1 Philadelphia New York City Dec. 2 Independent
Dec. 10 New York City Passed Gibraltar Dec. 27 UGS 63 Convoy available at UGS convoys
(external link)
Dec. 27 Dispersed from UGS 62 Naples Jan. 1-1945 Independent
1945 Jan. 1 Naples Brindisi Jan. 3 Independent
Jan. 6 Brindisi Bari Jan. 6 Independent
Jan. 8 Bari Ancona Jan. 9 Escorted
Jan. 14 Ancona Oran Jan. 20 Independent
Jan. 22 Oran Philadelphia Febr. 10 GUS 67 Convoy available at GUS convoys
(external link)
Febr. 18 Philadelphia Hampton Roads Febr. 18 Independent
Febr. 22 Hampton Roads Passed Gibraltar March 10 UGS 76 Convoy available at UGS convoys
(external link)
March 10 Passed Gibraltar Marseilles Independent
March 19 Marseilles Oran Independent Page 5 gives arrival March 21
March 24 Oran New York City Apr. 8 GUS 79 Convoy available at GUS convoys
(external link)
Apr. 29 New York City Liverpool May 15 HX 353 Missing movements, Page 5
Convoy will be added.
See ships in HX convoys
May 22 Liverpool New York City June 5 ON 304 Convoy will be added.
See ships in ON convoys
June 7 New York City Swansea June 19 Independent
June 21 Swansea Philadelphia July 3 Independent See also Page 6
July 6 Philadelphia London July 20 Independent (Coryton)
July 22 Southend Philadelphia Aug. 3 Independent
Aug. 6 Philadelphia Avonmouth Aug. 19 Independent
Aug. 23 Avonmouth Curacao Independent Page 6 gives arrival Sept. 7
Sept. 8 Curacao Liverpool Sept. 27 Independent
Sept. 29 Liverpool Baltimore Oct. 12 Independent
Nov. 19 Baltimore Corpus Christi Independent
Nov. 29 Corpus Christi Hamburg Dec. 23 Independent
Dec. 25 Hamburg Houston Jan. 15-1946 Independent Further voyages, Page 6

 Misc. Convoy Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above. Follow the links provided for more convoy information; escorts' reports and/or the Commodore's notes are also available for many of them and several Norwegian ships took part.

In March-1940 Stiklestad can be found in the Halifax-U.K. Convoy HX 28, bound for Le Havre with aviation fuel, where she arrived on Apr. 2. The Norwegian Annik, Europe, Boreas, Varanger and Mathilda were also in this convoy. From Page 1 of the archive documents, we learn that she was on her way from Le Havre to Beaumont when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9. She had left Le Havre on Apr. 6, stopped at Bermuda on Apr. 19, continuing to Beaumont on Apr. 24, with arrival May 1. She subsequently returned to Bermuda in order to join the Bermuda portion of Convoy HX 42 on May 11. Solstad, Brandanger, Brant County and Petter also took part. Stiklestad arrived Pauillac on May 28.

According to "Nortraships flåte" she narrowly avoided being captured by the German raider Widder in the summer of 1940. On June 25, Von Ruckteschell had been notified by the German authorities that Stiklestad was near his position on her way from Casablanca to Fort de France (note that A. Hague has listed her in Convoy 50 BF, which had arrived Casablanca from Brest on June 19-1940, ref. link provided in the Voyage Record - this voyage is not included on Page 1). He proceeded to look for her, but fortunately for Stiklestad, Widder experienced engine trouble which took several hours to fix, and this may have saved the Norwegian ship. Not so fortunate for Krossfonn, however, also en route from Casablanca to Fort de France (also listed in Convoy 50 BF). Follow this link to Victims of Widder for details on what took place. Stiklestad arrived Fort de France on July 1, leaving again for Curacao that same day, with arrival July 4.

At the beginning of Aug.-1940, Stiklestad is named in the Bermuda portion of Convoy HX 63. She had arrived there from Aruba on Aug. 2. She's not included in the convoy form, but in the Advance Sailing Telegram further down on the page. There's a note in the document saying "To be sent to Halifax to await orders". She arrived Halifax on Aug. 6, and does not show up again until Convoy HX 83 from there on Oct. 24, bound for Clyde with fuel oil, arriving Nov. 7 (again, see Page 1). On Dec. 2 she's listed, with destination Cape Town, in Convoy OB 253 from Liverpool. She arrived Table Bay on Jan. 2-1941, the convoy having been dispersed on Dec. 6. Ref. link provided in the table above; A, Hague has also included the Norwegian Risanger and Varangberg (returned) in this convoy.

