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Dec. 26-2001

From: Tom de Wal

Høegh Silverdawn

In the first place my compliments about your site about Norwegian ships in WW II.
I read today the 'Blauwe Wimpel', that's a Dutch magazine. The December-number contained the loss of three Norwegian ships of the Hoegh Line in WW II. And on board of the Hoegh Silverdawn should be a number of Dutch Navy Airmen who succeeded their training in the USA. I try to find out the names of those Dutch persons and what happened with them. And with a seeking-machine I arrived on your page. But I cannot find anything about those people. Can you give me a hand where I can find more information about them?

Thank you very much.

Information on Høegh Silverdawn can be found on my page Norwegian Victims of Michel. I have since (spring of 2003) found the names of all the survivors (some of whom were Dutch passengers), but Tom no longer appears to have the same E-mail address, so my mail came back to me as undeliverable.

Dec. 18-2001.

From: Jodi Sides


I found we are related through many lines. My family comes from Nord Trondelag, Norway. I began my research in February of 2001 and have been jumping by leaps and bounds. Thanks so much for such a great website. My tree can be found at

Jodi is referring to my Genealogy Database

Dec. 6-2001.

From: O'Neil Dean

Living survivor of S.S.Stonestreet ex Clara

I am the only remaining survivor of the S.S.Stonestreet Ex Clara of Panamaniam ship
I am looking for information on this ship also my Brother Lawrence Dean was shipped on the Bateau lost in March 27 or 29 in the North Alantic year 1943 ship i believe was Norway ship or Panamanian ship ? Does anyone have information on thes 2 ships
Thanks O'Neil Dean Quebec Canada

I have a little bit about Bateau and the convoy she was in when she was lost in the text under the ship "Sulla" on Ships starting with S. See also messages from a member of the Dean family on Page 2.

Dec. 5-2001.

From: Cathy Roth (nee Lawson)


My father was a tall blond blue-eyed man, whose grandfather had come from Six-mile-bridge in Co Clare Ireland to settle in Australia. However, we have been told that Six-mile-bridge, a mill town, was actually settled in the late 1600s by either Norwegians or Danes. As Lawson is definitely not an Irish name, I wondered if you have any information on this? Interestingly, when my father travelled to Norway, he was mistaken continually for a local.

Dec. 4-2001.

From: Geraldine

Hi, Very informative website, with lots of useful information.

I am trying to find Articles for the ship called Arena. I am trying to find out if the gentleman that I am helping was on the vessel, the Arena.

The link that you have on your website for the The Norwegian Maritime Museum does not work for me. Plus I have a feeling that the website is in Norwegian and I would not be able to understand it.

If there is anyway that you can help me with this search, I would very much appreciate it, as would the gentleman that I am trying to help.

Thank you for your time and effort.

Geraldine Harrison

I suggested an E-mail to the Maritime Museum in Oslo (which has crew lists) address below.

Nov. 19-2001.

From: Kathleen Johnson Mitchell


Searching for whatever became of my grandfather. Was a merchant seamen. Born in Norway, became a US citizen, but, always sailed with Norwegian crews, as far as I can tell. Disappeared in 1930. Name: Eivind Johannesen, born: Tonsberg, Vestfold, Norway and later lived in Manhattan, New York.

Great site, Thanks.

I suggested the National Archives and Records Administration:
or The Norwegian Maritime Museum, which has a large database of seamen's records at:
Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum
Bygdøynesvn. 37
0286 OSLO
Phone 24 11 41 68 (dir.), fax 24 11 41 51
Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum

Nov. 18-2001.

Frome: David McDougall

Concrete ship Creteravine Brevik Fjord

While searching for information on the vessel Creteravine built in Gloucester c 1919 we found your site. Do you know when this ship went to Brevik, Norway and what condition it is in now? It was a base for a local sailing club or similar. Any help would be much appreciated. We found your site very interesting.

Nov. 12-2001.


We are an association in FRANCE who as for name G R I E M E.
We maked some research about ships sunked on our coast in the channel in France beetween Le HAVRE and DIEPPE.
Some of these ships are sunked during THE WW 1 by the German Submarines. We have the stories of these ships, but we have't Photography's.
Could you help us to find these pictures from these ships:
- SILIUS sunk 09/03/1916
- KANNICK 23/04/1916
- BAWS 05/04/1916
- FURULAND 07/11/1916
- OIJFELD 24/11/1916
- SJOSTAD 28/02/1917
- ALICE 21/02/1917
- CERTO 02/05/1917

We are writing our second book about the ships sunked in the CHANNEL.

Thank's for your help.


(A lot of these ships are spelt wrong)

Nov. 12-2001.

From: Mark Dodge

SILVAPLANA UPDATE (see Mark's 1st entry on this subject here and my text for Silvaplana - also has a picture of the ship).

Information discovery on the "SILVAPLANA" from "Hirschfeld, The Secret Diary of a U-Boat" (as told to Geoffrey Brooks) Written by Wolfgang Hirschfeld, Orion Press. London, 1996. Hirschfeld, a petty officer (NCO)telegraphist aboard U-109 remembers the events as such.

QQQQ from "SILVAPLANA" at 26.06 S 164.25 W near Raratonga (Pacific Ocean) September 10th.

German prize crew of 15 officers and men placed aboard from RAIDER ATLANTIS (Rogge).

November 2nd 1941, U-109 on patrol off the U.S. coast receives coded instructions to proceed to a position east of Bermuda to rendezvous with, escort and protect the SILVAPLANA and her cargo of crude rubber, sago, hides, spices, coffee and tea. beginning on November 10th until arrival in Bordeaux, France. U-109 met the ship close to the ANTON CORRIDOR, an internationally agreed sea lane for neutral ships.

