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Dec. 30

From: Karen Falch

Your site lists the ship Ronda as having been sunk, yet I have a ship's manifest dated August 18, 1950 with my dad's name on it and the ship's name is Ronda. Did they build another ship with the same name?

Yes, there was another Ronda - see the bottom of my page about the WW II Ronda.

Dec. 28

From: Alexander Toshchev

Vessel "Vaga"

Dear colleagues!
Prompt, please, where it is possible to find publications about vessel "Vaga" cargo in 1926, 1928, 1929 to load the graphite and wood on Siberian river Yenisei (in Kureyka and Igarka)?
Alexander Toshchev,
Permafrostmuseum, Igarka, Russia

(I cannot assist with this).

Dec. 26

From: Olga

Thanks you so much for a wonderful website you made! I went through the list of Norwegian prisoners of war (captured by Japanese), and I found several Norwegians that are a part of my study (I write about Norwegians that used to work in the Chinese Maritime Customs Service (CMCS) 1861-1949).
I have some comments.
1) You mentioned Anton Eivind Arntsen. I wonder if he and Anton Eivind Arntzen are the same person. The latter is mentioned in the Chinese Customs Service lists as an Acting Commander in China from 1930 to 1950.
2) Einar Krogseth from the list you made. He also used to work in the CMCS. You wrote that his granddaughter would like to know more about him. I have some documents. She can contact me.

Thanks a lot,

Olga is referring to names in my POW's section.

Dec. 18

From: Cato Rasmussen

Evald Løhre

Can you find out what medals Lt CDR. Evald Løhre (RNON) got after the War in 1945?

I've suggested the National Archives of Norway; if nothing else, they can steer him in the right direction.

Dec, 3

From: Paul Rawlins

M.S. Hallfried

While working on a family history my wife was taking some old pictures out of their frames so she could scan them into a file. One of the pics was of her uncle's W.W.II bomber crew. The back of the frame had M.S. Hallfried of Bergen Norway written on it. We never could figure out what that had to do with the photo of the bomber crew. Underneath this photo was a picture of a ship. I researched the name and found your website. If you would be interested I could either send a copy of the picture by e-mail or the original. The picture is mounted on a 13X16 backing.
Hope to here from you

(The picture will be added to my page about Hallfried).

Nov. 4

From: Alan Calvert

B P Newton

Due to my Flikr account being hacked the link on your page is no longer valid. The photo of B P Newton is now available at the following site:-


The original photograph was with a letter to the British Captain from the Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission, 14th. January 1943 along with Lloyd's Silver medal for Meritorious Services.

Here's my page about B.P. Newton (in order to view the above picture, you must be a registered member of the forum that it links to - it shows the ship in Methil after the escape from Sweden, Apr.-1941).

Oct. 31

From: Rachel Thomas

Denis Whitehouse - Woolgar

I just want to thank you for your interesting website and the information you have managed to learn about my great-uncle Denis Whitehouse who served aboard the Woolgar. Sadly I never learnt about his days as a POW and his 88 days at sea until after his death, although as a child I used to wonder why he always walked like he was on a ship, rocking side to side (I now know it was because of the injuries he received as a POW). I wish I would've had a chance to talk about his time during the war, and also with my grandfather, his brother, who drove a tank. Sadly it is only recently I have become interested in geneology, but thanks to your wonderful website my 10yr old son, who is learning about WWII in school, can give a talk about his great great uncle and what he endured during the war.

Many thanks

Rachel Thomas

Denis Whitehouse's story can be found on this page.

Oct. 21

From: Sarah Duncan

Great Site

This is a great website!


Oct. 17

From: John Lorentz

Convoy HX259

Dear Sir,
I recently became interested in the North Atlantic convoys of WWII while reading "Engineers of Victory" and found your site...using his dates and having the name of the ship he sailed to England aboard, I was easily able to locate his convoy and escorts. Thank you for your passion in preparing and maintaining this information.

