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Tribute to Odd Holm

in "Stjørdalens Blad" - May 22, 1946
(local Hegra newspaper)

The sailor Odd Holm from Hegra, who sailed for Norway's cause on the world's oceans during the war returned to his home village last Wednesday night after eight and a half years abroad. Even though the news of his arrival became known only a few minutes before the train arrived, the railway station was filled up with friends and acquaintances who wanted to greet and pay tribute to the well travelled fighter. Even music and children with flags were not lacking, it was as if the jubilant joy of the liberation days of last May had been reawakened and was expressed all over again. When the train rolled up to the platform and Holm, tanned and handsome, stepped out Hegra Brass Band started playing "Ja vi elsker" (The Norwegian National Anthem), and while the mild evening breeze carried the tunes out across the village, people were yet again able to show their gratitude by paying warm homage to a faithful soldier. After the music had finished playing teacher Øverkil spoke a few words of welcome and expressed the joy of the village at having him safely back from his dangerous voyages. He now came straight from the whaling grounds of the Antarctic Ocean where he has served as a Radio Officer on a tanker since the liberation.

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