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Re: Seattle
Posted by: Erling Skjold (IP Logged)
Date: December 03, 2001 11:40PM

I located the wreck in 1988, and have done "some" research regarding the Seattle.
The correct version:
Capt. Lehmann believed the Karlsruhe was British and tried to seek shelter in Kristiansand, he then became the first vessel in the German assult force into the Kristiansandsfjord. When he recognised his major blunder, he was able to seek shelter behind the island Kinn, and waited to the shelling ended. When he then tried to sail out to the sea again he was shelled by Odderöya fortress (East battery - 15 cm) and the Seattle was struck by a shell in the superstructure amidship. Possibly in the bow section too. The Odderöya believed the gray painted vessel was a German supply vessel, and opened fire. Due to stored gasoline barrels (for scuttling purposes) the Seattle was ablase in just minutes. She was then ancored near Flekkeröya, burning and abandoned by the crew. Later she drifted over the fjord and sank about April 13 1940. She was then still burning and a total wreck.
She was NOT sunk by Karlsruhe (or any other German ship
She was NOT shelled by the Norwegian torpedoboat Gyller
She was NOT bombed by German aircraft
She was NOT bombed by Norwegian aircraft
She was NOT beached

Her marvelous screw blade is located in the HAPAG-LLOYD office in Hamburg. The story of the Seattle is very, very interesting. Those who reads Norwegian can access the loss story in the Norwegian divers magazine "Dykking".

Best regards

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