The Norwegian crewmembers were still aboard. U-109 led with SILVAPLANA about 1000 meters astern following at ten knots, towards Spain. By November 15th U-109 and the SILVAPLANA were off Cape Estaca. U-109 left her charge to proceed inside Spanish territorial waters and inside the three-mile limit, while U-109 remained just outside the limit along the coast to Gijon to Bilbao.

Near Santander, Spain SILVAPLANA set her navigation lights and met up with four minesweepers which escorted her towards Biarritz. On November 17th escorts were requested to meet at Ile de Croix at 0600 on the 18th. A German anti-submarine group was operating between Biarritz and Lorient so U-109 and SILVAPLANA diverted via the Bay of Biscay to proceed to Lorient by ROUTE GREEN, the approved U-boat approach into port.

Here Kapitanleutnant Heinrich (AJAX) Bleichrodt of the U-109 completed his duties as escort, heading for re-supply at the submarine pens. SILVAPLANA reached Bordeaux successfully.

Extreme thanks to Jim in Townsville for his research on this update...

Would still appreciate any news about the SILVAPLANA officers and crew as well as Dr. ROBERT STARLING who was transferred from ATLANTIS after being injured when ZAMZAM was attacked 5-months earlier. Did the SILVAPLANA crew also go off to MARLAG MILAG PW camp?

Have any crew narratives or diaries been documented about the last voyage of the SILVAPLANA after being sent on from the South Pacific? Am I correct that SILVAPLANA was converted and renamed as the Blockade Runner IRENE for her remaining days? Any photo or images sources of SILVAPLANA?

The re-union with the ZAMZAM survivors this past summer was great! They are always looking for more information about these 'lost' passengers.

Best regards, Mark Dodge (USA)

Nov. 11-2001.

From: John Dunkerley

Interest in W W II Merchant Marine and convoys

This is one of the best sites I have seen on the internet and informative too.

Keep up the Good work

Nov. 11-2001.

From: Mrs. Joan Morriss

Norwegian War Cross.

My father (Roy David Page, Corporal RM, DSM) was awarded the Norwegian WAr Cross in 1942 and unfortunately all his medals were lost after the war through a dispute with a furniture storage company in England. For my 60th birthday my daughters presented me with a mounted picture containing replicas of all his medals, with the exception of the Norwegian War Cross, as they were not able to get hold of one. They left a place in the display should I ever be able to locate a replacement. I would therefore be most interested to hear from anybody who might be able to help me, as I intend to leave the display as a family heirloom - my daughters are very proud of their grandfather's exploits.

I was able to find someone in Norway who could help Mrs. Morriss with this, and told her so in several mails, but never got a reply from her.

Nov. 11-2001.

From: Siri Larsen

I found your website by typing my first name into a search engine on the internet. (Siri) I'm 15 years old and from Unionville, Indiana, USA. I have Norwegian blood on my father's side and Norwegian relatives, but lost most contact with them after my father left our family a few years back. Anyway, I couldn't take my eyes off your page, and couldn't stop reading, I love it. Just reading about and exploring your father's past gives you a whole different perspective on life and things. You've done such a wonderful job. Thank you.

My advice to Siri was to make sure she asks questions of her relatives while they're still around (my father was no longer with us when I started looking into his war history).

Nov. 9, 2001.

From: Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

Genealogy and Merchant Marine

My grandfather (August Olai Adolf Andersen, born 1884) went to sea at a young age. He left Norway (for the US) sometime between 1902-1906. The last time I can account for him in the Norwegian Census is in Bergen in 1875. I would like very much to locate his seaman's records in Norway. I sent an email to the Statsarkivet i Bergen, asking about his Sjøfartsbok, but got no response. I would appreciate any feedback or assistance.

Again, I suggested the Maritime Museum in Oslo, since she had already tried the National Archives of Norway (though the archives would probably be the best place in this case. It might be better to send them a regular letter as they're not very good at answering E-mails. Their address is:
Riksarkivet, Postboks 4013, Ullevold Stadion, 0806 Oslo, Norway).

Nov. 6-2001.

From: Bjelland/Hadland

Hadland/Bjelland roots

Hi, Fantastic web site!!!

My mother is from Norwegian parents, father is Rienhart Bjelland, mother is Anna Hadland.
They were married in Minnesota and lived in Hoffman. He and his father Rasmus built a church in Hoffman, they were carpenters. The Hadland side I do not know much about except they moved to Saskatchewan in early 1900's.
There may be a link here, I am getting more info from relatives in Saskatchewan as there is a family tree for both sides already started.

Very nice web-site...

Nov. 5-2001.



Thank you for very interesting website. My husband HANS AAMOT was the cook on the Lidvard when she escaped from Dakar. He was presented with the Kings medal. He later joined the m.s.Hermion and signed off in 1945. I have got a photo of the Hermion if you would like it. Unfortunately Hans passed away suddenly on the 8th September,1998 here in Australia. Would be very interested to hear from any other crew members of those ships that knew Hans that may be still living. Thanks IRIS

I gave Iris' address to someone whose father served on the Lidvard, don't know if contact has been established between them. Here's the picture Iris sent of Hermion See also my text for M/S Lidvard and M/S Hermion.

Nov. 4-2001.

From: Tom Scott

Sunderland built ships/Doxford engines.

Absolutely brilliant website. Thanks for your excellent work and for sharing it. Delighted to find out so much about Sunderland built ships. Saddened yet again by the wastes of war. I keep lists and details of Sunderland built ships. If you ever need any information I'll help if I can.

Nov. 2-2001.

