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If you're looking for the names of casualties on a specific Norwegian ship that was sunk, please go to that ship in the ship index.

In this section you will find:

(Picture on the left is of a memorial for Norwegian seamen located near the Norwegian Maritime Museum in Oslo. The sculpture is by Joseph Grimeland. Here are more pictures of misc. memorials)

See also these external sites:
Norwegian War Graves in Nova Scotia

Deaths of Norwegians registered by the minister of the Norwegian Seamen's Church in Liverpool between 1919 and 1954 (external link). This is linked to page 1; click "neste" to see other pages - the site is searchable, and the name of the ship is given in some cases. The text here is also in Norwegian (National Archives of Norway website), but I'd be glad to translate the various terms. The site also has Deaths registered at the Seamen's church in Buenos Aires, as well as Deaths in Durban 1923-1948, Deaths in Shanghai 1934-1947, etc. etc. All these links go the the first page of each section, clicking on "neste" will take you to the next page.

Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. operated ships - Many Norwegian (alphabetical list).

Royal Norwegian Navy Casualties 1940-45

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