He later has her, along with Fernbank, Høegh Scout and Strix, in Convoy SL 68, which departed Freetown on March 13-1941 and lost several ships (ref. link in the table above; see also my page about Strix). The convoy was dispersed on the 21st, some of the ships later joining Convoy HX 119 (1 joined HG 58). Stiklestad proceeded to Trinidad, where she arrived on March 29, then sailed to Halifax on Apr. 4, with arrival Apr. 13. She was scheduled for Convoy HX 121 on Apr. 16 (in fact, there's a note attached to this ship and several other ships in the Advance Sailing Telegram saying they had come from the Freetown Convoy SL 68). Caledonia and several others were sunk - follow the links for details. Stiklestad instead joined Convoy HX 122 on Apr. 20, cargo of crude oil for Swansea, where she arrived May 9. Cruising order/Commodore's notes are also available for this convoy. She now appears, together with Brant County, Madrono, Para, Strinda and Torvanger, in Convoy OB 327, which originated in Liverpool on May 28 and dispersed on June 1 - again, see external link in the table above. No destination is given for Stiklestad, but going back to Page 1, we learn that she arrived New York on June 13, having started out from Milford Haven on May 27. This convoy also lost several ships - see the link at the end of this page.

Having remained in New York for over a month, Stiklestad proceeded to Halifax in order to join Convoy HX 140 on July 22, bound for Swansea with fuel oil, arriving Aug. 8. Other Norwegian ships in this convoy were Madrono (station 112), Boreas (16), Velox (56), Velma (96), Alaska (106), Thorshov (83), Vardefjell (84), Evita (114), Olaf Bergh (124), Skiensfjord (97), Ferncastle (113), Thorshavet (43), Bonneville (82) and Helgøy (77). Others joined from Iceland; follow the link for more info. Beth and Petter were also initially in this convoy but left due to engine problems. Some of these ships, including Stiklestad, returned across the Atlantic with Convoy ON 9, originating in Liverpool on Aug. 20 (Inger was sunk - follow link for details). Stiklestad sailed from Milford Haven on Aug. 19 and arrived New York on Sept. 4, the convoy having been dispersed on Aug. 25.

From New York, she made a voyage to Aruba, then proceeded to Halifax, and according to Arnold Hague, she joined Convoy HX 155* from there on Oct 16, along with Fenja, Hada County, Høegh Scout, Olaf Bergh, Slemdal and Suderøy. It looks like Stiklestad lost a crew member on this voyage; see the link to the Stavern Memorial at the end of this page, which says Electrician Sverre Karlsen died at sea on Oct. 19-1941 following an accident on board. Stiklestad, cargo of gasoil, arrived Avonmouth (via Belfast Lough) on Nov. 3. She subsequently joined the westbound Convoy ON 36, but returned to port (Belfast Lough), later joining Convoy ON 38*, which had originated in Liverpool on Nov. 19 and dispersed on the 30th, Stiklestad arriving New York on Dec. 8. Atlantic, Fjordaas, Geisha, Hada County, Marit II, O. A. Knudsen, Sandanger, Skaraas and Troubadour are also named. Stiklestad's voyages in this period are shown on Page 2.

Having made a voyage to Aruba and on to Halifax, she headed back to the U.K. in Convoy HX 169 on Jan. 8-1942. Via Belfast Lough, she arrived Avonmouth on Jan. 26, returning the following month with Convoy ON 65* which originated in Liverpool Febr. 8, dispersed Febr. 19 and also included Arthur W. Sewall, Bralanta, Cetus, Egda, G. C. Brøvig, Hardanger, Kaldfonn, Kollbjørg, Mirlo, N. T. Nielsen Alonso, Nueva Granada, Tankexpress, Troubadour and Vav. Stiklestad was bound for Port Arthur, where she arrived March 6. Later that month, she can be found in Convoy HX 181, for which Acanthus, Eglantine and Potentilla acted as escorts for a while. Stiklestad arrived Avonmouth (again via Belfast Lough) on Apr. 5 - again, see Page 2. She later went back to Port Arthur, having joined Convoy ON 87*, arriving her destination on May 9 (convoy originated in Liverpool Apr. 16, dispersed Apr. 26). She had again been in the company of several other Norwegian ships, namely Albert L. Ellsworth, Atlantic, Bralanta, Glittre, Havprins, Herbrand, Katy, Norheim, Norsol, Polartank, Skandinavia and Vav.