From: Ronald Myhre

M/S Ravnaas

Hello Siri, I must say it was quite a surprise to find a web site that had information about my dad, Ragnvald Myhre. He was one of the four seamen who escaped into the jungle in the Philippines after their ship had been bombed Dec. 8 1941 while the rest of the crew were taken prisoner. It was an experience he rarely spoke about while I was growing up but did share some unbelievable stories with us. My mother remembers the nightmares he had the first 5 years of their marriage. It must have been hard for her to understand what he had actually been through in those two years! My parents wanted us kids to experience the old country so in 1961 we moved to Stavanger Norway and stayed for 3 years. An experince that has shaped my life. While there, my dad and I one year took a trip to southern Norway to visit his old friend and companion from their war days in the Philippines Ole Torgrimsen, a visit I`ll never forget. My dad passed away in 1976 a young man of 57. If there is anyone out there who might have known my dad I would sure like to hear from you. Sincerely, Ron Myhre

The story referred to here can be found under M/S Ravnaas I've since found the name and address of one of the surviving shipmates of Ronald Myhre's father, not sure if he has written to him.

Nov. 1-2001.

From: Mark Derby

ship Nankin, 1942

I found your wonderful site while searching the Internet for any information on the passenger ship Nankin, which was captured by the German raider in the Indian Ocean in May 1942.

I'd love to know what happened to the passengers once they arrived in Yokohama, and to find some surviving passengers (who may have been children in 1942).

best wishes,

Mark Derby

Mark posted his query on my Ship Forum, and got some responses there.

Oct. 29-2001.

From: Gerry Strong

General Ruge

First of all you have done a marvelous job on your website.

I am doing the history of Einar Forsman who served as a US Naval Guard Signalman on the General Ruge during WWII. He has given me many photos to scan and record on my website www.savethetale.com

Interesting they had five women on board - One was a comissioned Radio Operator and the other four were cooks and mess attendants.

Einar served on the ship from August 1944 until the end of the war. They were at Iwo Jima and Okinawa as well as several other combat areas in the Pacific. As far as I know the women were some of the few who served in combat.

When I finish his history would you like a copy of the story and photos to add to your site? I can supply you with a CD in both html and .pdf formats along with high resolution copies of his many photographs.

It is very exciting to find reference to this ship and its history.

Again thank you for the effort you put in to put this wonderful site together and sharing it with all future generations.

Gerry Strong

My text on M/S General Ruge

Oct. 24-2001.

From: Veronica

Hoegh ship

I have looked over all your Hoegh ships and did not come across the Hoegh Foam Built S.A.Cockerill-Ougree, Hobiken (Belguim) in 1958, I'm hoping to find out more information than what I have. Can you help?


This ship is not included on my site because it was not a WW II ship - I've given Veronica all the info I could find on it in Leif Høegh's Fleet List.

Oct. 21-2001.



Skoleskipet Tordenskjold - On board in 1937.



Eric is referring to the first photo I have on my page Odd's Ships

Oct. 1-2001

From: M C

Hi Siri,
Just had a look at your site, you can justifiably be proud of yourself for all that hard work. I know that the Norwegians lost a lot of ships and men in the last war so, with your permission, I would like to give it a good mention on the uboat.net general discussions forum. I am sure some of the regular contributors would be interested. Let me know if that's OK with you.
With best wishes,

Aug. 20, 2001.

From: O. C. Holm

How can I ever begin to say thank you?!
My dad sailed as a Norwegian merchant mariner from 1929 until his retirement in the very late 70s.
Amongst others he was on the "Vindeggen" (Chr. Oestbergh) and "Besseggen" (not listed), and on the "Olaf Bergh" (Bergh & Helland). He spent the last part of the war as an armed guard in the convoys. From 1960 he was master on the Liberty ship "Solmar" (Bergh & Helland) until she was sold in 63/64. I believe I'm one of the few of my generation (born 55) who have travelled extensively aboard Liberty ships! If anyone sailed with dad, please contact me at my e-mail adress. PS........Our initials are the same as your dad's! No relation as far as I know.

O.C. Holm

M/S Vindeggen / Tropic Sea (or he may have been on the Vindeggen that was sold in 1939?)
D/S Olaf Bergh

Wednesday, August 15, 2001.

From: Bill Snyder

Hetland geneology

My Grandmother, on my mothers side, was a Hetland. Below is a copy of relationships that I am aware of.

