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M/T Fjord
Updated Aug. 16-2011

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Crew List

Owner: A/S D/S Fjeld
Manager: Anton Meidell, Bergen
4032 gt, 2536 net, 7030 tdwt.
Call Sign: LEOW

Built by Tyne Iron Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Willington Quay-on-Tyne in 1914. Previous name: Orla until 1937 (A/S D/S Eir - O. Grolle Olsen & L. Hysing Olsen, Bergen). According to this external page, she had previously been owned by Bergvalls D/S A/S (Arvid Bergvall), Kristiania upon delivery in May-1914. In 1916, owner was A/S Ivar An. Christensens Rederi II, Kristiania, same name. Owned from 1920 by A/S Ivarans Rederi (Ivar An. Christensen), Kristiania, still as Orla. In 1927, owners became D/S Eidsvold A/S (Henrik Østervold), Bergen, no name change. Owned by A/S D/S Eir (O. Grolle & I. Hysing Olsen), Bergen from Aug.-1934, same name. Sold in Apr.-1937 to A/S D/S Fjeld (Anton Meidell), Bergen and renamed Fjord. Damaged during a storm in the North Sea in 1938, towed to Clyde listing.

Captain: Halfdan Tønder

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A Guestbook message from the niece of 3rd Mate Fritz Pedersen, one of Fjord's casualties. He had previously served on Brasil and Astrell.

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

Voyage Record
From May-1940 to Dec.-1941:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 May 25 Rosario Montevideo Independent Page 1 gives arrival May 27.
May 28 Montevideo Rio June 5 Independent
June 8 Rio Cape Verdes June 27 Independent
June 29 Cape Verdes Dartmouth July 17 Independent See also narrative below
July 18 Dartmouth Belfast Lough July 22 Independent
July 26 Belfast Lough Clyde July 27 Independent
Aug. 12 Clyde Methil Aug. 15* WN 7 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
*See also Page 1
Aug. 17 Methil Hull Aug. 18 FS 255 Convoy available at FS convoys
(external link)
Oct. 13 Hull Methil Oct. 16 FN 307 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 18 Methil OA 231 Dispersed Oct. 23.
Convoy available at OA 231
(external link)
Oct. 23 Dispersed from OA 231 St. John's, N.F. Oct. 30 Independent
Nov. 1 St. John's, N.F. Corner Brook Independent
Nov. 23 Corner Brook Sydney, C.B. Nov. 24 Independent
Nov. 30 Sydney, C.B. Milford Haven Dec. 16 SC 14
Dec. 17 Milford Haven Barry Dec. 17 Independent
1941 Febr. 25 Barry Milford Haven Febr. 26 Independent
Febr. 27 Milford Haven OB 292 For Galveston.
Dispersed March 6.
Convoy available at OB 292
(external link)
March 6 Dispersed from OB 292 Port Arthur Apr. 1 Independent Arrived Galveston, same day
(Page 1)
Apr. 6 Galveston Halifax Apr. 17 Independent
Apr. 19 Halifax SC 29 A. Hague says:
Joined BB 18, May 8
May 8 From SC 29 Newport May 10 BB 18 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
May 22 Newport Milford Haven May 23 Independent
May 24 Milford Haven OG 63 Detached May 30.
Convoy will be added.
See ships in OG convoys
May 30 Detached from OG 63 Wabana June 6 Independent
June 7 Wabana Sydney, C.B. June 10 Independent
June 20 Sydney, C.B. Belfast Lough July 10 SC 35
July 11 Belfast Lough Newport July 12 BB 46 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Aug. 1 Newport Milford Haven Aug. 2 Independent
Aug. 4 Milford Haven ON 4 Via Belfast Lough
(Page 2).
For Halifax.
Dispersed 52 40N 47 26W, Aug. 18.
Aug. 18 Dispersed from ON 4 Halifax Aug. 24 Independent
Aug. 30 Halifax Wabana Sept. 2 Independent
Sept. 7 Wabana Belfast Lough Sept. 20 SC 43 Convoy will be added.
See ships in SC convoys
Sept. 21 Belfast Lough Newport Sept. 22 BB 78 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Sept. 30 Newport Swansea Sept. 30 Independent
Oct. 10 Swansea Milford Haven Oct. 10 Independent
Oct. 12 Milford Haven OS 9 (Via Belfast Lough
(Page 2).
For Lisbon.
Detached as OS 9G, Oct. 24.
Convoy available at OS 9
(external link)
Oct. 24 Detached from OS 9 Lisbon Nov. 1 OS 9G Convoy available at OS 9G
(external link - escorts only)
Nov. 19 Lisbon Gibraltar Nov. 21 Independent
Nov. 21 Gibraltar Aguilas Nov. 22 Independent
Dec. 1 Aguilas Independent Sunk - See "Final Fate" below

