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Re: D/S Telnes
Posted by: anfinn.hopland (IP Logged)
Date: January 26, 2007 01:19PM

Anfinn Hopland, AH from now, signed on to the crew list of Telnes in Bergen around September/October 1939.

At a small place not far from Sundsvall they loaded up and left at midnight around December 10th. They followed the coastline and arrived at Trelleborg where AH lit the oven in the galley at 0500 (as a friendly favour for his pal Olaf Madsen). As he was doing this the captain, returning from a meeting on land, came into the galley and asked AH what he was doing there. Did he not know there was a war on and that his place was at the gangway? AH had to spend the rest of the night by the gangway, something he found odd as they
had not been to concerned with this before. He therefore asked the third mate about this, and was told that a German submarine had followed them all night from Sundsvall. In Trelleborg cargo was temporarily unloaded before being loaded back on in Malmo. AH assumed this made it possible to cross shallower waters and avoid the submarine. Officially the boat was then going to America, something AH found strange, a boat of 2550 tons would have
problems crossing the North-Atlantic in winter. England was more likely.

On the way to Bergen AH told the captain he would sign off there. The
captain replied that it would not be possible, in Bergen all they would do was bunker. AH said he would leave the ship in Bergen anyway, and the captain let him sign off there on December 15th.

On the 6th of January AH signed on to the ship Håkon Hauan, and a good way out into the North Sea, around the 7th, the captain came up on the bridge and asked AH if it was Telnes he had signed off from, which AH confirmed. "You have been lucky, it has gone down with every man".

Only on February 23rd did the newspaper Bergens Tidende report that Telnes had probably sunk.

AH have a number of unanswered questions regarding this:

1) Did Telnes really go to New York? In other words was Telnes
registered by the American authorities as called at New York around that time?

2) Why did the captain of Håkon Hauan know that Telnes was sunk as
early as January the 7th, and that all crew was lost?

3) According to Bergens Tidende Telnes was on its way to Belgium when
it went down. Why was it then north of the Orkney Islands? That is far off a natural route from New York to Belgium.

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