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Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939 - 1945
Ships starting with D

Ships in Foreign Trade (allied service)

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= the ship was in Nortraship's Fleet
= the ship was sunk (or otherwise lost)

= steam ship
= steam tanker
= motor vessel
= motor tanker
= turbine tanker

Da - De

Name of Ship
Managed By
  • M/T Dageid NS
John P. Pedersen & Søn, Oslo
6361 gt
Built in Oslo 1932.

Captain Nils Jørgen Andersen. Please go M/T Dageid for details on her war voyages, names of some of her crew members and a picture.

  • M/S Dagfred NS *
John P. Pedersen & Søn, Oslo
4434 gt
Built in Oslo 1930.

I have created a separate page for this ship as well, which includes a picture, information on her war voyages, final fate and a crew list - see M/S Dagfred.

  • M/T Daghild NS *
John P. Pedersen & Søn, Oslo
9272 gt
Built in Copenhagen, Denmark 1927.

Captain Olaf K. Egidius.

Please go to M/T Daghild for more information on her war voyages (incl. a crew list at the time of loss).

NOTE: In the Norwegian magazine "Krigsseileren, Issue No. 1 for 1975 I came across a letter written by Edward Driscoll, who sailed on board Daghild at some point. I mentioned this, in case any of his relatives should happen upon this website, looking for information. Instead, an Irish visitor to my site saw the note, and Mr. Driscoll has since been located in Wales - see the end of my text for Fjordheim, as well as his own story on this page.

  • D/S Dagny I NS *
Jacob Kjøde A/S, Bergen
1392 gt
Built in Kinderdijk, Netherlands 1916.

D/S Dagny I has information on her final fate as well as a survivors & casualties list (including passengers).

  • M/S Dagrun NS
John P. Pedersen & Søn, Oslo
4562 gt
Built in Malmö, Sweden 1928.

Read about Dagrun's war voyages.

  • D/S Dah Puh NS *
Haakon J. Wallem, Bergen
1974 gt
Built in Kiel, Germany 1922. Previous name Clara Jebsen until 1936.

See my page D/S Dah Puh.

  • M/T Dalfonn NS
Sigvald Bergesen, Stavanger
9860 gt
Built in Gothenburg, Sweden 1928.

Read more about M/T Dalfonn (also has a picture).

  • D/S Dalvangen NS
Gørrisen & Co. A/S, Oslo
2412 gt
Built in Danzig 1931.

See D/S Dalvangen.

  • M/S Danio NS
Clemeth Dann, Oslo
3496 gt
Built in Port Glasgow 1924. Previous name: Baron Dalmeny until 1937.

For more details on this ship and her misc. voyages, please continue to M/S Danio.

  • D/T Davanger NS *
Westfal-Larsen & Co., A/S, Bergen
7102 gt
Built in Port Glasgow 1922.

D/T Davanger has more information, including details on her final fate and a crew list at the time of loss.

  • D/S Daviken NS
Wallem & Co. A/S Bergen
2922 gt
Built in Port Glasgow 1926.

My page about D/S Daviken has information on her war voyages.

  • D/S Dea NS
Th. Brøvig, Farsund
2418 gt
Built in Sunderland 1911. Previous name: Sangstad until 1923.

Please see D/S Dea.

  • D/S Deneb NS *
Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
856 gt
Built in Rostock 1882. Previous name: Nordstjernen until 1936.

D/S Deneb has more information on this ship.

  • M/T Deodata * neutral
Christoffer Hannevig A/S, Horten
3295 gt
Built in Rouen, France 1897. Previous name: Quevilly until 1926.

More details, including information on her loss, are available at M/T Deodata.

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Di - Du
  • D/S Diana NS *
Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab, Bergen
1155 gt
Built in Bergen 1904.

A picture of this ship and details on her voyages and final fate have been added to D/S Diana (includes casualty list).

  • M/S Dicto NS
E. B. Aaby, Oslo
5263 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1939.

One of the well known "Kvarstad"-ships that attempted to break out of Sweden on March 31/April 1-1942 following a long court case there. Only 2 out of a total of 10 ships involved managed to reach their destination (Operation Performance, Sir George Binney). Please go to my page Kvarstad Ships & Men for background facts and details on the breakout and all ships involved, with a crew list for each ship as well as info on their fate (and picture of Dicto).