The ships sailing in Convoy HX 259 are named on this page.

Oct. 1

From: Dr C D E Morris

MT BRALANTA & Oskar Magnus Kristiansen

Further to our Association Researcher Peter Burlton's post; 1st Officer Oskar Magnus Kristiansen lies buried in the RAF/CWGC cemetery at the former RAF Habbaniya base in Iraq, not in Baghdad.
From 2005 to 2009 an Act of Remembrance was held in the cemetery. Since 2006 he is remembered when the Association marches past the Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday.

My page about Bralanta can be found here.

Sept. 25

From: Niels Casse

Dear Madam.

I hav with great interest studied your website, you have done a tremendous good job, I must say. Congratulations.
You living in the US might be able to assist me in my search for a photo of a libertyship buildt at Calship in California in 1944, as hull no 2243, She was named "PETER LASSEN" after a danish emigrant who emigrated to the US in 1830.
What I need is a photo of this ship, before it was sold off to Norway.
Could you please help me in my search?
I would be most greatfull if so.

Yours faithfully
Niels Casse
BA History

I suggested my Ship Forum.

Sept. 18

From: Dean

ss Springfjord bell

I acquired this bell from a retired captain (now deceased) of the springfjord,The bell is 12x12 inches, original clapper,ingraved on front springfjord 1940, number 2 stamped on crown, weighs 20+pounds, I was wondering if you could tell me who made the bell. I'm also interested in selling the bell. I have pictures if you send me a E-mail I can attach them


I'm unable to help with this


From: Herbert H Lenk

M/S Tercero - Post WWII

The last entry on the last page (page5) of the M/S Tercero's log shows she left Swansea, U.K., on March 31, 1946, and arrived in Baltimore, Md, on April 19, 1946. I was one of perhaps 15 to 20 passengers on this voyage, most emigrating to the U.S.A. When we left port we did not know where we would disembark, just somewhere on the east coast of the U.S.A. Also, we had no idea it would take us 20 days to get there. Regular passenger ship service from the U.K. to America was almost non-existent in 1946 since ships were still busy bringing the troops home. So all of us were happy to be on the Tercero. The delicious Norwegian food was a real treat for us after the lean war years in England and we did not mind sleeping in bunk beds. What we did not anticipate was that we would be on this ship for a long 20 days . The reason was that we spent several days fighting a monster storm, not going anywhere. There were times when we heard an ominous rumbling from the cargo hold down below deck. We, the passengers, suspected that the ballast (to my knowledge we carried no commercial cargo) was shifting, a bad omen. One day the rolling and shaking was so bad that I did not (or could not) get out of my bunk bed and fasted all day. After the storm subsided we saw the captain getting out his nautical instruments, trying to figure out exactly where we were. When we finally got into the Chesapeake Bay we knew we really had arrived. Hello Baltimore, hello U.S.A.!
Is there anyone out there who remembers this voyage?

I can provide Herbert's address (my contact address is at the bottom of this page). Here's Tercero.

Sept. 17

From: Gruffydd Jones

MS Mosfruit

My great uncle Gwilym Williams was master of the Empire Hope when they picked up the surviors of the Mosfruit. My mother still has the silver platter presented to him as a gesture of gratitude by the survivors. Would you like a picture of the platter with its inscription? I'll happily email a photo.

Gruffydd Jones
North Wales

(Jag pratar svenska också, så det går att svara på Norska om det underlättar)

Here's my page about Mosfruit

Sept. 12

From: Lisa Duffy

US Army Transport Roseville

My grandfather, Major/Chaplain Joseph Jacob Dixon was on the Roseville in 1942 bound for Honolulu. I have a photograph inscribed on the back "US Army Transport Roseville" and "Captain Charles F. Brewster" who is in the photograph with my grandfather. I have researched Captain Brewster, but cannot find any listing of him as the captain. Any information/contact you could provide would be most appreciated.

