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D/S Magnhild
Updated Dec. 10-2008

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Crew List

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Owner: Dampsk. A/S Magnhild
Manager: M. Clausen, Haugesund
1383 gt, 881 net, 1800 tdwt.
Dimensions: 231.7' x 34.2' x 19.9'
Signal Letters: LETV

Delivered in Apr.-1903 as Santiago from Fredriksstad mek. Verksted, Fredrikstad, Norway to D/S A/S Otto Thoresen Linje, Christiania. Owned by A/S Bonheur (Fred. Olsen & Co.) from 1921, then sold in 1936 to D/S A/S Magnhild (M. Clausen), Haugesund and renamed Magnhild.

Captain: Gabriel Hansen (from Apr.-1942).

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

 Misc. WW II: 

A French visitor to my website has told me that Magnhild was stopped for examination in the Caribbean sea by French auxiliary patrol boat Gouverneur Mouttet on Apr. 12-1940 (just a few days after the German invasion of Norway) and ordered to Fort-de-France (French West Indies). Released on Apr. 23 provided complying with orders from London-based operating office. See also Page 1.

Her 1941 voyages start on Page 2, and it'll be noticed that she appears to have spent quite a long time in New York, where she had arrived from Halifax on March 13; departure is given as May 21.

In March-1942 she's listed, together with the Norwegian Aun, Brimanger and Ingertre, in Convoy XB 1, which left Halifax on March 18 and arrived Boston on the 20th. However, it looks like Magnhild was on a voyage to Argentia, N.F. at that time, where she arrived on March 21, according to Page 3. The following month, we find her in Convoy XB 8, departing Halifax on Apr. 9, arriving Boston on the 11th, but Magnhild was bound for New York, with arrival there on Apr. 12. Polarland, Ravnefjell and Solitaire are also listed - ref. external links below. (More details on all the other Norwegian ships mentioned here can be found with the help of the alphabet index at the end of this page, or go to the Master Ship Index).

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 Final Fate - 1942: 

Magnhild was on a voyage from Halifax to Argentia, N. F. with general cargo when she in the evening of May 5-1942 ran aground at Virgin Rock, Placentia Bay in heavy fog. She had departed Halifax on May 2 in convoy, but had left the convoy that morning. Attempts were made to get her refloated, but her foreship was flooded, and as she developed an increasing list to port, fearing she would capsize, she was abandoned in 2 lifeboats, which were tied to the ship with two long ropes. In the course of the night the 1st mate and some others went back on board several times to investigate. Eventually, the port rail was deep in the water and all the port cabins full of water. The engine room, however, appeared to be dry, while the fire room was flooded.

They remained tied to the ship until daylight, at which time it was decided to send the motorboat to shore in order to obtain assistance. It reached Verde Pt. Light where they were able to telephone the naval station in Argentia, which promised to send help immediately. The motorboat then returned to the ship; by that time the fog had lifted. Later that morning (May 6) a naval vessel was spotted, and being cold and exhausted they untied themselves from the ship and went to meet it. One of the boats with 15 men remained with the naval vessel, while the motorboat with 5 of Magnhild's crew and 3 from the naval vessel returned to Magnhild. After about half an hour they were all ordered back on board the rescuing ship. In the course of the day it was decided to attempt to save as much as possible of Magnhild's cargo. The 1st mate was asked to be present; he left the ship when the 1st boat went into port that evening.

Magnhild was later declared a total loss (May 23).

Maritime hearings were held in St. John's, N. F. on May 15-1942. The captain, the 1st mate (since Apr.-1942), Able Seaman Kvitanes (helmsman - had been on board since May-1941), and the 1st Engineer (since Febr.-1939) appeared.

Crew List - No casualties:

Gabriel Hansen
1st Mate
Jaampa Krog
2nd Mate
Ellef Ellefsen
Alexander Mokler
Able Seaman
Sevald Kvitanes
Able Seaman
Johan Holgersen
Able Seaman
Kolbein Kallevik
Able Seaman
Ibert Pettersen
Able Seaman
Edvin Jensen
Able Seaman
Alexander Perechneff
1st Engineer
Johan Alexius Bastholm
2nd Engineer
Evald Steen
3rd Engineer
Andreas Larsen
Knut Sigervåg
Karl Alfredsen
Thorvald Pettersen
Johannes Sæter
Arnulf Samuelsen
Johannes Øvrebø
Mess Boy
Paul Andreassen

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Other Ships by the name Magnhild:
"Våre gamle skip" also lists the company's first ship by the name Magnhild, delivered in June-1898 as Sardinia to D/S A/S Otto Thoresen Linje, Christiania, 1135 gt. Purchased by A/S Magnhild (M. Clausen) in 1913 and renamed Magnhild. Became a total loss after having run aground near Mistaken Point, 7 n. miles off Cape Race N. F. on June 6-1936. The crew reached Long Beach, N. B. in lifeboats. According to Charles Hocking, this ship was under charter to the Newfoundland-Canada Steamship Co. and her captain's name at the time was T. Velde. Hocking adds she was on a voyage St. Pierre, Miq. to St. Johns with coal, cattle and general cargo and sank in heavy seas.

M. Clausen later had 2 more ships by this name; one was delivered in 1921 as Rønnhaug to D/S A/S Røisheim (Eil. Lund), Christiania, 936 gt. Sailed as John Cabot (Marine Agencies, St. John's, N.B.) from 1934, then purchased and renamed Magnhild by D/S A/S Magnhild (M. Clausen) in Aug.-1946. Collided on Jan. 3-1947 with Gedser light on a voyage Kolding-Gdynia. Another Magnhild was originally the D/S Bras (Harald Hansens Rederi, Skien), built 1919, 639 gt. Sailed as Raftsund for Vesteraalen Dampskibsselskap in the period 1922-1938. Went to owners in Bergen in 1938, renamed Bras in 1946, sold in 1953 and converted to herring meal factory, before being purchased by D/S A/S Magnhild (M. Clausen) in 1956, converted to cargo vessel and renamed Magnhild. Sold in 1959 to Wallem & Co., Hong Kong and sailed as Slusken (Panamanian flag) - deleted from Lloyd's register in 1986.

The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "Våre gamle skip", Leif M. Bjørkelund & E. H. Kongshavn,"Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig", Norwegian Maritime Museum, Volume II, and misc. (ref. My sources).


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