In June she's listed in Convoy HX 194 from Halifax (see also Torvanger and Tungsha), returning with Convoy ON 109*, which left Liverpool on July 3 and arrived Halifax on the 18th; Stiklestad, however, was bound for New York, where she arrived July 17, having been detached from the convoy on the 14th (according to A. Hague). Heranger, Laurits Swenson, Marathon, Montevideo, Norheim, Skiensfjord and Thorshov are also named in this convoy. In Sept.-1942 she sailed in HX 207, and with Corneville, Iris (joined from Halifax), Norholm, Norsol, President de Vogue, Tai Shan, Velma and the Panamanian Norvinn (Norwegian managers), she subsequently joined the westbound Convoy ON 137*, which originated in Liverpool on Oct. 9 and arrived New York, Stiklestad's destination, on Oct. 29. Her subsequent voyages are shown on Page 3, convoy information for them can be found in the Voyage Record.

On Nov. 27, she joined Convoy HX 217 from New York, cargo of gasoline, destination Belfast - she arrived Belfast Lough Dec. 13, proceeding to Avonmouth that same day, with arrival Dec. 16. Eglantine and Potentilla are again named among the escorts, as is Rose. This convoy was attacked and 2 ships were lost; follow the link for more info - the Commodore's narrative is also available. Later that month, Stiklestad joined Convoy ON 157, sailing in station 32; according to the Commodore's notes, she was detached for Guantanamo on Jan. 12-1943, arriving Jan. 18. The Norwegian Skiensfjord acted as Commodore Vessel for this convoy. Having made a voyage to Curacao and on to New York (again, see Page 3), she was scheduled for Convoy HX 226 on Febr. 8-1943 (Commodore in Laurits Swenson), but instead joined the next convoy on Febr. 18, HX 227*, arriving Liverpool March 6. Named among the ships in this convoy (in addition to the escorting Acanthus and Eglantine - see HX convoy escorts) are the Norwegian B. P. Newton, Belinda, Ferncourt, Haakon Hauan, Kaldfonn, Mosli, Norholm, Pan Aruba, Polartank (collided - returned), Skaraas, Strinda and Thorshov.

She's subsequently listed as bound for New York in Convoy ON 173*, with departure Liverpool on March 13, arrival Halifax on the 29th; Stiklestad arrived her destination on March 31. B. P. Newton, Emma Bakke, Dageid, Ferncourt, Frontenac, Haakon Hauan, Idefjord, Mosli, Pan Aruba, Skaraas, Strinda and Thorshov are also listed. Some of these ships, including Stiklestad, headed back to the U.K. on Apr. 6 with Convoy HX 233, then at the end of that month we find her in station 42 of the westbound Convoy ON 181, destination Baltimore, where she arrived May 18 (remaining there for about a month). See also the Commodore's narrative and Keppel's report. On June 23 she joined the New York-U.K. Convoy HX 245, bound for Stanlow, station 113, with arrival there July 7/8, according to Page 4 (see also these reports).

Along with Bralanta, Chr. Th. Boe, Fagerfjell, Fernwood, Geisha, Harpefjell, Herbrand, Hiram, Idefjord, Maud, Meline, Norlom, O. B. Sørensen, Para, Samuel Bakke, Sandviken, Santos, Skaraas, Skjelbred, Thorhild, Thorshov and Tungsha, as well as the Panamanian Norlys (Norwegian managers), we now find her, with destination New York, in Convoy ON 193* (convoy left Liverpool July 16-1943 and arrived New York July 31). She left New York again on Aug. 7 with Convoy HX 251, for which Laurits Swenson served as Commodore Vessel (Acanthus, Potentilla and Rose are named among the escorts - again, se HX convoy escorts). Stiklestad was again bound for Stanlow, station 55, arriving her destination on Aug. 23/24.