Thank you.
Lisa Jo

I believe Captain Brewster must have been US Army personell. Here is Roseville.

Sept. 7

From: E Beck


I wrote you an email on webmistress email.

Might be interesting.

Your site is great - I will now explore it at length!

Brimanger can be found on this page.

Sept. 6

From: Clas Niit

S/S Troldfos

Good morning

I am working on a vessel that during oil exploration using ROV, stumbled across the wreck of SS Troldfos. We have fotage and well over one hour film from the wreck, we have learned about the U-boat/Captain that sank her. But I would also like to know more about the crew that abandon her, landing in Shetland. I would like to know if there are any relatives who have been told the story, and might be able to shed some light over the actual event? Is there any documents saved from the company S/A Thor Thoresens Linje?(Owner)? Thank you in advance.

Capt. Clas Niit

Aug. 29

From: Peter Hide

T/S Tana


The crewlist as listed for T/S Tana is partly wrong
My uncle Peter Hide, born in 1922 was among the crew that was held captive in Marocco and Algeria from end 1940 and released by the invasion Nov 8 1942.
Peter was a ordinary seaman onboard T/S Tana.

Best regards
Monrad Hide

Here's my page about Tana.

Aug. 9

From: Anne Kehlet Nielsen

An apology

The Norwegian defence minister, Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen, has apologized to the warsailors. Read her words here (in Norwegian) - please follow the link.

Kind Regards Anne, daughter of Hans Magnus Jansen (Bralanta).

Aug. 2

From: Ian Terry


A casualty on the Ferncastle, sunk by the Michel - you have "George Cochrane" and a footnote. He was George Kitchener Cockram, A.B. b. 5 Feb 1916, Perth, Western Australia, commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Devon, England.

Here are my details on Ferncastle, with crew list.

July 31

From: Mark Glasgow

Well done indeed

Dear Ms Siri Lawson.

Your site is a genuine triumph, my sincere congratulations on a most impressive, accurate and safe web-site.

Your site was discovered and mentioned on our site (http://www.seatheships.org.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=9401) and the subsequent comments do you justice; well done.

Thank you for restoring my faith in human nature

Best wishes
Mark Glasgow

July 18

From: Jim Teegarden

M/S Roseville

Hi. I contacted you some time ago about the M/S Roseville. It took my Uncle and the bulk of the 2nd Emergency Rescue Squadron to New Guinea during WWII. I notice the only clear photo of it is a part of Bjørn Milde's postcard collection. Would it be possible to get a larger resolution scan of that postcard to add to my website? It is www.pbyrescue.org where the ship is mentioned. Or could you put me in contact with Bjørn Milde please? Thanks.


Address has been forwarded - here's Roseville.

July 14

From: Dave Lee

Merchant Navy diary

I've listed a diary on ebay uk and I think some of the ships are Norwegian. The item number is 221254249873

Regards, Dave


June 11

From: George Clauson


I am in possession of the compass of the SS TYR out of Oslo, Norway. It was given to my Uncle, Lt. Cdr. V.T. Elton, RCNVR.

It is in a teak box and is as follows:

Presented by the Officers, H.M.S. Bedfordshire..

Also on the box,

S.S. Tyr . Oslo Norway"

"Torpedoed Feb.4.1942"

"LAT. 43 40N
LONG 61 10W"

"CREW 31

Here's more about Tyr

June 1

From: Sharon Jameson

Arne Hansen Mechanic M/S Ravnaas

I am searching for any imformation whatsoever regarding Arne Hansen The mechanic on M/S Ravnaas. Specifically in regards to his presence in Liverpool near the end of the war.

This is the kind of thing I'm unable to help with - here's my page about Ravnaas.

May 31

From: Paul Chinn

Elin K and Ingria 1941

I am researching some family history and know my wife's mother and grandparents travelled from Lisbon to Mauritius late in 1941. The movements of these ships seem to coincide with some of the visa details that we have. Are you able to say if they ever carried passengers and if there is an available source of passenger lists?

