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Posted by: Platon Alexiades (IP Logged)
Date: August 20, 2005 11:49AM

Hello to all,

My information on DZIK is a bit different as to the time of attacks:
1632/21 September: 2 torpedoes fired at a merchant vessel of 3000 GRT (as yet identity and result uncertain).
1636/21 September: 2 torpedoes fired at a merchant vessel of 7000 GRT (NIKOLAUS hit twice and sunk, some barges and a tug were also sunk or damaged by the explosions).
1751/22 September: 1 torpedo fired at a Siebel Ferry (F 420, hit and sunk).
1815/22 September: 3 torpedoes fired at 2 Siebel ferries in convoy (11 ferries escorted by 3 R-boats) (both claimed sunk, F 172? F 176?).

Best regards,


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