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"Mining" of Norwegian THORSHOLM
Posted by: Platon Alexiades (IP Logged)
Date: December 26, 2007 03:23PM

Hello Siri,

I have just come across the report of HMS BLACK SWAN (S.O. Ocean escort of convoy M.K.S.8) and this may clear up some confusion on THORSHOLM.
Convoys M.K.S.8 and G.U.S.4 sailed together from Gibraltar, THORSHOLM was initially in what was to become the M.K.S.8 convoy (2nd ship in the port column) but on 22 February the two convoys parted and THORSHOLM joined the G.U.S.4 convoy. However before the separation at 1010A THORSHOLM detonated a mine but was undamaged, position is reported as 027 - Cape Spartel - 5.4 miles. Seven minutes later HMCS WEYBURN hit one and a second explosion later seriously damaged HMS WIVERN who had come alongside. The mines were from U-118 as listed on your site, the fact that THORSHOLM was undamaged may reduce her score but I think it is still probably the most successful minefield laid by a submarine during the war (perhaps someone can suggest another?).

Happy New Year!


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