 Some Convoy Voyages: 
For voyages made in between those discussed here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above. Follow the convoy links provided for more details on them - other Norwegian ships also took part.

According to Page 1 of the archive documents, Fjord was on her way from St. Thomas to Buenos Aires when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940.

On July 17 that same year, she was the victim of a German air attack, about 13 n. miles off Dartmouth, but was not hit.

In Oct.-1940, we find her, together with Augvald and Granli, in Convoy OA 231, which left Methil on Oct. 18 and dispersed Oct. 23, Fjord arriving St. John's, N.F. on Oct. 30 (a direct link to this convoy has been provided within the Voyage Record above). She headed back to the U.K. on Nov. 30 in the slow Convoy SC 14 from Sydney, C.B., pit props for Barry, where she arrived Dec. 17, and unless voyages are missing from her record she subsequently remained there for a long time - departure is given as Febr. 25-1941, when she proceeded to Milford Haven - again, see Page 1.

From Milford Haven she joined Convoy OB 292, originating in Liverpool on Febr. 28-1941, dispersed March 6. Granli is again included (said to have been sunk, but there's some disagreement with regard to convoy designation - follow link for details), as are Hellen, Ruth I, Selbo and Solitaire (link in table above). Fjord arrived Galveston on Apr. 1, according to the archive document, having sailed from Milford Haven on Febr. 27. She later proceeded to Halifax, and from there, she joined the slow Convoy SC 29 back to the U.K. on Apr. 19, cargo of sulphur for Newport, station 95, with arrival May 10. The escorts' reports are also available for this convoy. Later that month, she appears, together with Solitaire, in Convoy OG 63, originating in Liverpool on May 25. This convoy will be added to an individual page in my Convoys section as soon as I can; in the meantime, the ships sailing in it are named on the page listing ships in all OG convoys. This was a Gibraltar bound convoy, which arrived there on June 7, but Fjord was bound for Wabana, where she arrived on June 6, having parted company on May 30. She proceeded to Sydney, C.B. the next day (June 7), later joining Convoy SC 35, and arrived Belfast Lough on July 10, Newport on July 12, cargo of iron ore.

The following month, she was 1 of several Norwegian ships in the westbound North Atlantic Convoy ON 4. Her destination is given as Halifax, where she arrived Aug. 24, the convoy having been dispersed on the 18th. On Sept. 7, she headed back across the Atlantic again in Convoy SC 43, joining from Wabana (convoy originated in Sydney, C.B. on Sept. 5). She was again bound for Newport, where she arrived, via Belfast Lough, on Sept. 22 (her voyages in this period are shown on Page 2). SC 43 is not yet available among the SC convoys included in my Convoys section, but will be added - see ships in all SC convoys. Astrell, Atle Jarl, Bernhard, Bjørkhaug, Bonde (returned), Erica, Fjordheim, Galatea, Ingerfem, Solstad, Torfinn Jarl and Vigsnes are also listed.

Fjord is now listed in Convoy OS 9, bound for Lisbon with coal, having left Milford Haven on Oct. 12; arrival Lisbon is given as Nov. 2 on Page 2 of the archive docs. Other Norwegian ships in this convoy were Annavore and Fagersten. Follow the link in the table above for more convoy information. Annavore and Fagersten later joined Convoy HG 76 in order to return to the U.K. (Annavore was sunk, follow link for details) and it looks like Fjord had also originally been scheduled for this convoy, which was held back and did not leave Gibraltar until Dec. 14-1941. Fjord, however, was torpedoed before she reached Gibraltar.

