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D/S Pan

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Manager: August Kjerland & Co. A/S, Bergen
1309 gt

Delivered in June-1922 from Sölvesborgs Varvs & Rederi A/B, Sölvesborg as Pan to August Kjerland & Co. A/S, Bergen. 735 net, 2130 tdwt, 240.2' x 36.8' x 16.3', Triple exp. 161 nhp (by yard).

 WW II: 

According to A. Hague, Pan sailed in the U.K.-Norway Convoy ON 10 in Febr.-1940. At the end of that month she's listed in the original advance sailing telegram for Convoy HN 15 from Norway to the U.K., cargo of pulp for Grimsby, and in March A. Hague has included her in Convoy ON 22 to Norway - follow the links for more info, several Norwegian ships took part.

Bombed by German aircraft in Sildvikfjord on May 4-1940 and damaged, having been hit between hatch No. 3 and 4. (This ship ended up in Nortraship's register, even though she did not get out of Norway).

Lauritz Pettersen's "Hjemmeflåten - mellom venn og fiende" (The Home Fleet - Between Friend and Enemy, 1992) says that the 3 ships Pan, Blaafjeld I and Sekstant were near Salsbruket in Oppløygsfjord (Rørvik) loading wood pulp for England in Apr.-1940. Pan was done at the end of that month but was ordered to wait for the others so that they could leave in the same convoy, probably in connection with the allied evacuation of Namsos. Because of this there were quite a few English warships in the area. Sekstant and Blaafjeld I were finished loading the cargo on May 1, and moved into the fjord while awaiting sailing orders, Pan was in Sildvik and Blaafjeld I and Sekstant in Urshalsvåg, closely watched by German aircraft. On May 4 they attacked and Blaafjeld I and Sekstant became a total loss. The wreck of Pan remained for 2 years, before she was raised and repaired.


Sold in Dec.-1946 to Hilmar Reksten and renamed Fabian, registered owner Rederi A/S Fabian. From Febr.-1949 she sailed as Conny for A/S Schanches Rederi. Purchased by A/S Vestra (Richard Jansen), Haugesund from owners in Bergen in Nov.-1956 and renamed Marit Josephine. Later managed by Emil Jansen. Sold in Dec.-1959 to Brødrene Anda, Stavanger for breaking up, after having been laid up for 2 years.

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Blaafjeld - From a Norwegian website for divers. This website says Blaafjeld was attacked by Heinkel 115 bombers, under Sekstant it lists Ju 87 dive bombers.

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It appears Norway had previously had another vessel by the name Pan - see:
J. N. Sannes Rederier (external link) and scroll down to s/s Jane. The text there says the ship was built in Trondheim in 1903 and delivered to J. N. Sanne, Udevalla., 795 gt. Became E. B. Aaby's Pan in 1910, later managed by L. Stabell, Bergen. Sunk by U-18 on Oct. 26-1916 in the English Channel, voyage from Barry Docks to Caen with 945 tons coal. The crew was saved by the Norwegian steamer Zeuz. Also, D/S Sado had previously been named Pan.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "Våre gamle skip" by Leif M. Bjørkelund & E. H. Kongshavn - and misc. other as named within the above text.


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