These images from the National Archives of Norway show some of her prior and later voyages (to March-1946):
Page 1 - Page 2

(See my page Ships in Sweden for a list of, and information on the Norwegian ships there in 1940).

POST WAR: In 1964 she was sold to Greece and renamed Onisolos. Broken up in Shanghai in 1970.

Other ships by the name Dicto: This company had previously had another ship named Dicto (turbine ship) from 1928. Delivered in July-1917 to A/S D/S Dicto (B. Stolt-Nielsen), Haugesund, later managed by Oscar Bakkevig from Nov.-1927 - 3892 gt. Sold in Nov.-1928 to E.B. Aaby, Oslo, then sold again in 1933 to American Foreign S.S. Corp., New York. Sailed as American Cardinal in 1936, then under Panamanian, Greek and Israeli flags until 1962. Just before this vessel was delivered in 1917, B. Stolt-Nielsen had lost a steamship by the name Dicto, built 1904, 2363 gt - sunk by a German U-boat off Ushant on Apr. 5-1917. Also, Haugesund lost a steam ship by this name to WW I. This ship had originally been delivered in Oct.-1904 as Fjordheim for A/S Hekla (Mail & Holby), Christiania, 2363 gt. Purchased by A/S D/S Dicto (B. Stolt-Nielsen), Haugesund in June-1915 and renamed Dicto. Sunk on Apr. 5-1917 by UB-39 southeast of Arment Rock on a voyage Agulias-Maryport with 3560 tons iron ore. 1 died. Aaby Shipping A/S, Oslo had a tanker named Dicto in the 1990's, this was previously the Dicto Knutsen built 1990 - became Gerrita of Grimstad in 1997. (Majority of info from "Våre gamle skip" & "Våre motorskip", Leif M. Bjørkelund & E. H. Kongshavn).

  • D/S Dokka NS *
Klaus Wiese Hansen, Bergen
1168 gt
Built in Bergen, Norway 1925.

Please follow this link to D/S Dokka for information on her war voyages, her final fate and a crew list at the time of loss.

  • D/S Don NS
Johannesen & Falck Pedersen, Oslo
2010 gt
Built in Hoboken, Antwerp 1924. Previous name Dunston until 1929.

My page about D/S Don has a record of her war voyages.

  • D/S Douro NS *
E. B. Aaby, Oslo
928 gt
Built in Tønsberg 1921. Previous name: Peik (possibly for Hans H. Torgersen & Co. A/S Tønsberg?).

D/S Douro has info on on her war voyages, as well as details on her fate and a crew list.

  • M/T Dovrefjell
Olsen & Ugelstad, Oslo
9862 gt
Built in Gothenburg, launched 1940, commissioned in 1945.

Laid up in Gothenburg during the war.

This company had previously had another Dovrefjell, ex Lacuna, built 1916.

  • M/T Drafn NS
E. B. Aaby, Oslo
8205 gt
Built in Italy 1931.

Information on her war voyages is available on my page M/T Drafn.

  • D/S Drammensfjord NS
Den norske Amerikalinje A/S, Oslo from 1925
Built in Montreal, Canada 1920. Previous name: Tatjana.

D/S Drammensfjord has a voyage record and a picture.

  • M/B Dreggen (B 57 B) NS
Jon Heldal, Bergen
143 dwt (unable to find gt)
Built in Bergen 1944 (some sources say 1943).

Trawler (B 26 B, B 57 B?). Included in Nortraship's fleet in Oct.-1944 after having escaped to Shetland with 7 men on her trial run after completion. She departed Bergen on Oct. 27 and arrived Lerwick on the 29th. Skipper was Hans P. Lauvik. (Taken over by the Norwegian navy?).

  • M/S Duala NS
Chr. Gundersen & Co., Oslo
1800 gt
Built in Gothenburg 1938.

One of 26 Norwegian ships interned in West and North Africa - Please continue to M/S Duala for more (also has a picture).

  • D/S Dukat NS *
Arne Sveen, Oslo
1350 gt
Built in Shanghai 1920.

Captured by Japanese warships off Hong Kong on Dec. 8-1941 while on a voyage from Bangkok. Find out more about the capture and the subsequent internment of her officers.

  • D/S Dux NS
Victor L. Schage, Oslo
1590 gt
Built in Trondheim, Norway 1934.

Please continue to D/S Dux (complete voyage record, with convoy information).

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