 Final Fate - 1941: 

Fjord was torpedoed off Estepona Point, Spain by U-557 (Paulssen) on Dec. 2-1941, when on a voyage from Aguilas, Spain for Barrow via Gibraltar with a cargo of 5900 tons iron ore, having departed Spain the day before. She was hit amidships on the starboard side, probably in the boiler room, and went down so quickly that the crew had to jump overboard (Page 2 gives the time as 19:30, adding she was lost the next day). 22 managed to find 2 rafts, while 14 lost their lives, some in the explosion, others when the ship went down.

The survivors landed about 9 kilometers southeast of Estepona, then travelled to Estepona the next day. From there they were sent to Algeciras where they were questioned by Spanish Naval officers, before they were sent to Sevilla on a tug. The allied consulates got busy investigating the case, as it was obvious the U-boat had been within the Spanish (neutral) territorial waters at the time. The only surviving navigator was 2nd Mate Borgar Knutsen, who reported to the Norwegian consul in Sevilla that he was certain the torpedo had come from the side of the ship that was facing the shore and that Fjord went down about 2 1/2 miles off Estepona. Fjord had a British radio operator, who claimed they were so close to land that it would have been possible to swim the distance.

They were later sent to Gibraltar in order to continue to the U.K. The maritime hearings were held in London on Febr. 4-1942 with the 2nd mate, the carpenter and the boatswain appearing.

For info, U-557 had also been responsible for the attack on Segundo earlier that year - follow the link for details. The U-boat was sunk with all hands not long after Fjord had been sunk; ref. external link below.

Crew List:
Stoker Sverre Brovik had previously served on Vivi.
This external page has some details on all the other ships he served on (text in Norwegian).

2nd Mate
Borgar Knudsen
Radio Operator
Albert Cocks
Nils Bergan
Nils Olaf Hansen
Able Seaman
Reidar Scharning
Able Seaman
Alfred Johannesen
Able Seaman
Ragnar Leirvik
Ordinary Seaman
Richard Calvert Haws (Howe?)
Ordinary Seaman
Knut Hansen
Ordinary Seaman
Evald Rebane
Ordinary Seaman/Gunner
Gullik Gulliksen
3rd Engineer
Ivar Bakkeland
Otto Meijer
Sverre Brovik
John Mickla(?)
William Clarke
Erling Øverlid
Hans Konradsen
Galley Boy
Charles Abbott
Ole Sundby*
(From Nyhorn)
Karl Kolstø*
(From Nyhorn)
+ 1 more survivor?
* These 2 men had escaped from the interned Nyhorn. It's strange that they are listed as passengers on Fjord when she was sunk. According to Ole Sundby himself, who is now 93 years old and lives in Milton, MA (July-2009), this is incorrect; he was on board Katy at the time of Fjord's loss (see also this message in my Guestbook, contact information can be provided).

Halfdan Tønder

1st Mate
Hans Revne

3rd Mate*
Fritz Pedersen

Able Seaman
Gustav Nøkling

Ordinary Seaman
Artemi Peremees

1st Engineer
Johan Espeland

2nd Engineer
Albert Karlsen

Theodor Andersen

Harry Røhme

Martin Korneliussen

Alf Karlsen

John Buchanan**

Stener Bjønnes

Mess Boy
Lewis Howard
*My Guestbook has a message from the niece of Fritz Pedersen.

** More details on J. Buchanan is available on this external page, which says he's commemorated at the Halifax Memorial, Panel 18. He has also been included in the Canadian Merchant Navy War Dead database.

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Stavern Memorial commemorations - At first sight, 16 Norwegians appear to be listed here, but upon checking further we see that some of them belong to other ships (3 were from Lysefjord, 1 from Korsfjord, 1 from Tanafjord) so be aware of this problem with the search results on this website; in this case of course, it has to do with the "fjord" name in all 3 ships.

U-557 | Ottokar Arnold Paulssen

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The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "Sjøforklaringer fra 2. verdenskrig", Volume I (Norwegian Maritime Museum) and misc. - ref. My sources.


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