Kinship of Stina Serina Hetland
Name Relationship with Stina Hetland Civil Canon
Aakre, Kari Grandmother of the husband
Aakre, Ole Roynstand Great-grandfather of the husband
Benson, Joyce Wife of the grandson
Birke, Eli Jensdaughter Mother-in-law
Birke, Jens Grandfather of the husband
Burton, Gerry Husband of the great-granddaughter
Datri, Betsy Lynn Great-granddaughter III 3
Datri, Joseph Husband of the granddaughter
Eide, Gottskalk Great-grandfather III 3
Eide, Halvard Grandfather II 2
Eide, Jorunn Mother I 1
Eimstadt, Brian 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Eimstadt, William Husband of the great-granddaughter
Engelke, Eunice Electa Wife of the grandson
Filland, Asselina Sister-in-law
Gundersen, Gudmund Nephew III 2
Gundersen, Jenny Niece III 2
Gundersen, Thorstein Brother-in-law
Hammoor, Bradley Thomas 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Hammoor, Kelsey Leigh 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Hammoor, Thomas Gregory Husband of the great-granddaughter
Hetland, Anna Catherine Sister II 1
Hetland, Anton Brother II 1
Hetland, Elling Great-grandfather III 3
Hetland, Gudmund Nephew III 2
Hetland, Gurina Cecilie Sister II 1
Hetland, Hanna Johanna Sister II 1
Hetland, Herborg Agnete Grandniece IV 3
Hetland, Ingebrigt Father I 1
Hetland, Ingebrigt Nephew III 2
Hetland, Jenny Niece III 2
Hetland, Jorunn Niece III 2
Hetland, Jurunn Synove Grandniece IV 3
Hetland, Karl Reinert Grandnephew IV 3
Hetland, Lars Nephew III 2
Hetland, Laurentze Nephew III 2
Hetland, Reinert Brother II 1
Hetland, Reinert Herbert Nephew III 2
Hetland, Stein Grandfather II 2
Hetland, Stein Elling Brother II 1
Hetland, Stein Helge Grandnephew IV 3
Hetland, Stina Serina Self 0
Johannessen, Bertha Niece III 2
Johannessen, Ingebrigt Nephew III 2
Johannessen, Johannes Nephew III 2
Johannessen, Soren Brother-in-law
Jorunn Great-grandmother III 3
Kaata, Siri Great-grandmother III 3
Kaata, Thor 2nd great-grandfather IV 4
Kormendy, Agnes M. Daughter-in-law
Ole 2nd great-grandfather IV 4
Olzweski Son-in-law
Olzweski, Connie Granddaughter II 2
Quale, Herborg Malene Sister-in-law
Risty, Austin Grandson II 2
Risty, Betsy Glee Granddaughter II 2
Risty, Dorothy Granddaughter II 2
Risty, Gertrude Ann Granddaughter II 2
Risty, Gullick Son-in-law
Risty, Gullick(2) Great-grandson III 3
Risty, John Great-grandson III 3
Risty, Mary Louise Granddaughter II 2
Risty, Sharon Great-granddaughter III 3
Risty, Shirley Granddaughter II 2
Roche Husband of the great-granddaughter
Roche, Amber 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Roche, Arlan 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Romsa, Anna Katherine Grandmother II 2
Romsa, Ingebrigt 2nd great-grandfather IV 4
Romsa, Ingebrigt Great-grandfather III 3
Romsa, Johannes Great-grandfather III 3
Romsa, Siri Grandmother II 2
Schon, Matt Husband of the granddaughter
Shafer, Harriet Great-granddaughter III 3
Shafer, Herb Husband of the granddaughter
Sherman Ex-husband of the daughter
Sherman, Gretta Granddaughter II 2
Sherman, Marlin Granddaughter II 2
Skein, Jenny Niece III 2
Skein, Leif Nephew III 2
Skein, Peder Niece III 2
Skein, Thomas Brother-in-law
Snyder, Charles Earl Son-in-law
Snyder, Denise Lynne Great-granddaughter III 3
Snyder, James Leroy Grandson II 2
Snyder, Sandra Leigh Great-granddaughter III 3
Snyder, William Earl Grandson II 2
Sorhaug, Helene Wife of the nephew
Stensland, Anna Half aunt of the husband
Stensland, Asbjorn Half aunt of the husband
Stensland, Bertha Half sister-in-law
Stensland, Bertha Andrina Daughter I 1
Stensland, Brita Aunt of the husband
Stensland, Dan Great-grandson III 3
Stensland, Elmer Johan Son I 1
Stensland, Erik Uncle of the husband
Stensland, Gyrid Half aunt of the husband
Stensland, Ingeborg Aunt of the husband
Stensland, Jacob Half brother-in-law
Stensland, James Grandson II 2
Stensland, James Sterling Son I 1
Stensland, Jens Olaus Husband
Stensland, Jorunn Aunt of the husband
Stensland, Julia Selina Daughter I 1
Stensland, Lars Half brother-in-law
Stensland, Lars Uncle of the husband
Stensland, Lars Uncle of the husband
Stensland, Mary Gunhilda Daughter I 1
Stensland, Mattis Half uncle of the husband
Stensland, Odd Uncle of the husband
Stensland, Ole Pedersen Father-in-law
Stensland, Paul Great-grandson III 3
Stensland, Peder Grandfather of the husband
Stensland, Per Half brother-in-law
Stensland, Per Uncle of the husband
Stensland, Rina Olivia Daughter I 1
Stensland, Synova Half aunt of the husband
Stensland, Vigleik Uncle of the husband
Stolen, Gulborg Wife of the nephew
Waring, Robert Husband of the granddaughter
Williamson, Jane Great-granddaughter III 3
Williamson, Perry Husband of the granddaughter

Do any of these relationships ring a bell?

Her husband was Jens Olaus Stensland. They both immegrated to the United States sometime in the mid 1880's. Both were born in 1870.

Any information would be appreciated.

[I apologize for the formating of the document. I'm afraid that in the copy and paste process it got kind of messed up. I hope that you can make some sense out of it]

Bill Snyder

Tuesday, August 14, 2001.

From: kaspersen. henrik

warsailors W.W. I

I visited your sight shortly but nevertheless admired it. I have a need for similar information from 1914-1918. My grandfather (Norwegian, living in Rotterdam) was torpedoed twice. He probably sailed for the Bergenske but I do not know for sure and I do not know the names of the boats either. Do you have a tip for me where to look?

Wednesday, August 8, 2001.

From: Arek

Hi my name is Arek I'm very interested in history oh third Reich and history of my city Swinemunde in Usedom island on Baltic sea, once in my city was big kriegsmarine base, where also u-boots were located, some time commander of garrison was Wilhelm Canaris. I have request to write me some informations about my city, it's very important, is there any archive films from before world wars time about Swinemunde? Adolf Hitler also was in Swinemunde when he was going to Klajpeda 1939 . Thank You very much for answer and I'll be waiting. Please look in deutsche archive. Looking for old people was living in Swinemunde !!!!

