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Name Anna Antonsdotter AAS
Birth 19 Jul 1853, Fosterchild at "Maliplassen" under Åtlo in 1865.
Death 8 Aug 1953
Father Anton Gudmundsen VIKA
Mother Lorentse Andreasdotter GRØNSVE (1830-1897)
Birth abt 1852, Skogsetve? (Frosta)
Death 1932
Occupation Farmer at Bergsve (Frosta), and carpenter
Father Jon Jonsson SKOGSETVE (1814-1882)
Mother Beret Iversdotter KARLSVE (1819-1902)
Marriage 28 Oct 1875
Children Bertha Julie Johansdotter (1875-1939)
Anna Olava Johansdotter (1877-1967)
John Johanson (1878-1905)
Tora Johansdotter (1881-1906)
Astrid Johansdotter (1884-1978)
Laura Johansdotter (1887-1941)
Gunnar Johanson (1889-)
Agnes Johansdotter (1892-1941)
Jorun Johansdotter (1897-)
Notes for Anna Antonsdotter AAS
Page 287/Frostaboka, Band I
Best men at wedding were Lars Viktil and Rasmus Orsand. Marriage was "lyst" (announced) at church on Oct. 3, 10 and 17 on behalf of the groom.
Anna Antonsdatter died at age 100 years and 19 days, still in good health and of clear mind. Was interviewed by the Trondheim newspaper "Adresseavisen" on her 100th birthday, OR, it may have been in "Menighetsbladet" for Frosta only. See
Arne Langås, who owns the new Frosta bygdebok says Anna was the oldest child of Lorentse Andreasdotter Grønsve, who had a total of 5 illegitimate children. Anna is listed as living at "Maliplassen" in 1865, probably as a foster child. This appears to have been a tenant farm under Åtlo. Her foster mother was Olava Andersdotter, born in Trondheim around 1807 (her full name may have been Anna Olava).
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