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D/S Manx

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Manager: T. Wilhelms, Fredrikstad
1343 gt, 773 net, 2150 tdwt

Delivered in Oct.-1916 from Van der Giessen & Zonen, Krimpen, The Netherlands as Anders to A/S F. Heredia (N. Røgenæs), Haugesund. 239.1' x 36.2' x 16.4', triple expansion 175 nhp (Alblasserdamche Maschf.). Requisitioned by The Shipping Controller, London, returned to owner in 1919. Sold to T. Wilhelms, Fredrikstad in 1936 and renamed Manx in 1937.

 Final Fate - 1940 (Norway still neutral): 

According to the Memorial for Seamen in Stavern, Norway which I've linked to below, Manx was on a voyage from West Hartlepool to Drammen with a cargo of coal when she struck a mine in the North Sea on Jan. 9-1940 and sank. 19 were on board, 8 managed to grab hold of an upturned lifeboat, but were scantily clad and in the stormy weather 4 of them gave up. After 8 hours the remaining 4 were rescued by a Norwegian ship, while 2 were rescued from a raft. 13 died. Tore Setsaa, Norway has told me that the ship that rescued the survivors was Leka, the 2 on the raft were picked up by D/S Iris.

Jürgen Rohwer does not agree with the mine theory, but says Manx was torpedoed by U-19 (Schepke) on Jan. 9-1940, in position 58 30N 01 33W. Charles Hocking offers the location "off Kinnaird Head" agreeing with the mine and date, while "Våre gamle skip" lists the date as Jan. 10, simply saying that an explosion occurred on board.

The following men are commemorated at the Memorial for Seamen, Stavern:
Able Seaman Einar Andersen, Mess Boy Alf Oskar Anderson, Stoker Karsten Alfred Arvesen, Engineer Einar Leon Evensen, Stoker Karl August Hansen, Able Seaman Andreas Johansen, Stewad Halfdan Sverre Lier, Cook Arthur Emanuel Olsen, 2nd Engineer Johan Rudolf Olsen, Stoker Asbjørn Sandersen, Trimmer Gunnar Strømnes, Donkeyman Karl Wiktor Widell and Mate Trygve Bernharrt Ørebæk.

See also Deodata, Pluto and Gudveig.

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The company had another ship by this name post war - sailed as Erica during the war.

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