Many thanks for splendid site.


(Unfortunately, not able to help much - here's Elin K and here's Ingria).


May 29

From: Sally Cole (nee Kervin)

MS Austvard

There was a message re MS Austvard in the Norwegian forum (20 Mar 2013). Could you translate what it says and provide me with email address if appropriate.

My uncle was James Kervin who was lost with the vessel.

I think the site is brilliant. I knew nothing of an uncle who died very young and this has helped fill in many gaps. Thank you.

Address has been forwarded. Here's my page about Autsvard.

May 13

From: Magge Gates

Tai Shan

I have the freighters incl Tai Shan who broke out of Norway to serve Britain's war transport to thank for the safe return of my dad from Greenock to New York. He was an American pre-Pearl Harbor courier for US State Department in Greenock trying to locate a passage home. Tai Shan was the freighter that obliged him and a few others.

He mentions this trip home in a letter of 1941 (he was aboard the 3/12-3/25 independent voyage of Tai Shan). Though he did not mention name as was proper at the time, I tracked down that it was the Tai Shan. Harrowing times those were! Brothers in arms were various Allied countrymen and I salute them all!

My page about Tai Shan can be found here.

May 4

From: Trevor Baker

RAF Leuchars

Your website has been of enormous help in my research of signatures in the Visitors' Book that was kept in the Officers' Mess at RAF Leuchars during WW2. Many of the sailors who were repatriated to England via Bromma airport have signed the book. Of the 3,500 signatures, I have so far identified just under 2,000. In addition to sailors, there are hundreds of Special Operations Executive agents including Norwegians involved in all the famous operations (so many, in fact, that I recently showed the book to the Resistance Museum in Norway). Geoff Ward (http://www.wwiinorge.com/home.htm) told me the book is a National Treasure [for Norway] but it also contains hundreds of British pilots (many Battle of Britain pilots and over 100 DFCs).

It has the signatures of many of the British SOE top men including George Binney, Major Holme, Colonel Winterbottom, Ronald Turnbull, John Cordeaux and Andrew Croft. Famous Norwegians include Leif Tronstad, Max Manus, Einar Johansen, Konrad Nordahl, Johan Holst, William Houlder, Claus Helberg, Sverre Midtskau, Willy Simonsen, Johan Rognes, Oddvar Ostgaard, Jjalmar Svae, Sverre Granlund, Olav Gausland, Hans Rohde Hanssen, Johan Ludwig Mowinckel, Erling Riddervold, Odd Nilsen, Arne Christiansen, Konrad Anker Hennum whose SOE files are closed until 2024, Martin Gundersen whose SOE files are closed until 2017, Henning Nordhal whose SOE files are closed until 2031, many of the Norwegian government in exile in London, Olav Crown Prince of Norway and his father Haakon VII. In total, there are about 700 Norwegian signatures.

British signatures include, for example, those of Terence Corkran, Rae Walton and E J Booker who were shot down on 28 May 1942 near the Lofoten Islands whilst on a reconnaissance mission to find the Tirpitz. Their story was the basis of Graham Pitchfork's Shot Down & On The Run. On 1 September 1942, they were flown from Bromma airfield to RAF Leuchars in an aircraft of the BOAC courier service. All three signed the visitors' book on 2 September along with Anne Waring and Paal Frisvold.

Please let me know if you would like copies of any of the signatures that are relevant to your website.

Kind regards

May 4

From: Hernan

M.S. Hallingal Souvenir

Greetings from Puerto Rico!!
Hi - I just uploaded a picture of an embroidery work of the MS Hallingal. I thought you may want to see it. This is the link to the image on my Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wanderlost63/8706254671/in/set-72157631230393262

Thanks for you informative page.


(See Hallingdal).

May 2

From: James Smith


I just wanted to add my congratulations to the compiler of this fantastic site. It has enabled me to easily conduct a lot of research into the various Norwegian tankers which served as Escort Oilers during WW2 and the depth of information is absolutely amazing. Well done!

