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D/S Spind
Updated Dec. 4-2010

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Crew List has a picture of Spind on this page (external link).
Another picture is available on this external page (click in it to enlarge).

Owner: A/S Salvesen
Manager: Jacob Salvesen, Farsund
2129 gt, 1279 net, 3540 tdwt
Dimensions: 285' x 43.4' x 18.9'.
Machinery: Tripple exp. (Richardsons, Westgarth & Co. Ltd., Sunderland), 230 nhp.
Signal Letters: LCON

Delivered from S. P. Austin & Sons Ltd., Sunderland (386) in Apr.-1917 as Haslemere to The Shipping Controller (Furness, Withy & Co. Ltd.), London. Taken over in Jan.-1920 by A/S Glittre (Fearnley & Eger), Oslo (for whom she had probably originally been launched) and renamed Homledal. Sold in Aug.-1935 to A/S Salvesen (Jacob Salvesen), Farsund and renamed Spind.

Captain: Johannes Berg Jonassen.

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Her voyages are listed on this original document received from the National Archives of Norway.

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

  Voyage Record
From May-1940 to Aug.-1941:  

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 May 11 Philadelphia Galveston May 19 Independent Some earlier voyages:
Archive document
May 21 Galveston Campbellton, NB June 5 Independent A. Hague says:
"Via Corpus Christi"
July 11 Campbellton, NB* New York City July 19 Independent *Compare w/archive document
Oct. 17 New York City Newcastle, NB Oct. 24 Independent
Nov. 3 Newcastle, NB Sydney, C.B. Nov. 5 Independent See also narrative below
Dec. 8 Sydney, C.B. Halifax Dec. 12 SC 15 Returned
Dec. 15 Halifax Clyde Dec. 31 SC 16
1941 Jan. 13 Clyde Methil Jan. 17 WN 69 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Jan. 23 Methil Tyne Jan. 24 FS 394 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
Jan. 26 Tyne Hull Jan. 28 FS 396 Convoy available at link above
(left Hull March 17 - see archive document)
March 18 Humber Blyth March 19 FN 433 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
March 27 Blyth Methil March 28 FN 443 Convoy available at link above
March 29 Methil EN 93/1 For Iceland.
A. Hague says:
Detached independent March 31.
Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
March 31 Detached from EN 93 Reykjavik Apr. 3 Independent
Apr. 11 Reykjavik Halifax Apr. 24 Independent
May 16 Halifax Halifax May 22* HX 127 Returned.
*Archive doc gives arrival May 20.
See also narrative below.
June 1 Halifax Sharpness June 21 HX 130
July 1 Sharpness Barry July 1 Independent
Aug. 8 Barry Milford Haven Aug. 9 Independent
Aug. 12 Milford Haven OG 71 Arrived Belfast Lough, Aug. 14,
left same day.
Sunk - See "Final Fate" below

 Some Convoy Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the document received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above. Follow the convoy links provided for more info; several Norwegian ships took part.

Judging from the information found on the archive document, Spind was on her way from New Orleans and Cuba to Philadelphia when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940. She stopped at Key West on Apr. 12, later arriving Philadelphia on the 16th, remaining there until May 11. It'll also be noticed that she spent a long time in New York that year. She had arrived there on July 19 and departure is given as Oct. 18, when she proceeded to Newcastle, N.B.

Spind had arrived Sydney, C.B. from Newcastle, N.B. on Nov. 5-1940 and with a cargo of lumber for London, she was scheduled for the slow Sydney (C.B.)-U.K. Convoy SC 11 on Nov. 9, in which several ships were sunk, including the Norwegian Bruse and Salonica (follow the links for details), but she did not sail. She's also crossed out on the original documents for SC 12 (Nov. 13), SC 13 (Nov. 22) and SC 14 (Nov. 30), as well as for SC 15, which left Sydney, C.B. on Dec. 8. It looks like she did join the latter convoy, but put back to Halifax on Dec. 12 (again, see the archive document), then finally got away with SC 16 from there on Dec. 15. Her destination is now given as Hull, where she later arrived, via Clyde, Methil and Tyne, on Jan. 28-1941, remaining there for several weeks.

