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Re: old shipmate
Posted by: john fb davies (
Date: May 03, 2003 12:36PM

I sailed aboard the MT SKANDINAVIA 1942/1943 as Third Radio Officer, and support Orelikon gunner. I was fifteen and a half years old at the time. My Chief was Rolf Yule, Apart from Atlantic convoys we also participated in convoys to North Africa. Later we made several crossings of the Pacific Ocean from Aruba and San Pedro without any convoys or escort to Australia and Tasmania. I have several photographs of one Christmas occasion with the Norwegian Flag centred on the mess table and with the Captain and several Officers enjoying our dinner. As I remember the Chief Steward was named Adolf Hammer and The Chief Electrician Officer Vigo Hansen (of Denmark) RS I also served aboard the MT KALDFONN in the same capacity, my chief was named McDonald unfortunately I cannot remember the surname of the second Radio Officer other than his first name of Olaf. I believe the Captain was named Karlsen. We made a considerable amount of Atlantic crossings often to Scapa Flow from the United States. On one occasion we had a collision in the Clyde in dense fog resulting I believe in the loss of a British Submarine. I am now 76 years of age and wondered if by chance if any old ship mate remember either my name or the ships which I sailed in. Thank You.

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