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  • Letter No. 1
    Furious letter to the mail department for Nortraship in London, Aug. 24, 1945 because the crew had not received any mail.
  • Letter No. 2
    Letter to mom, autumn 1945. Norway was liberated on May 8, 1945. Mail services had been lacking during the war years and now he could finally tell his family where and how he had been. For several years they didn't even know if he was still alive.
  • Letter No. 3
    Letter to a lady who is going to Morocco on vacation in 1976. A little bit about Morocco, stories from his time in labor camps there, and details of an unsuccessful attempt at escape.
  • Letter No. 4
    Bitter application for a war pension 40 years after the war. More details from the labor camps, and memories from his time at school in war torn London in 1943-44 where bombs were wreaking continuous havoc, on the city as well as on his nerves. Also describes health problems as a direct result of his war experiences.
  • Letter No. 5
    Letter to an uncle in the U.S.A. whom he had never met. Written in Casablanca in March-1941, just a few months before Ringulv's crew was sent to the camps.
  • Letter No. 6
    Letter to his uncle, written in Safi, Morocco in May-1941. He tells his uncle a little bit about his family, and what he has been doing since he left Norway.
  • Letter No. 7
    Letter to a cousin in the U.S.A., whom he had never seen. Dated Casablanca, May 28-1941 while the S/S Ringulv was interned there, in other words only about a month before the crew was sent to the first labor camp.
  • Letter No. 8
    Another letter to his cousin, written on board the M/T Thorshov while in port in New York, Nov. 1944, before he goes out on yet another dangerous Atlantic crossing.
  • Letter No 9
    It's finally over! (he thinks). Baltimore, July-1945 to his cousin in the U.S.A.
  • Letter No. 9a
    Letter from Odd's mother Olava Holm to his cousin in the U.S.A.

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