As can be seen when going back to the archive document, she returned to Halifax from Reykjavik in Apr.-1941; according to A. Hague, this voyage was made independently. She arrived Halifax on Apr. 24, and with a cargo of lumber for Sharpness, she joined Convoy HX 127 from there on May 16, but returned to port on the 20th. There's a note on the original document for this convoy saying she required repairs to her degaussing. She was scheduled for HX 129 a week later, but instead joined Convoy HX 130 on June 1 and arrived Sharpness on June 21. See also the cruising order/Commodore's notes.

From Sharpness, Spind later proceeded to Barry, where she spent over a month.

 Final Fate - 1941: 

Spind had arrived Milford Haven from Barry with a cargo of coal, coke and engine parts on Aug. 9-1941, then left Milford Haven for Lisbon on Aug. 12, joining Convoy OG 71. Off Lisbon Spind was detached(?*) from the convoy in order to go the rest of the way to her destination on her own, and was alone in position 40 43N 11 39W in the morning of Aug. 23 when she was torpedoed by U-564 (Suhren) and later that morning by U-552 (Topp). According to "Nortraships flåte" both missed, which disagrees with Jürgen Rohwer**. U-552 then started shelling her, and the crew had to take cover. A log extract states that the U-boat used machine guns, heavy guns and fire bombs. Spind's gun crew was able to fire 2 shots at the U-boat before her entire complement managed to get into the lifeboats, 20 minutes after the attack had commenced - some had to jump overboard and were later picked up. The 2nd mate was shot and severely injured while lowering himself down to the starboard boat by sliding down the falls. When they left, the ship was on fire in the accommodations amidships from the fire bombs, as was the bunker coal in the 'tween deck.

10 minutes later the British destroyer HMS Boreas (one of the escorts for OG 71) approached the lifeboats at full speed and told them they would be picked up later - the U-boat withdrew at this time. *The fact that this destroyer arrived so quickly makes me wonder if the details above saying that Spind was detached from the convoy is entirely correct? (source: "Nortraships flåte"). HMS Boreas attempted to extinguish the fire on Spind and searched for the U-boat before picking up her crew. The 2nd mate was given medical attention by the doctor on board. Another attempt was made to extinguish the fire, but she was seemingly beyond saving, the midships portion having burnt out and the forward hold on fire as well, so after having consulted with the captain and the 1st engineer, the destroyer sank her with gunfire so as to prevent her from being a danger to other shipping (she was gone within 5 minutes). This disagrees with J. Rohwer's info which says she was sunk by the U-boat.

** Jürgen Rohwer says Spind was torpedoed and damaged by U-564 at 03:35 (German time). In a footnote he says U-564 fired four single torpedoes and heard one definite and one possible detonation. According to him Spind was sunk 3 hours later by a coup de grâce and gunfire from U-552. He agrees with the position and date given above, as does Roger W. Jordan. The latter also says she was torpedoed by U-564 and U-552, shelled and sunk. I posted a query to the forum (external link) in the hopes of clarifying this, and here's what Roland Berr could tell me:

06.48 h U-552 fired a spread of two torpedoes which missed Spind
06.55 h U-552 started shelling Spind, firing 20 rounds of 8,8 and 250 rounds of 2cm
07.15 h U-552 dived because of artillery fire (from Spind? Roland found a note saying that it came from an escort)
08.20 h U-552 was attacked with depth charges but managed to escape

BdU wrote in the summary for this patrol that U-552 tried to fire a coup de grâce as the destroyer appeared, but this torpedo missed Spind as well.

See also's account on the attack on Spind (external link).

The crew was landed in Gibraltar on Aug. 25-1941 where accommodation had been arranged for them by the Norwegian Consul, and where the 2nd mate was immediately admitted to Colonial Hospital. His condition was pronounced serious as he had received a bullet in his lung as well as other injuries.

 Some statements from the inquiry: 
While in Gibraltar a maritime inquiry was held on Aug. 31 with the captain, the 1st mate, the 1st engineer and the boatswain attending. None of them mentioned torpedoes, only the shelling, and they all say she was sunk by the destroyer.

The 1st mate, who was on the bridge at the time of attack, stated that he had heard the motor of the U-boat on the surface on the starboard side prior to the attack at 06:30. When the shelling started he gave orders for the engines to be stopped, before running to the port lifeboat carrying the ship's log book, then returned to the radio room only to find it smashed. He subsequently waited for the gun fire to stop so that the port lifeboat could be launched, and with the assistance of the boatswain he was able to put it on the water. The boat was pushed off, whereupon the U-boat came around from the starboard side and proceeded to fire on the lifeboat (?) with a machine gun.

