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Name Odd Konrad HOLM
Birth 16 Dec 1918, (twin to Anna) Hegra, Norway
Death Oct 1992, Stjørdal, Norway
Burial 10 Oct 1992, Hegra Cemetary, Norway
Occupation Seaman (in prison camps in Africa during WW II), Radio Officer
Education Radio Officer School, London 1944, 1st Mate ca. 1976
Father Conrad Lauritz Olsson HOLM (1881-1943)
Mother Anna Olava Johansdotter BERG (1877-1967)
Birth 30 Sep 1926, Strinda, Norway
Death 9 Aug 1988, Stavanger, Norway
Burial Aug 1988, Stavanger, Norway
Occupation Sailor, Radio Officer and housewife
Death Cause Cancer of the Cervix
Education Radio Officer School, Kristiansand
Father Andreas Wildner TORSVIK (1887-1947)
Mother Sigrid Kristine Martinsdotter HETLAND (1894-1968)
Marriage 4 May 1949, Vår Frue Kirke, Trondheim
Children Åse Siri (1948-)
2 Magna Olette GUTTORMSEN
Birth 13 Jun 1933, Talvik (Søvik, Søreidgrend-Fana)
Marriage 16 Oct 1957, Trondheim
Children Sigrun (1958-)
Conrad Lauritz (1959-)
Notes for Odd Konrad HOLM
Not sure of date for his death. He was found on 9 October 1993 in his apartment and had been dead for some time, probably since the 3rd or 4th. I was living in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, but visiting Alabama when I was told about his death. He was living in Stjørdal.

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