Just a few days later she's listed, together with Cypria, Haakon Hauan (returned), Høyanger, Kaldfonn, Kronprinsessen, Molda, Norma, Solsten and Spinanger, in Convoy ON 199*, which left Liverpool on Aug. 26 and arrived New York on Sept. 9. A. Hague has now included her in Convoy HX 257*, which left New York on Sept. 16 and arrived Liverpool on the 30th; Stiklestad arrived Avonmouth Oct. 1. On Oct. 10, she left Milford Haven in order to join the westbound Convoy ON 206*, and arrived New York on Oct. 26 (remaining there for quite a long time - Page 4). Both these convoys also had other Norwegian ships, namely Kaldfonn, Marit II, Nueva Granada, Skiensfjord and Spinanger in HX 257, with Rose and Potentilla among the escorts, and Brimanger, Nueva Granada and Skiensfjord (Commodore Vessel) in ON 206, again with Potentilla and Rose among the escorts (see ON convoy escorts).

Her subsequent voyages are shown on Page 4 and Page 5 - see also A. Hague's Voyage Record.

Skipping now to Sept. 6-1944, when she's listed in Convoy HX 307, along with Buenos Aires, Fagerfjell, Frontenac, Idefjord, John Bakke (Commodore Vessel), Kaia Knudsen and Thorsholm. She arrived Swansea on Sept. 19, and just a few days later, she headed back across the Atlantic with Convoy ON 255*, together with Brimanger (Commodore Vessel), Fernwood, Ivaran, Herbrand, Solfonn and Solør (convoy originated in Liverpool on Sept. 22, arrived New York Oct. 9). Stiklestad returned with the New York-U.K. Convoy HX 314 on Oct. 15, for which Emma Bakke served as Commodore Vessel. Stiklestad's destination is given as Clyde, where she arrived Oct. 29. Early the following month she's listed, with Brasil, Egerø, Ferncourt, Kronprinsessen, Lista, Nueva Granada, Solfonn and Thorsholm in Convoy ON 264*, which originated in Liverpool on Nov. 3 and arrived New York on the 21st. Again, see Page 5 for a listing of her subsequent voyages; her 1945 voyages also start on this document, while convoy information for some of them can be found in the Voyage Record above.

Arnold Hague has also included her in Convoy HX 353*, leaving New York on Apr. 29-1945, arriving Liverpool on May 15 - in other words, VE Day was celebrated at sea. Kaia Knudsen, Pan Europe, Samuel Bakke (Commodore Vessel), Skotaas, Solfonn and Vardefjell are also named. Most of them, including Stiklestad, returned with Convoy ON 304*, wich left Southend on May 21 and arrived New York on June 5 (Kaia Knudsen, Pan Europe, Solfonn and Vardefjell are listed).

The rest of her voyages (to Apr.-1946), are shown on Page 6.

*The ON convoys will be added to individual pages in my Convoys section in due course, along with further details on each. In the meantime, the ships sailing in them (and escorts) are named in the section listing ships in all ON convoys. The entire HX series will be also be updated and completed (including the already existing convoys - some have already been updated), but for now, see ships in all HX convoys.

More information on all the other Norwegian ships mentioned here can be found via the alphabet index below, or go to the Master Ship Index.


Sold in 1955 to C. T. Gogstad & Co, Oslo, and renamed Lido. Sold to Norsk Skipsopphugnings Co. A/S, Grimstad, and delivered in Sept.-1964 for breaking up.

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Ships hit from convoy OB 327

Stavern Memorial commemoration - Electrician Sverre Karlsen is listed as having died at sea on Oct. 19-1941 following an accident on board. As mentioned in the narrative, Stiklestad was on her way to the U.K. in Convoy HX 155 from Halifax on this date.

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The company had previously had another Stiklestad (steamship), built Sunderland 1885, 1801 gt, ex Forrest Abbey, Purchased in 1898 and renamed Stiklestad, remeasured in 1899, 1777 gt. Lost on a voyage Glasgow-Sydney, having departed Nov. 23-1908, 20 crew died.


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