The 1st engineer stated that he was lying on the sofa in his cabin when a shell came through the iron plate of the deck house, then went through the bulkhead and into the 2nd engineer's cabin where it exploded. Fortunately, the 2nd engineer was on watch at the time. Taking cover the best he could, the 1st engineer managed to join the others in the port boat which was being launched when he came out on deck. This boat also picked up 6 or 7 crew members from the water (a total of 18 men in this boat). Like the 1st mate, he too claims that the U-boat came around to the port side and started firing at the lifeboat, so that they had to lay flat in the boat while the bullets passed right over them (the boatswain concurs - it's more likely that the U-boat was firing at the ship, not the lifeboat). He adds that they subsequently joined the other lifeboat which was leaking badly, having been holed by bullets.

The Norwegian destroyer Bath was torpedoed by U-204 (Kell) on Aug. 19, after having escorted Convoy OG 71. My page Survivors / Fatalities has the names of her Norwegian casualties. Again, see also my page about OG 71. The external website that I've linked to at the end of this page also has information on this convoy, including the attack on Bath.

For info, U-564 was also responsible for the attacks on Kongsgaard and Vardaas, while U-552 sank Barbro, Lancing and Slemdal - follow the links for further dates and info.

Crew List - No casualties:
Boatswain Engebretsen had joined Spind in London on June 25-1941.
Among those in the starboard lifeboat with the injured 2nd mate were the steward, the cook and a stoker.
*1st Engineer Karl Halvorsen died when he was a passenger on D/S Varangberg which was sunk the following month.
** Stoker Gunvald Olsen died when Siremalm was sunk in the same convoy as Varangberg, HG 73 (follow the links for details).
The captain had
previously served 2nd mate of Polyana. Following the loss of Spind, he joined Primo as captain, later Brønnøy as 1st mate - see this external page).
This external page lists the 2nd mate as Eivind Kvannes. He had also previously served on Polyana (as boatswain). He must have recovered from his injuries, because following the loss of Spind, he joined Sandar, later Ragnhild, Grey County and Hjalmar Wessel.

Johannes Berg Jonassen
1st Mate
Erling Johannesen
2nd Mate
Eivind Olsen
Sigurd Engebretsen
Able Seaman
Alf Olsen Tondal(?)
Able Seaman
Ole Tangen
Able Seaman
Einar Knutsen
Able Seaman
Nils Nilsen
Able Seaman
Jesus Cabalero
Ordinary Seaman
Edward Gougure*
Deck Boy
Walter Decosle
1st Engineer
Karl Halvorsen*
2nd Engineer
Severin Aasheim
3rd Engineer
Rolf Nilsen
Johan Sjødin
Gunvald Olsen**
Gustav Gundersen
Karl Olman
Emil Bruun
Karl J. Svendsen
Otto Larsen
Hjalmar Tønnesen
Mathias Mathiassen
Mess Boy
Frants van Roten
Robert McLennand
*See this Guestbook message and this Forum message

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Other ships by this name: Jacob Salvesen also lost a ship by this name during WW I, originally built in 1877 as Amanda for owners in Hartlepool, 1174 gt. Sailed as Eva for A/S Eva (Frithjof Ohlsen), Fredriksværn from 1893, then under the same name for Th. Brøvigs Rederi (C. G. Brøvig), Farsund from 1901. Renamed Spind in 1915 for Jacob Salvesen, Farsund, sunk by UC 69 on June 19-1917, voyage Tyne-Livorno with coke. A. Salvesen, Farsund had a ship by this name from 1919, see Tora Elise. See also pre war information for D/S Regin, which had previously sailed as Jacob Salvesen's Spind from 1922. Additionally, Jacob Salvesen's 5th ship by this name had originally been delivered in 1943 as Tully Crosby to The United States War Shipping Administration, 1791 gt., became British Baltic Jeep that same year, then Alexander T in 1949. Jacob Salvesen took over in 1951 and named her Spind. Later names: Heilo 1953 (Oslo owners), Capetan Vassilis 1956 (Costa Rica), Christina 1959 (Beirut), Capetan Vassilis again in 1961. Lost in Apr.-1965, following a fire in her cargo, voyage Madras-Rotterdam.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig", Volume II, Norwegian Maritime Museum, and misc. (ref. My sources).


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