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Statsraad Lemkuhl
Bergens Skoleskib, Bergen

(Norwegian Homefleet WW II)

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Received from Roger W. Jordan.

Tonnage: 1701 gt.

Built at Geestemunde in 1914. Previous name: Grossherzog Friedrich August.

Originally built as training ship for the German merchant marines.

 Pre War History: 
(found in "Krigsseileren", Issue No. 1 for 1981).

She was laid up in Germany all through WW I, then seized by the British after the war. On the initiative of Kristofer Lemkuhl, the managing director of Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab she was purchased by Norwegian interests in 1923 and in honour of K. Lemkuhls work for the training ships in Norway, and his efforts in the 1905 government the ship was named for him. In the years 1923-1939 she was used as a training ship from Apr. until the fall, but was in port at Bergen during the winter months.

My Warsailor Stories section has the story of someone who sailed on this ship, text in Norwegian only.

 WW II: 

Seized by the Germans in Apr.-1940 and used as depot vessel (Wästwards) together with Sørlandet and Christian Radich.


All 3 training ships were restored after WW II, and Statsraad Lemkuhl resumed her old role. She was purchased by shipowner Hilmar Reksten in 1967 (to prevent her from going to foreign owners after Bergen Skoleskip could no longer afford her) and up until 1972 she was used as a training ship again with financial support from him. Laid up at Vågen in Bergen from 1973 till 1978, still in use today.

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This was taken by Markus Berger in Bodrum, Turkey in Aug.-1992.

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