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This is the front cover of a "newspaper" that was distributed at Santo Tomás Internment Camp. It was sent to me by Espen F. Johansson, whose father, Wilfred Falch Johansson was a crew member of Ravnaas. My POW's page has the names of those who were interned. For more information about what happened to this ship and those among the crew who were not interned, please go to M/S Ravnaas. More documents from the camp can be found on the previous page.

On the bottom here it says:
Copyright 1945 Peter C. (possibly S.) Richards.
All rights reserved.

The first few words of the text along the side further up is hard to read, but it may have said:
This was distributed(?) in Santo Tomás
- then it looks like i.c.=Internment camp?. Underneath that it says "Liberation Day 1945, 2500 copies".

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