Apr. 18


Searches on ship ecapers ''BOVAG''

Hi. I'm French and excuse me because my Engihs is bad. I am in the North Britanny (FRANCE) near SAINT MALO and i'm a member of Britanny Association for the airmens memory in the second WW in my region. I realise biographies on the pilot cews of différents airplanes who down in my région You can visit my internet site ABSA 39 45 Today i contact you, because i make searches on a Norvegian Pilot of th Royal Air Force Johan Gert VON TANGEN who escape the 30 mars 41 from ALESUND to LERWICK Shetland) the 2 April 41 I want to contact Arne VADSETH for informations on this boat and ask if she has some Photographies an others informations Thank you very much for your help Regards Jean michel

Address has been forwarded - see also M/B Bøvåg.

Apr. 17

From: Tord Sæther


I'm a 15 year old boy from Norway and I'm writing a school essay about my family and WW2. My great grandfather was the captain on the ship D/S Balduin of Fred Olsen. His name was John Sundby. Thank you for the information and pictures regarding the boat. If you would like to have a picture of my great grandfather in his uniform from his time as a captain, I would be happy to send it to you.

sincerely, Tord Sæther

My information on Balduin can be found on this page.

Apr. 14

From: Patrick O'Shea

Deltager medal for WW 2 service in Norway


My father, Captain Albert O'Shea, British Army served in Norway from April 11, 1940 until June 10. He was also on HMT Chobry sunk by the Luftwaffe in May 1940. He died in 1955, never having recovered from the War. I understand that he was entitled to the above medal but have no further information. Can you advise.

By the way, I was born the day he arrived in Norway.


Patrick O'Shea (ex Royal Air Force 1956-1962)

Apr. 13

From: Rodelle

Finding a family member

I was wondering if you could possibly help me. I am searching for my grandfather whom my dad has never met and was only given sketchy information from my grandmother who has since passed away.
Im looking for English Merchant vessels that anchored in Mackay, Queensland Australia in the 1940's for some R and R.
I do have a name Patrick Brown from Devon England (have also been told that he was originally from Canada Quebec region).
My father was born in the early part of 1946 and so more specifically looking for English merchant ships arriving around 1945 and on ward.
If you could help me I would much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance :)

Apr. 9

From: Kai-Martin



I am searching for 2 of my relatives. They came to England/Scotland after the Operation Anklet Dec. 1941. One of them stayed in Southampton or Portsmouth, and sailed in the Nordic sea. His name was Odd Dyrkorn. I try to find out kind of wessel he stayed on and the name of it. Appreciate all help and assistance.


I've suggested the National Archives of Norway (Riksarkivet).

March 31

From: Ron van Maanen

Steamship Snar at Flushing 1939

Good morning
I found your very interesting site. I have one question, I am working as an archivist at Flushing and found a glas negative of a steamship Snar which was according to local newspapers the Norwegian steam ship Snar. Is this the same Snar (1920) as on your website?
See also my own weblog warshipsresearch.blogspot.com

best regards
Ron van Maanen, Flushing, Netherlands

Here's my page about Snar, but it's difficult for me to say whether this is the same ship.

March 26

From: Jenny Bunn

MS Chumleigh

Please would you put me in touch with Gerd Hunningstad (message 2013) as my Uncle Peter Marritt aged 16 was one of the sailors who died from exposure in the hut on shore at Svalbard. See under Camden Journal Chumleigh.

Many thanks, Jenny Bunn

Address has been forwarded.

March 25

From: Peter Burlton

M.T. Bralanta 1945

Dear Madam
I am the researcher for The Royal Air Force Habbaniya Association which was a Royal Air Force Station in Iraq. I am researching the Cemetery records and note that we have a First Officer from The M.T. Bralanta buried in the cemetery O. Kristiansen number 786227
He died 26 March 1945 from Burns and Broncho Pneumonia. The ship was at Bahrein a short time before this and i wonder whether there are any records in Norway that would show how he came to have got the burns etc. and any other details of him.
Thank you for the details that you have shown so far in your site.
I hope that you can help.

