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Name Edvard Sigurd Olsson EIDUM
Birth 30 (31?) Oct 1879, Hegra
Death 20 Jan 1952, Narvik, Norway
Occupation Worked with the Railroads, weighing ore for ships/malmveier jernbanen
Father Ola Halvorson EVJEN (1848-1893)
Mother Gjertrud Eriksdotter SKJELSTADPLASS (Marken) (1857-)
1 Hanna Olsdotter HOLM
Birth 20 May 1876, Hegra
Death 17 Dec 1959, Narvik
Father Ola Markusson HEMRE (NEDRE) (1836-1915)
Mother Karen Jakobsdotter RØKKESAUNET (1841-1914)
Marriage 12 Mar 1898
Children Ole Johan (1897-1971)
Karen (1898-1979)
Olaf (1900-)
Gusta Marie (1903-1971)
Erling Modulf (1905-1979)
Lyder Georg (1907-)
Ågodt Synnøve (1909-)
Sverre Gerhard (1911-1973)
Baltzer (1912-1979)
Hilma Eugenie (1913-)
Notes for Edvard Sigurd Olsson EIDUM
Edvard had 2 sisters in California, one was Gudrun Earl, the other Anna? He also mentions a Bergljot in one letter, but it's possible they each have two names. He also had a sister Marie Skatvald in Ortley, S.D., and a brother, Iver who died in Galesburg, N.D. in 1944. His wife was Carrie Mae. All the above women were alive in Jan. 48 (Edvard's letter to John Holm dated Jan. 13-1948, the day John died).
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