I suggested U-boat net's forum.

Sunday, August 5, 2001.

From: Chalky White

Convoy SC48 HMS Broadwater

Just found your interesting web site on the Norwegian Merchant ships.
My web site is a Memorial site for HMS Broadwater torpedoed on 18th October 1941. As you rightly say two men from the Erviken were picked up by the Broadwater and lost when that ship went down. I have passsed a lot of this information to Ken Garvay who manages the USS Kearny site. I apologise that my site is 33 papges long but if you view through you will see confirmation that these two men were picked up by Broadwater. http://pages.britishlibrary.net/chalkywhite is my address. Please let me know what you think. The two Norwegians were mentioned with other merchant seamen whose identities are unknown in the Remembrance Service shown on the web site. Hope you enjoy it. I myself am extremely proud that all the men lost with HMS Broadwater are now remembered.
Kind Regards, Chalky White

My text under D/S Erviken has more info on the incident.

Saturday, August 4, 2001.

From: Daniel E. Hetland

Hetland surname

I would be very interested to learn more of my homeland and my ancestors. No one on my particular branch has any information whatsoever, and I'm afraid the story will fade to obscurity. Thank you for whatever information lies ahead.

Dan Hetland
Tampa, Florida, USA

Saturday, August 4, 2001.

From: John Fisher


Siri, My father {same name} sailed on Norwegian merchant ships during WW2 and after finding your {excellent} website I found information on the Tanafjord. He has mentioned this ship many times so I printed the infomation of it to show to him. I will contact you again with any other information he may have to help you with your website. I know he sailed from Christiansund and other ship names he has mentioned are the Orbita and the Stanislaus {probably spelt wrong} though these ships may be Dutch.
I would like to find, if possible, lists of ships crews for him to see, if you could help with this I would be very grateful. Thank you for the help your website has given, I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging informaiton.
Yours Sincerely
John Fisher.

My text for D/S Tanafjord

Saturday, August 4, 2001.

From: Espen Falch Johansson

M/S Ravnaas

My father was onboard the ship. I delivered all papers to the local museum after his death in 1986. It contained a News "paper" released in the camp. If any interest i am shure i can get a copy of this "paper"

Espen Falch Johansson

(This newsletter can now be found on my Santo Tomás pages)

Sunday, July 22, 2001.

From: Donna Fussner

MS Lancing

My uncle Frank Fussner would like to hear from anyone who served on the Lancing the morning of 4/7/42, please e-mail me with any info. thank you.

I have Donna's E-mail address. Here's my text for Lancing

Friday, July 13, 2001.


Mother's relations and ancestors in Norway

Looking for relatives of Anna Marie Tonnesen, born in Arendal, Norway l9l7. She has a sister Astrid, her sister Margaret and brother Tom are deceased. My mother Anna Marie Tonnesen's mother's maiden name was Holm. Any infor would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lena

Saturday, July 7, 2001.

From: Athanassios Akrivos


Hello Siri, i came by your very interesting site while searching for information on my familys ships. The original owner of the Ringulv, A.S Vagliano was my grandfather, Keramiai is the name of his village of origin in the island of Kefalonia. I contacted mr. Setsaa who was kind enough to send me a clear scan of his picture, but now i see an even better one from the time it was called Lyngenfjord. Could you let me know were you found it?

The picture he's referring to is the 2nd one found on my page D/S Ringulv (I sent him a copy of it).

Friday, July 6, 2001.


"Devil of the North Sea"

I have been searching for information on a Norwegian ship called the "Devil of the North Sea" or "The Ghost Ship". During WWII there was a Norweigan Training Camp in Lunenburg Nova Scotia. My mother in law at that time was a young woman living in Lunenburg and met several of the Norweigan officers. She has several letters to this day which she received from the officers she knew. One such officer was named "Einar Aas" and he mentioned in several letters the "Ghost Ship". As the story goes, "After Hitler invaded a certain part of Norway, a captain and his whaling ship returned to find his village and family destroyed and dead, all except his six year old son. As Hitler took over plants in Norway to further the German cause, this captain would sail into port at night and destroy the plants, leaving a note defying Hitler to catch him. Knowing the fjords of his homeland ports, he was able to elude the Nazis throughout the war, despite the price Hitler placed on the captain and his crew. I understand the Norweigan Council has been in touch with my mother in law and has documented this information. She still has the letters and several officers names are mentioned in them, along with places they were or were going.
Does anyone know anything about this, or "Camp Norway" in Lunenburg Nova Scotia. There is a big memorial placed there about 5 years ago during a reunion. Any information would be greatly appreciated. She would love to hear if any of her friends are still living, or would love to hear from their families.
Yours truly

Muriel Keddy

Muriel is now in contact with the daughter of Einar Aas, who happened to see her post!

Saturday, June 23, 2001.

From: Ted Finch

Merchant Shipping

Hi Siri,

What an interesting and professional site, and covers an 'up to now' ignored subject - well done!!

We have just posted a directory of WWII Empire Ships to our site at http://www.mariners-l.co.uk/EmpIndex.html This includes several vessels which were transferred to Norway during the war. Hope this may be of use for researching WWII vessels (there is also a directory of WWI standard built ships at the same site). I am currently working on a similar project for Liberty Ships, but what a daunting task!!

best regards
Ted Finch

Friday, June 22, 2001.

From: Mark D. Dodge

Blockade Runners/Merchant Raiders

Fantastic work, my compliments!

Questions regarding notations about the following vessels:


Are there any notations or mentions about the BRITISH/AUSTRALIAN subject named Dr. ROBERT STARLING D.C., who was placed aboard after her capture by ATLANTIS (Rogge) on 10SEP41?