My regards to you in Norway.
Peter Burlton

Please see my page about Bralanta - the information has been forwarded.

March 23

From: Luigi Falletti

Report navigation Bollsta July 1943

I wanted to inform you that according to the operating ratio of 504 eng engr btn U.S. cargo ship Bollsta 19 to 22 July 1943 had anchored at the port of Licata (AG) in Sicily.

(Here's Bollsta).

March 18th

From: Margaret MacDonald

Opperation performance and Bridford

Thank you so much for the information posted. My Grandfather was captain DJ Nicholas, Captain of the Dicto. He died in 1967 never mentioning what he had been involved in. We belived that he had been in a camp in Sweden for the full duration of the war. I have tried to find information but find very little available. So thank you for letting me know another side to the story and please any one that can share any information about my grandfather I would be very gratefull


See Kvarstad Ships & Men and crew list for Dicto.

March 17


Ships data

Congratulations for Your splendid site!

I'm looking for info (eventually picture) of a Belgian sailing ship built in 1918, Alaska Pacific Nav Co, Seattle

1918-1919 named ALABAMA J.M. Scott, Mobile USA

1919-1921 named ILE DE JAVA Société Transoceanique de Transports ( R.Van Hemelryck ), Antwerp, Belgium

1921-1922 still ILE DE JAVA T.Campanello & P. Consigliere
Tonnage net 1507 lengthe 257 ft BP beam 46 ft

I found " twin screw " = probably side wheels.
Many thanks!!

I suggested my Ship Forum

March 7

From: Piers Crocker

M/S Homborsund

As I am not a registered user, I cannot use "Various Forums". I have found a reference to M/S Homborsund carrying a cargo of mussa in herring oil to Sydney, Australia, in December 1951. Is this likely? If so, then at least there is a sign of life in the period 1945-1955 which is otherwise not covered in your history of the ship. Just wanting to help.

Piers Crocker
Norsk Hermetikkmuseum
(Kan flytende norsk)

(Here's what I have about Homborsund).

Febr. 28

From: Brian Davies

Operation Rubble

It may be of interest that the UK National Archives have released the files relating to Operation Rubble that gives information on the breakout of the 5 ships from Sweden in 1941. Also a book is due to be published titled Balls of Steel which cover the same operation, whether this will have any new information or just cover the same ground as a previous book, The Blockade Busters, is as yet unknown. In my research I am still unable to find any crew lists for the John and Elizabeth Bakke during this period.

(Operation Rubble is discussed on my page about Elisabeth Bakke).

Febr. 27

From: William Green

MS Einvik

Hello All: I found this msg in the Norwegian sector-could not find the English translation. I am in regular contact with George Evans who was a 15 year old crew member on the Einvik. I know he would be happy to read the message-if available in English. W. Green

"18. sept.
Fra: Øyvind Mårvik
Jeg skriver om småbåtreder Isak Einvik i Flatanger og søker kontakt med nære etterkommere av mannskap på DS EINVIK, torpedert i Atlanteren september 1941. Hele mannskapet kom velberget opp til Island i to livbåter.

Opplysninger om båt og mannskapsliste finnes på dette nettstedet.
MVH Øyvind Mårvik
Her er siden om Einvik. Hvis noen kan hjelpe, kan Øivinds adresse skaffes."

Translation has been provided - here's my page about Einvik.

Febr. 25

From: Wayne Brown


During WWII my father; Bernard L. Brown, served aboard the USS Herbert (DD-160)...your excellent website provides some interesting insight regarding convoy duty.


Wayne Brown

Convoy HX 172 is discussed on this page.

