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M/T Thordis
Updated Sept. 3-2012

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Pictures areavailable on this external page (click in them to enlarge).

Owner: Tønnevolds Rederi A/S
Manager: O. T. Tønnevold & Co. A/S, Grimstad
8210 gt

Built by Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Dundee in 1931.
According to the external page that I've linked to above, she was towed to Gothenburg for fitting out by Götaverken A/B, delivered in Sept.-1931.

Captain was Aanon Peersen, later Johan Theodor Gundersen from 1942 (who had previously served as mate on Thordis for many years, having sailed with the company since 1922).
Chief engineer from 1935 until 1943 was Georg M. Larsen.
Petter Birkeland also served on this ship for a while (survived the attack on Thelma, also served on Thorhild).

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

  Voyage Record
From Apr.-1940 to Nov.-1945:  

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Errors may exist, and some voyages may be missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 Apr. 2 Pladjoe Balikpapan Independent
Apr. 8 Balikpapan Darwin Independent Page 1 gives arrival Apr. 13.
Apr. 14 Darwin Thursday Isl Apr. 19 Independent See also narrative below.
Apr. 19 Thursday Isl Brisbane Apr. 26 Independent
May 2 Brisbane Gladstone May 3 Independent
May 4 Gladstone Thursday Isl Independent
May 8 Thursday Isl Pladjoe May 19 Independent
May 21 Pladjoe Singapore May 23 Independent
May 27 Singapore Colombo June 4 Independent
June 9 Colombo Singapore June 17 Independent See also Page 1
June 23 Singapore Miri June 27 Independent
June 27 Miri Aomori July 9 Independent
July 11 Aomori Yokohama July 14* Independent *July16?
(see Page 1).
July 18 Yokohama Kobe Independent
July 22 Kobe Bumpyo July 26 Independent
July 27 Bumpyo Balikpapan Aug. 7 Independent
Aug. 10 Balikpapan Shanghai Aug. 19 Independent
Aug. 27 Shanghai Miri Sept. 7 Independent
Sept. 11 Miri Singapore Sept. 15 Independent
Sept. 16 Singapore Auckland Oct. 9 Independent Via Thursday Island
(Page 1).
Oct. 15 Auckland Sourabaya Nov. 1 Independent (Again, see Page 1)
Nov. 2 Sourabaya Singapore Nov. 5 Independent
Nov. 9 Sourabaya* Geraldton Nov. 17 Independent *From Singapore
Nov. 19 Geraldton Fremantle* Nov. 20 Independent *Page 1 says Melbourne.
Nov. 24 Fremantle Pladjoe Dec. 2 Independent See Page 1
Dec. 4 Pladjoe Singapore Dec. 6 Independent
Dec. 11 Singapore Miri Independent
Dec. 18 Miri Wellington Jan. 6-1941 Independent (See also Page 1)
1941 Jan. 8 Wellington Dunedin Jan. 9 Independent Notional dates
Jan. 14 Dunedin Pladjoe Febr. 4 Independent Via Palembang
(Page 1).
Febr. 6 Pladjoe Singapore Febr. 9 Independent
Febr. 13 Singapore Soesoe Febr. 15 Independent
Febr. 16 Soesoe Singapore Febr. 18 Independent
Febr. 19 Singapore Brisbane March 6 Independent See also Page 2
March 7 Brisbane Auckland March 13 Independent
March 14 Auckland Wellington March 17 Independent
March 22 Wellington Lyttleton Sept. 23* Independent *Should be March 23.
Missing voyage, Page 2
Apr. 19 Palembang Singapore Apr. 21 Independent Notional sailing date
Apr. 23 Singapore Soesoe Independent
Apr. 28 Soesoe Singapore Apr. 29 Independent
May 3 Singapore Soesoe Independent
May 7 Soesoe Singapore May 9 Independent Left May 12, put back
(Page 2)
May 16 Singapore Macassar May 28 Independent Via Miri
(Page 2)
May 29 Macassar Miri Independent See Page 2
May 30 Miri Thursday Isl June 4 Independent
June 5 Thursday Isl Wellington June 18 Independent
June 25 Wellington Palembang July 14 Independent
July 15 Palembang Singapore July 17 Independent
Aug. 28 Singapore Singapore Sept. 2 Independent A. Hague says:
Voyage data unknown
(Page 2 indicates Pladjoe).
Sept. 7 Singapore Sydney, N.S.W. Sept. 25 Independent
