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Posted by: crolick (IP Logged)
Date: August 20, 2005 03:25PM

Hello Platon,

about Nikolaus - German records claims only one hit, killing two [source: war diary Seetransportstelle Bastia]. As far as I know no other units were damaged or sunk. Siebel ferries were stationed in the old harbour, while Nikolaus was sunk in the entrance to the new harbour. Kraft was damaged already in the morning air raid.

F 420 - yes, correct hour is 17:51. I can add after Groner only 10 deads

SF - yes, again you are quite right. The exact time is 18:15. The identity of the ferries is not certain. It can also be SF 172 and SF 180, but this is also not confirmed in German records.

From those 11 ferries already 6 are identified. Those are:
F 360, F 420, F 450, F 587, F 616 and F749


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