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D/S Marques de Estella

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Manager: H. Holter, Oslo
158 gt.

From Tore Setså, Norway, who has collected information on Nortraship ships for a very long time, I've received the following:
Delivered from Akers mek. Verksted, Oslo in Sept.-1911 as whale catcher Flamme to Lars Christensen, Sandefjord. Sold to Niels Bugge, Tønsberg that same year. Sold in 1912 to Freng y Cia. (Lars Christensen), registered in Bahia, renamed Fogo. Sold in 1913 to A/S Minerva (Lars Christensen), Sandefjord. Sold in 1914 to A/S Hvalen (Niels Bugge), Tønsberg. Sold in 1925 to A/S Congo (Søren J. Christensen), Sandefjord. Taken over by Søren J. Christensen, Sandefjord in Oct.-1928, then sold in Dec. that same year to Soc. Industria Maritima S.A. Tatuan/Rio Martin and renamed Marques de Estella. Taken over by Søren J. Christensen, Sandefjord in 1929. Sold in 1936 to A/S Estrella (H. Holter*), Oslo. Ulf W. Gustavsen, Norway has told me that she was hired out in 1936 to H/F Kopur, Iceland and registered in Reykjavik.

*"Nortraships flåte" gives Johan Didrichsen as manager for this ship during the war, but this name is not mentioned at all in Tore's other sources.

 WW II: 

Hired by Royal Navy from July 27-1942 for use as salvage vessel.

Together with Vinland, she's listed in the Iceland-U.K. Convoy RU 116 in Apr.-1944. This voyage is confirmed by a document received from the National Archives of Norway, which gives her departure Reykjavik as Apr. 19, arrival Loch Ewe Apr. 22.


Returned to owner on Apr. 18-1946. Sold that same year to Lars Hufthammer, Austevoll, registered in Haugesund. Converted to fishing vessel (motor) in1948, renamed Sundsholm, 169 gt. Sold in July-1948 to Skips- A/S Strønøy, AB Bergenhus Canning Co., Bergen, renamed Strønøy. Sold in June-1952 to A/S Øyulf (Einar Hareide), Hareide, registered in Ålesund, renamed Øyulf (M-24-HD). Lengthened in 1954 at Hjørungavaag Verksted, 196 gt. Became a seiner in the middle of the 1960's. Taken over by Johan E. Hareide. Sold in 1973 to Einar Nerland, Kvalsvikøy, registered in Ålesund, renamed Nerland Jr. (M-99-HØ). Extensively damaged by fire on Nov. 11-1977 while at Fosnavåg. Subsequently condemned.

Related external link:
Stavern Memorial commemoration - Able Seaman Søren Leerstang is commemorated. According to this page, the ship (spelt Marquis Estella) was sunk near Reykjavik on Sept. 11/12-1942. 1 Norwegian was killed. Perhaps she was sunk in Iceland, but later raised and repaired?

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The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, and misc. (ref. My sources).


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