He was aboard the Egyptian flagged liner ZAMZAM with his wife Mrs. FLORENCE ADA STARLING when ATLANTIS attacked her at daybreak on 17APR41. He was wounded by shrapnel and was forced to remain aboard ATLANTIS with 2 other men due to injuries. His wife and the remaining crew/passengers were placed aboard the NDL combi-freighter DRESDEN and delivered to Occupied France, stopping at St. Jean de Luz and Bordeaux.

Dr. Starling and his wounded companion Frank Vicovari were separated when SILVAPLANA was captured because news magazines (LIFE - NEWSWEEK) found in the dayroom contained references to Mr. VICOVARI and the ZAMZAM incident. They had both recovered from their injuries and even though SILVAPLANA was going to be sent to Europe as a PRIZE, Kapitan ROGGE decided to split them up. Mr. VICOVARI was still a "NEUTRAL" by his American citizenship, but based on the length of time aboard ATLANTIS, he knew too much about the day-to-day operations and could not be sent back as yet.

I am searching for information about the voyage of SILVAPLANA after she left the area near ORNE BANK in the Pacific and headed for BORDEAUX. The movements of those passengers/prisoners and crew would be very informative in the on-going research about the ZAMZAM. I know that SILVAPLANA arrived in BORDEAUX without serious incident about 27NOV41, but alas, my trail goes cold there regarding Dr. Starling.

As for SILVAPLANA, would you be interested in her career notes following the arrival at Bordeaux? I have some background regarding her conversion as the blockade runner IRENE and the events leading to her loss.

With regards to Mr. VICOVARI, you may already know that he remained aboard ATLANTIS until the bitter end in November, seven full months after the sinking of the ZAMZAM! His story is unique and does not end there, bu that is another story.


ATLANTIS used this guise as a lure for the ZAMZAM just three days before her attack. A distress call in the name of TAI YIN was issued at about 1530 on Monday 14APR41, which caused the master of ZAMZAM to alter course. The plot given was less than 20 miles away, but Captain Smith of the ZAMZAM decided to steer away from the call.

I look forward to sharing more as my work unravels the mystery of the ZAMZAM. Any comments or notes would be appreciated and recognized in my efforts. I am preparing a student research paper on Blockade Runners and Merchant Raiders.

Best regards,
Mark Dodge - USA

Monday, June 18, 2001.

From: Patricia Cook-Bosnell

Whaling ships (Southern Adventurer) (does she mean Southern Venturer on my page Odd's Ships?)

My father, Thomas Cook, was on the Southern Adventurer during 1951-1955. He was from Dundee Scotland and always spoke highly of the Norwegian whalers he worked with. I have many of his photos of him and fellow shipmates on the ship and I will be showing him your website. I'm sure he will be thrilled to read all about your father, it's quite possible that they sailed together!

Friday, June 8, 2001.

From: Yves DUFEIL

Naval & maritime history

You did there a great and valuable work to which I shall refer in the next future. However, I regret it's limitation to WW2. So many Norw. ships have been sunk in WW1 that it should be of great interest to compile such a database for this period. Should you be interested in that, I can provide you my own database of norw. steamers sunk in WW1.
Will be glad to hear from you anyvway.
Very sincerely yours.

Thursday, June 7, 2001.

From: Paul Racine

Merchant Navy (MS Samuel Bakke)

I am A Canadian citizen currently working for a consulting firm in Northern Iran.(I will return to Montreal in three days). In my spare time I have been writing of some of my experiences when as a young man during the early 1960's I sailed in the Norwegian Merchamt Navy. While doing search on the internet I came upon your site and discovered one of the ships I had sailed on....The Samuel Bakke. We knew her as an old ship then, but she had been well maintained and built. To learn of her past and her final end was fascinating. She was my first deep sea ship and I sailed on her as a deck boy. Our voyage took us from the UK to The Soviet Union and then on to Cuba. From there we travelled south into South America. I was 20 years old at the time. She was a good sturdy lady of the seas and handled well in all weather conditions. I will always have fond memories of her. I also sailed on two other Norwegian ships, The Tautra and The Fro, which I will try to research as time permits. I want to congradulate you on the daunting task you must have had in creating your web site. It has made one old sailor very happy to learn of his past ship.
Yours sincerly
Paul Racine.
I have an old photo of the Samuel Bakke. If you would like to have a copy I will scan and send.

The picture was sent, and can be found under the S here Pictures of Ships

Wednesday, June 6, 2001.

From: Ted Agar

Naval History

Hello Siri,
I have enjoyed looking through your site it is a very good source for WW11 Norwegian Merchant Navy history. I have a shipmate that served on the whaler UTVAR during WW11 and he has some photos of her. If you Email me your postal address I will send you some copies of his photos. With reference to the THORSHOLM I have checked the official admiralty Convoy Form A1 for convoy ON166 dated 11/02/43 and she was not part of that convoy, I think that it is a typo error by the printers.
Regards Ted A.

Here's my text for Thorsholm.

Friday, May 25, 2001.

From: Vincent Martlew

WWII History Naval/Maritime

Great site, you've done wonderful work on this. I was particularly interested in the Norwegian ship list. My mother was a radio operator on the SS Gudvor during the war. I was a seaman and later became an R/O as well. She was Canadian but could not sail on their ships because of restrictions.
Good luck!

Gudvor can be found here. Anne Martlieu also served on the Norwegian Iris.

Monday, May 21, 2001.

From: Al Simpson

Norwegian Shipping

Being an ex-Fred Olsen employee, I have had many Norwegian contacts as Port Agent to their ships. I have enjoyed your information on interned ships as you have answered all my questions.