Sept. 28 Sydney, N.S.W. Newcastle, N.S.W. Sept. 28 Independent
Sept. 30 Newcastle, N.S.W. Gladstone Oct. 4 Independent
Oct. 5 Gladstone Pladjoe Oct. 17 Independent
Oct. 19 Pladjoe Singapore Oct. 21 Independent Notional sailing date
Oct. 23 Singapore Soesoe Oct. 25 Independent
Oct. 26 Soesoe Singapore Oct. 28 Independent
Nov. 3 Singapore Aden Nov. 18 Independent
Nov. 21 Aden Suez Nov. 28 Independent Arrived Port Said Dec. 4
(Page 3).
Dec. 10 Port Said Alexandria Dec. 11 Independent
Dec. 17 Alexandria Haifa Dec. 19 Independent
Dec. 24 Haifa Beirut Dec. 25 Independent See also narrative below
1942 Jan. 10 Beirut Port Said Jan. 11 Independent
Jan. 18 Suez Colombo Febr. 1 Independent
Febr. 8 Colombo Rangoon Febr. 16 Escorted Unescorted after Febr. 9.
Febr. 19 Rangoon Madras Febr. 25 Independent
March 6 Madras Abadan March 19 Independent
March 21 Abadan Colombo Apr. 2 Independent
* March 22 Devonport, Tasmania Melbourne March 23 Independent
*The above entry has ended up in the wrong place - it belongs under 1943 and has been inserted there.
Apr. 3 Colombo Madras Apr. 6 Independent
Apr. 16 Madras Colombo Apr. 19 Independent Notional sailing date
Apr. 22 Colombo Cochin Apr. 28 Independent A. Hague says:
Grounded on Apr. 22,
refloated, damaged
Apr. 30 Cochin Bombay May 3 Independent A. Hague says:
To repair grounding damage
Sept. 29 Bombay Abadan Oct. 8 BP 56A Convoy available at BP 56A
(external link)
Oct. 12 Abadan Bandar Abbas Independent
Oct. 15 Bandar Abbas Aden Oct. 23 PA 6 Convoy available at PA 6
(external link)
Oct. 24 Aden Suez Nov. 2 Independent
Nov. 7 Suez Port Sudan Nov. 11 Independent
Nov. 16 Port Sudan Aden Nov. 20 Independent
Nov. 20 Aden Bandar Abbas Nov. 27 AP 7 Convoy available at AP convoys
(external link)
Stop at Bandar Abbas not mentioned, Page 3
Nov. 27 Bandar Abbas Abadan Nov. 30 Independent
Dec. 4 Abadan Bandar Abbas Independent
Dec. 10 Bandar Abbas Bombay Dec. 16 PB 16 Convoy available at PB 16
(external link)
1943 Jan. 27 Bombay Bandar Abbas Febr. 1 BP 67 Convoy available at BP 67
(external link)
Stop at Bandar Abbas not mentioned, Page 3
Febr. 1 Bandar Abbas Abadan Febr. 3 Independent
Febr. 9 Abadan Bandar Abbas Independent
Febr. 11 Bandar Abbas PB 26 For Melbourne.
Detached Febr. 16.
Convoy available at PB 26
(external link)
Febr. 16 Detached from PB 26 Portland, Vic March 15 Independent
March 18 Portland, Vic Devonport, Tasmania March 20 Independent
* March 22 Devonport, Tasmania Melbourne March 23 Independent
*Taken from 1942 entries above - See also Page 3.
March 30 Melbourne Talara Apr. 28 Independent
Apr. 30 Talara Buenaventura May 5 Independent Notional sailing date
May 8 Buenaventura Balboa May 10 Independent
May 18 Cristobal Curacao May 22 Independent
May 23 Curacao Trinidad May 26 GAT 63 Curacao to Trinidad.
Convoy available at GAT convoys
(external link)
June 3 Trinidad Gitmo June 8 TAG 64 Convoy available at TAG convoys
(external link)
June 8 Gitmo New York City June 16 GN 64 Convoy available at GN convoys
(external link)
1944 Sept. 16 New York City Portland Oct. 2 HX 309
Oct. 5 Portland Southampton Oct. 6 Left S'hampton Oct. 8
(Page 4).
Oct. 9 Solent Southend Oct. 10 FTC 33A Convoy available at FTC convoys
(external link - incomplete)
Oct. 11 Southend Tyne Oct. 12 FN 1507 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link - incomplete)
Nov. 17 Tyne Southend Nov. 19 FS 1639 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link - incomplete)
Nov. 20 Southend St Helens Roads Nov. 21 TMC 42 Convoy available at TMC 42
(external link - incomplete)
Nov. 21 Solent Falmouth Nov. 22 EBF 43 At Falmouth until Oct. 27-1945.
Convoy available at EBF 43
(external link)
1945 Oct. 27 Falmouth Southend Oct. 29 Independent
Nov. 1 London Kristiansand Nov. 19 Independent Voyage data unknown
Nov. 20 Kristiansand Oslo Nov. 22 Independent

