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Febr.- 2014:
After having worked on warsailors every day for almost 15 years, I am now taking a few months' break (suffering from a slight case of "burn-out"). All new information I receive is safely stored in a folder for future addition to the site.

Sept.- 2013:
Again, a lot of updates and corrections have been going on behind the scenes; just haven't taken the time to mention them here.
Currently working on broken links.

Jan.- 2013:
Added a transcript of statements given at the Maritime Declaration for Bjørnvik.
Several more pictures have been added.
Updated some more convoys, starting with HX 56


Dec. 16- 2012:
A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes; as the year comes to an end, updates (and corrections where necessary) for all ships have been completed and several pictures added.
Convoys HX 336, HX 337, HX 338, HX 339 have also been updated.
An incredible award was received this summer - pictures have been posted to this page.
Will go back to working on convoys again in the new year.

Febr. 11 -2012:
Updates (and corrections where necessary) for ships starting with U, V, W and some M's. (Ship Index).
Some convoys have been updated with information from A. Hague's database, starting with HX 332 (see Convoys section). More will be updated soon.
Several pictures have been added.

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