Here in Nova Scotia Canada during WW2 there was a place called Camp Norway. Recently the Norwegian Ambassador to Canada came to Halifax for a dedication of a memorial to Camp Norway. I am trying now to research information about this camp to add to your web site.

Sunday, May 20, 2001.

From: Justin Andersen

Norwgian Merchant Navy in world war II


I've been "dipping in" again to-day. It really is a wonderful sight! Many days of enjoyment to come I think.

Justin Andersen

Saturday, May 19, 2001.

From: Justin Andersen

Thor Dahl

Fascinated with info about Thor Dahl ships. I emailed you early this morning as well. My father served on Thorøy and Thorshov. Interesting reference to Captain D Andersen. Was that David Andersen.....a name I recall my father mentioning many years ago. Your site is one of the best I have come across!


Friday, May 18, 2001.

From: Marty Bollinger



I have photos of CHILDAR (later Aakre) if you are interested. I have also scanned the ships plans. Happy to send them if you want them.

By the way, the ship eventually became one of the NKVD ships used to transport prisoners to the Gulag.


Links to the pictures sent by Marty, and the ship's later history have been added to Ships starting with A, under Aakre.

Friday, May 18, 2001.

From: Justin Andersen

Thor Dahl

Excellent site!

My father was master of the Thorshov when she was sold. During the war he served as chief mate on the Thorøy. Any information you have on Thorøy's war history would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Justin Andersen

My father was the Radio Officer on Thorshov from 1944, fresh out of school in London. Here's my text for M/T Thorshov. I've also been contacted by an English fellow whom my father replaced as radio operator, though the two never met.

Friday, May 11, 2001.

From: John Mulroy

Author checking facts

Beautiful site!
Thanks for the detail on m/v Elisabeth Bakke, which carried two Norwegian flyers from Bombay to Avonmouth 6 Sept 41 to 30 Oct 41.

John has told this very interesting story at Roy André Watvedt - Pilot

Sunday, May 6, 2001.

From: Markus Berger


Congratulation, very great site. Came across after searching for more details about the shipping Co. TSCHUDI & EITZEN, OSLO.
Detail for Motor Tanker "KOLL": Part of the crew of the "KOLL" rescued by the Swiss S/S "ST. CERGUE". See www.swiss-ships.ch, Swiss register No. 5.
"The ship (ST.CERGUE) saved on 15.04.1942, 10 survivors from the Norwegian Tanker "KOLL" (10044/30), which was torpedoed on the 6th April 1942 by the "U571". The survivors were taken ashore at New York 17.04.1942."
Please keep on with this excellent work. Thanks and greetings from Switzerland.

Here's my text for M/T Koll

From: Forbes Wilson

Hi Siri

Your site just gets better and better.

Best wishes

Here's Forbes' own, very interesting website about his grandfather The Royal Naval Reserve Record of John Wilson

Guisborough, England - Saturday, April 07, 2001.

From: Bill Norman

East coast convoys, England 1939-45

Just surfed in to your most interesting site. I shall certainly visit it time and again! I am just starting to research air attacks on east coast convoys (Humber to the Tweed). If any of your readers have memories to share I would be very pleased to hear from them.

Herne Bay, Kent England - Sunday, March 25, 2001.

From: Stephen Attwater

World War 2 Naval History

Congratulations on a very informative site. I have already found your Norwegian Merchant Fleet Histories of great use. I look forward to it being completed. I carry out research into British Merchant Casualties of World War 2 and if you require any information that may tie into your site, get in contact.

With regard to the Norwegian vessel, D/S DALVANGEN, the British survivors rescued were probably from the Chief Officers' lifeboat from the SS NIGERIAN 5423 gt sunk on 8th December 1942. These men were rescued on 13th December and landed at Georgetown.
The American Merchant Ship that also had crew rescued by DALVANGEN was COLLINGSWORTH 5,125 gt. She was sunk on 9th January 1943 and the crew of one of her lifeboats were picked up by DALVANGEN 36hours later.

My text for D/S Dalvangen

Benson, MN USA - Sunday, March 18, 2001.

From: Ann Kristin Elvsveen

Lost family in USA

Trying to locate Jørgen Johannessen Løkkesveen. He left Norway in 1905 and went to Benson Swift county Minnesota. Perhaps known as Larson in USA. Tankfull for any help to find his family. Having a family reunion this summer.

WI USA - Sunday, February 18, 2001.

From: Deb Auestad

Family genealogy

How exciting to have found your website! We found my husband's ancestors (Johan Kornelius Auestad & Jenny Hansine Hetland).
Thanks, Deb Auestad

West Covina, CA USA - Monday, February 12, 2001.

From: Alec Berkman

Invasion of North Africa

My father, Melvin Berkman,with the 325 Fighter Control Squadron, XXII Air Command, entered Port Lyautey, Morocco, 11-8-42. His diary said that he met 75 Norwegian sailors who had been camp prisoners of the Vichy French for 15 months. They were from 19 to 60 years of age and had worked for a Norwegian Steamship Company in Port Lyautey. They claimed that the Americans who were employed with them were shot instead of being taken prisoner. Do you know anything about this? Diary indicates meeting took place 11/25/42.

At the very end of Letter No. 4 of Odd's letters there's more details on this.

Houston, TX USA - Friday, February 09, 2001.

From : Luc de Boer

Well done Siri, I am impressed with the lay-out and information on your website. I really like the way you show the photos.

Groetjes, Luc

Eau Claire, WI USA - Friday, January 05, 2001.