 WW II: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above.

As will be seen when going to Page 1 of the archive documents, Thordis was on her way from Balik Papan to Port Darwin when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940. After the German invasion it was not uncommon for Norwegian ships to be treated with distrust and suspicion, resulting in quite a few of them being forced into port by British war ships, and even put under armed guard. This also happened to Thordis on Apr. 15 when she was escorted from Darwin to Thursday Island, together with M/T Havbør. They were subsequently joined by Anders Jahre and Høegh Giant, before continuing to Brisbane on Apr. 19.

Her 1941 voyages also start on Page 1 and continue on Page 2 (it'll be noticed that she had quite a long stay in Singapore that summer).

She was at Haifa on Christmas Eve 1941, along with several other ships, among them the Norwegian M/T Vilja and M/T Athene, when the tanker Phenix suddenly blew up while maneuvering out from the harbour (from Page 3 of the archive documents, we learn that Thordis had arrived Haifa from Alexandria on Dec. 19). Most of the ships managed to get clear of the burning and sinking ship (though Vilja had been damaged). Thordis was sent to Beirut, where she arrived Dec. 25. It's believed that the cause of the explosion might have been similar to what had happened at Alexandria a few days earlier - see M/T Sagona.

According to A. Hague's record above, Thordis ran aground on Apr. 22-1942, when on her way from Colombo to Cochin. She was refloated and arrived Cochin on Apr. 28, continuing to Bombay for repairs 2 days later, with arrival May 3, subsequently spending a long time there; departure is given as Sept. 29, when she proceeded to Abadan - again, see Page 3. As can be seen, she also had a long stay in Bombay at the end of that year. Her 1943 voyages also start on this document (convoy information in Voyage Record above), while the rest are shown on Page 4 and it'll be noticed that there's another long gap in her voyages that year. She had arrived New York from Trinidad on June 16-1943 and did not leave again until Sept. 16-1944, joining Convoy HX 309, for which Laurits Swenson served as the Vice Commodore's ship (several Norwegian ships took part; follow the link for more details). The reason for this long stay in New York is not known. Thordis arrived Southampton, via Portland, on Oct. 6, subsequently spending over a month at Tyne. She later remained in Falmouth for almost a year; again, reason not known.

From Page 4, we learn that she went home to Norway in Nov.-1945.


According to this external page, she was sold in Nov.-1951 to Sameiet Vaagan (Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab), Stokmarknes and renamed Vaagan. Sold in May-1955 to British Iron & Steel Co. (BISCO). Allocated to Thos. W. Ward Ltd. for breaking up, arriving Inverkating, Scotland on June 22-1955.

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Other ships named Thordis: Wilh. Wilhelmsen had a Thordis, built in Sunderland 1899, 3736 gt - lost March 4-1906 near Port Stevens, N. S. W. Another Thordis was built for the company in 1906 at Fevik, 1749 gt, lost July 5-1911, voyage Petropavlovsk-Vladivostok. Tønnevold also previously had a Thordis, built in Oakland, California 1917, she had Norwegian officers and a Chinese crew. Sold (to Oslo) in 1925 and renamed Hampholm. See also this posting to's forum.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, Roger W. Jordan, "Olaf Tønnevold & Sønner 1878-1978" Birger Dannevig - and misc.


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