Febr. 8

From: Manauthon Pierre

D/S Bygdin

I purchased the boat in Oslo from Olle Hector.
I brought her down in the West Indies, and worked her between Saint Martin (FWI) and Dominica, carrying produce (fruits and vegetables) till 1993 on a weekly base. I sold her in good condition in Saint Barthelemy where she was sunk a few years later to make a dive site. This was so badly managed that they never managed to localize the wreck....
I still have a couple of pics available
Respectfully, Pierre

Here's my text for Bygdin

Jan. 23


M/B Brodrene (F 20 T)

I think that the following from NOB Iceland war Diary of December 1942 refers to the above. Information from www.fold3.com

At 15.18/26.12.1942 DUANE, while proceeding from mooring alongside MARTINCOCK to anchorage, was in collision with drifter BRODRENE (Norwegian ownership, chartered to British Ministry of War Transport, and assigned to Port Director for use between Reykjavik and Hvalfjordur). The BRODRENE sank in position 800 yards vearing 266 Deg. from Engey Island Light. All members of crew rescued; no serious injuries. A Board of Investigation has been appointed by the Commandant.

I hope that the above will be of use. Thank you for your reply to my last message.

Best regards

David Tranter

See Brødrene

Jan. 21

Name: David

Looking for "Mark"


First off I want to congratulate you on an excellent website. It is so great to have wonderful resources like this available!

Secondly, I have a question. I noticed in the guestbook that there is an entry from Aug 31 2010 from somebody called Mark who's grandfather was on the Belgian merchant ship "Jean Jadot" when it was torpedoed in 1943. I was wondering if there is any way you could help me get in touch with him as my grandfather was on that ship as well when it was sunk. In fact he was a 1st officer on the ship.

Any help would be appreciated.

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards,


Address has been forwarded.

Jan. 20

From: Gaynor

Frederick C Lewis (Gudvang)

Is there anyone living that recalls my grandfather Frederick C Lewis donkeyman on the DS Gudvang. I would love to hear more about his capture, time in the Milag and escape attempts i have been told he was invloved in.

Here is my crew list for Gudvang - if anyone can help Gaynor, her address can be provided via my contact address at the bottom of this page.

Jan. 19

From: Murray Sherwin

MT Belinda in HX 289 Apr/May 1944

Ship was in column 13 ship 4. My frigate was PORT COLBORNE of the RCN. Ship had a doctor; May 10th 1944 within four days of Europe, Rescue ship with convoy received a call for help. Response rendered a young sailor very sick. 'RS Aboyne's crew took the man off with no hitches. Orders the 'Abonye' got - take him to the PORT COLBORNE which was ordered to stand-by to receive patient as above. Transfer via stretcher and a connecting line failed due to anti-submarine machinery's locating left no landing space. It was later accomplished using a sea boat. Not sure if it was ours or that of the rescue ship. PORT COLBORNE cared for the patient in its sick bay until the 12th May when we berthed in Derry around midnight local time. I think the patient was from Sheffield. Unable to confirm and do not have his name. Our doctor made a diagnosis but could not be certain of its correctness due to the lack of good diagnostic tools. The lad was OK when set ashore. End of story!

See my page about Belinda - here is Convoy HX 289.

Jan. 16

From: Doug Quaid


Interesting site, thanks.

Jan. 5

From: Jane Clark

HX 161 - Emma Alexander


I have used your excellent information on HX 161 in organizing my Father's WWII materials that we recently located. My Father, Fred Clark, was in the RCAF Squadron 407. Thank you for all of your efforts in compiling the information.

FYI, he travelled in HX 161 on the Emma Alexander. This convoy, from his diaries and war records, did leave Halifax on November 21 (boarded November 20) and arrived December 6 (disembarked December 7) in Liverpool. He has ship menus from the Emma Alexander that in handwriting indicate 167 passengers. So it may have been recorded as ballast but it was transporting personnel.

Best regards,
Jane Clark

Here's my page about Convoy HX 161

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