From: Margaret Arnstad


I would be interested in finding out more about my Arnstad relation still living in Norway. There is an Arnstad farm still there, or so I am told. My G-Grandfather Ole Arnstad left his family in Norway in about 1866 to Wisconsin. His parents were Ole P. and Mary O.(Hammer) Arnstad. He had some brothers that came with him and some that stayed in Norway as well as a sister. I have some information farther back but it gets confusing. I will share what I have also. Greetings from snowy Wisconsin. It must have looked like Norway to my ancesters at this time of year.

Vancouver, B.C. Canada - Thursday, December 28, 2000.

From: Alison

I just came here to do some research for my annual speech at school. I read a book called "Three Came Home" and decided to do my speech on Prison Camps.

Long Beach, CA USA - Monday, December 04, 2000.

From: Karen E. Schau-Stein

Genealogy in Norway

Thank you for providing me with a photo of the Lyngenfjord, as my father, Anders Ludvig Schau was on that ship as a Norwegian Merchant Marine. I really appreciate your thinking of me, and I really value the information you sent to me. Do you know of any books regarding WWI Norwegian Merchant Marines? This is the war in which my father served for Norway. Karen.

Lyngenfjord was the former name of D/S Ringulv.

Pertland, OR USA - Tuesday, November 28, 2000.

From: P.D.Soule

WW II Merchant Marine Vets

I am the son of the Captain that scuttled the SS Illinioan off the coast of Normandy in 1944. I am now 45 yrs of age and Dad left us 5 years ago. Very proud to be the son of one of you brave Vets that were not recognised for too many years.


Wednesday, November 8, 2000.

From: Pauline Rudzin Loftis.

A Thousand Norw. Ships by L. Lindbæk.

I came across your site by accident when I keyed in a search for "rudzin" and became interested in reading about the book by Lise Linbuek. That is my father, John Rudolph and I would dearly like to find a copy of this book if it is still in print. I was aware of another book by an author, Nora Sloukom, I believe, and it was called "Saga of the Seas" and it also had my father's account of his time in the nine concentration camps. Was your father in some of the camps with my father? I wish I had more information about his side of the family he left in Riga, Latvia. If you have any information on how I could possibly get a copy of the book, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. Pauline R. Loftis

(Pauline is referring to my page Rudzin's Diary -which happens to be her father's diary. I was able to find the book in English for her).

Derby, UK - Sunday, September 17, 2000.

From: Tom Purnell

Battle of the Atlantic

Very interesting and well-designed pages about a neglected aspect of WW2. I like especially the effective combination of detailed personal accounts and the wider historical picture. Many thanks for a moving and vivid contribution to the net!

Tom Purnell's website

Bergen, Norway - Thursday, August 31, 2000.

From: Stig Samuelsen

http://www.slektsbiblioteket.com Norway's largest lookup Service. 1500 resources are available from 225 contributers. There's also a query-database where you can ask for information on your norwegian ancestors and their descendants. Photoarchive + Links + Books for sale + Dictionary & Encyclopedia for Norwegian Genealogy are under construction and expanding day by day. IT'S FREE !

Sequim, WA. USA - Thursday, June 29, 2000.

From: Harlod F. "BUD" Schmidt Sr.

Americas' WW II Merchant Marine Veterans

I enjoyed your site very much and have passed it onto others I know who also served in Americas' Merchant Marine and who only recently recieved our corrected Time Frame Veterans Status for what we did during WW II. Much of our story can be viewed on these following web sites, several of which I put together not for myself, but for all those who served with me. Especially for the over 8,000 who still remain as Missing in Action, as they went down with their ships, and their bodies never retrieved and/or fully acounted for. It was and still is my intent to educate all law abiedinf citizens not only here in America, but ALL over the world of what it was we did for the benefit of people ALL over the world. During WW II our branch of service lost 1 out of every 32 men ( and boys) who volunteered to operate those corgo ships and tankers , plus those troopships all over the world. YET, today, the organization calling itself, The Veterans of Foreign Wars forbids us membership, what a disgraceful and shameful act on their part. Denying the very men equal admission, who without what we did, they wouldn't themselves be in existence. Hopefully, you in your country don't operate that way. I intend to shame them all over the world for this Blatant Act of Discrimination which they practice, and let the citizens of ALL countries know just how un-American this Non-Profit, Pro- American Veterans Organization operates.
Please look over these web sites and let others know of them;
On each of these site you will find other sites linked onto them, covering other groups who served also. THANKS for reading this message, and best of health to all in your part of the world.
Harold "BUD" Schmidt Sr. A (PROUD) Merchant Marine Veteran of WW II.

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England - Sunday, June 11, 2000.

From: Darren Dypevåg

Norwegian Merchant Marine

Well done on a very informative site! I'll bee back.

Darren's website Darren Dypevåg

Plainview, n.y. USA - Monday, March 20, 2000.

Name: Marion Klepp Millner

Travel--Norway WW2 history.

You should be very proud having put together such a comprehensive history of your patriotic family!!! My maiden name was Klepp--Father from Lillesand -- Mother from small town outside Oslo--we have visited Norway 4 times -- such a beautiful country!!! We live on Long Island, N.Y.-- the best to you in your efforts!!! Marion Klepp Millner.

Tulsa, OK USA - Wednesday, March 01, 2000.

From: caroline and ellen.

hi, we checked out ALL of the website, you and mitch must have worked really hard on it. I like the picture of your dad that changes when you move the mouse over it, pretty cool.

Bergen, Norway - Tuesday, February 08, 2000.

From: Ellen Sovig

What a superb site, haven't had time to look through it all, but I feel I'm in the same room as you reading it.

Stavanger, Norway - Friday, February 04, 2000.

From: Thomas Nilsen

Great site big sister !

My "little" brother Thomas' own website Thomas Nilsen

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