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Re: Dielpi
Posted by: Platon Alexiades (IP Logged)
Date: June 23, 2008 08:25AM

Hello Jordi and Axel,

Actually this is more complicated than that:
Seven merchant ships were sailed from Suda bay simultaneously but not together:
Group 1: MANFREDO CAMPERIO, TERGESTEA escorted by destroyer DA RECCO, torpedo-boats CLIMENE and POLLUCE. The destroyer DA VERAZZANO also provided local escort leaving them on the evening of 27 August. MANFREDO CAMPERIO was torpedoed and sunk by HM submarine UMBRA on 27 August.
Group 2: DIELPI escorted by torpedo-boat CASCINO (this group sailed briefly with Group 1). DIELPI was bombed and sunk on 27 August.
Group 3: UNIONE escorted by destroyer FOLGORE. Local escort provided by torpedo-boat CALLIOPE leaving them on the evening of 27 August.
Group 4: Tanker GIORGIO and freighter GUALDI escorted by torpedo-boats SIRIO, PARTENOPE and ORSA. Local escort provided by torpedo-boat ORIONE leaving them on the evening of 27 August.
Group 5: ISTRIA escorted by torpedo-boat PEGASO. Local escort provided by the destroyer HERMES until 1900/27. ISTRIA was sunk at 2345/27, so that HERMES was not present at the time. Her survivors were brought back by the torpedo-boat PEGASO.

Best regards,


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