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Dec. 27 -2011:
Updates (and corrections where necessary) for ships starting with I, J, K and L are complete.

Nov. 2 -2011:
Updates (and corrections) for ships starting with F and G, and H (and a few I's) have now been completed (Ship Index).
A couple of random convoys have been updated with information from A. Hague's database, starting with HX 330 (see Convoys section).
Several pictures have been added and, of course, Guestbook messages.

Aug. 20 -2011:
Updates (and corrections, where necessary) for ships starting with D, E and most of F have now been completed.
On my page about Woolgar's survivors there's mention of a Mr. and Mrs. Deakes. From their grandson, I have since received Mrs. Deakes own, typed account of her time as a prisoner. My intention was to type this up and add it to the page, but due to lack of time, I ended up just adding links to the original jpg's - hopefully, these are legible. Scroll down to the last paragraph under the heading "6 months on Andaman Islands".
I've also added 2 more items to my Warsailor Stories section, one on this page, the other on this page.
Additionally, several Guestbook messages have been posted (these initially arrive in my E-mail in-box, so that I can make sure they are not spam, before I post them manually).

June 21-2011:
Updates for ships starting with B have been completed, as have most of the C's (that is, comparing Norwegian archive documents with A. Hague's Voyage Records, and making notes of errors and/or discrepancies). Will continue with D's.

May 1-2011:
Continuing updates and tidying up of pages for ships starting with B.
Several pictures have been added.

March 7-2011:
Have added crew list for Irania on my page about Ships in Sweden.
Also, several pictures have been added.
When I first started adding voyage records based on documents received from the National Archives of Norway, I did not compare the listings with voyages found in A. Hague's records, because I wanted to get the archive documents online as quickly as possible. Now that all of A. Hague's records have been added to the site, I've gone back to the beginning of the alphabet in order to compare each and every voyage in the archive docs with those found in Hague's records, making notes of any discrepancies, as well as corrections where necessary. So far, the A's have been completed.

Febr. 9-2011:
My pages about Toledo, Tonjer, Topdalsfjord, Torvanger, Tres, Tore Jarl, Torfinn Jarl, Toronto, Tricolor, Trondanger, Trondheim, Tropic Star, Troubadour and Tungsha have been updated.

Jan. 28-2011:
My pages about Tarn, Tatra, Temeraire, Tercero, Thalatta, Thelma, Thode Fagelund, Thorsheimer, Torrens, Tortugas, Thore Hafte, Thorshavet, Thyra, Thorshøvdi, Thorstrand, Tordenskjold, Thordis, Thorhild, Thorøy, Thorshammer, Thorshavn, Thorsholm, Thorshov, Tigre, Tijuca, Tiradentes and Titanian have been updated.

Jan. 9 -2011:
Updates have been made to my pages about Stirlingville, Storanger, Strinda, Suderholm, Strix, Suderøy, Storaas, Sveve - see Ship Index.
Also, several pictures have been added.

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