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D/S Fido
Updated Aug. 14-2011

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A lovely picture of this ship is available at Historical Index of the Great Lakes, which also has more details on Fido. To find it, type Fido (or Lake Benton) in the search field for 'vessel', then on the page that comes up, click in the little box with the item number for Lake Benton.

Owner: A/S Fido
Manager: Mathias Hansen, Kristiansand
1857 gt

Launched as War Gull, completed as Lake Benton by American Shipbuilding Co., Lorain, Ohio and delivered in June-1918 to the U.S. Shipping Board, Cleveland. Owned from 1926 by Mobile, Miami & Gulf Steamship Corp, Mobile, Alabama (John B. Waterman). Sold in 1929 to A/S Fido (Mathias Hansen), Kristiansand and renamed Fido.

Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8 | Page 9 | Page 10 | Page 11

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

Voyage Record
From Apr.-1940 to Sept.-1944:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each.

Please note that errors do exist, and the record is incomplete.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 Apr. 17 Casablanca Brest Apr. 23 88 KS* *Is, in fact, included in 88 KF
(external link)
88 KS not available
See also narrative below.
Missing voyages, Page 1
July 25 Southend Tyne July 27 FN 232 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Left Tyne July 30
(Page 1)
Aug. 3 Methil OA 193 Dispersed Aug. 7.
Convoy available at OA 193
(external link)
Page 1 gives arrival St. John's, N.F., Aug. 17
(Also, missing voyages)
Sept. 2 Sydney, C.B. Liverpool Sept. 18* SC 3 *Compare w/Page 1 above
(see also narrative).
?? Sept. 29 Clyde Methil Oct. 3 WN 19 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 7 Clyde Methil Oct. 10* WN 21S Convoy available at link above
*Page 1 gives arrival Oct. 12
(also, missing voyages)
Nov. 17 Southend Immingham Nov. 19 FN 336 Convoy available at FN convoys
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 1
Dec. 12 Methil Oban Dec. 15 EN 40/1 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Dec. 24 Oban OB 264 Dispersed Dec. 29.
Convoy available at OB 264
(external link)
See also narrative below
Page 1 gives arrival St. John's, N.F. Jan. 6-1941
1941 Febr. 8 Halifax Liverpool Febr. 28 SC 22 Had arrived Halifax Jan. 13.
See also narrative below.
Missing voyages, Page 2
Apr. 16 Liverpool Loch Ewe Apr. 19 OB 311 For Iceland.
Convoy available at OB 311
(external link)
Missing voyages, page 2
June 10 Sydney, C.B. Clyde June 29 SC 34 Again, see also Page 2
July 16* Liverpool OB 347 *From Milford Haven July 15.
Dispersed July 31.
Available at OB 347
(external link)
Her destination is given as St. John's, N.F.; however, Page 2 gives arrival St. John, N.B. Aug. 4. Also, missing voyages.
Sept. 29 Sydney, C.B. Oban Oct. 17 SC 47 Convoy will be added.
See ships in SC convoys
Oct. 19 Oban Methil Oct. 22 WN 195 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Missing voyages, Page 2
Dec. 24 Methil Oban(?)* Dec. 28 EN 24 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
*Page 2 gives arrival Belfast Lough
1942 Jan. 5 Belfast Lough Mumbles Jan. 7 BB 120 Convoy available at BB convoys
(external link)
Missing voyages, Page 3
Jan. 17 Belfast Lough(?*) Milford Haven* Jan. 18 BB 125 Convoy available at link above
*Compare w/Page 3
(also, missing voyages)
Febr. 25 Belfast Lough(?*) Milford Haven* Febr. 26 BB 142 Convoy available at link above
*Compare w/Page 3
(also, missing voyages)
May 6 Holyhead Mumbles May 7 BB 171 Convoy available at link above
Missing voyages, Page 4
June 5 Loch Ewe Methil June 7 WN 292 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Missing voyages, Page 4
June 20 Methil Scapa Flow June 22 EN 100 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Missing voyages, Page 4
July 15 Kirkwall Aberdeen?* July 16 WN 309 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
*Page 4 gives arrival Methil Roads
(also, more missing voyages)
July 24 Methil Scapa Flow July 25 EN 115 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Aug. 27 Lyness Methil Aug. 29 WN 328 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
Sept. 2 Methil Scapa Flow Sept. 3 EN 132 Convoy available at EN convoys
(external link)
Oct. 21 Scapa Flow Methil Oct. 22 WN 351 Convoy available at WN convoys
(external link)
On to Tyne Oct. 22
(Page 4).
See also Page 5
1943 Febr. 7 Lyness Methil Febr. 8 WN 392 Convoy available at link above
Missing 1943 voyages:
Page 5 above, Page 6 & Page 7
1944 July 10 Portsmouth Southend July 11 FTC 32 Earlier 1944 voyages, Page 7 & Page 8.
Convoy available at FTC convoys
(external link)
Subsequent voyages, Page 8
Aug. 6 Southend Portsmouth Aug. 7 ETC 60 Convoy available at ETC convoys
(external link)
Again, see also Page 8
Sept. 14 Southend Portsmouth Sept. 15 ETC 98 Convoy available at link above
See also Page 9, Page 10, & Page 11

 Some Convoy Voyages: 
For voyages made in between those discussed here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above. Follow the convoy links provided for more details on them - other Norwegian ships also took part.

As can be seen when going to Page 1 of the archive documents, Fido was at Casablanca when war broke out in Norway on Apr. 9-1940, having arrived there from Rouen on Apr. 6. A French visitor to my website has told me that she sailed from Casablanca on Apr. 17 in convoy 88 KF under French escort and was at Le Verdon Apr. 23 (note convoy designation - available via the external link provided within the Voyage Record above). The archive document states she arrived Brest on Apr. 24, continuing to Dunkirk that same day, with arrival Apr. 30. From there, she proceeded to Hull on May 8, making another voyage to France later that month. A voyage to St. Nazaire was planned in June, but she was diverted to London, where she arrived June 23.

In Aug.-1940, she listed, together with the Norwegian Eastern Star, Helle, Regin, Solferino, Trolla and Vigsnes in Convoy OA 193 (link in the table above), which left Methil on Aug. 3 and dispersed on the 7th, Fido arriving St. John's, N.F. on Aug. 17. She returned to the U.K. at the beginning of the following month in the slow Sydney, C.B. (Cape Breton)-U.K. Convoy SC 3, from which the Norwegian Lotos was sunk, among others - follow the links for more details. Fido had a cargo of pit props for Belfast and Medway on that occasion, and rescued survivors from torpedoed ships in this convoy - my account for Granli has more information on this incident. From the archive document, we learn that she arrived Belfast on Sept. 17, later proceeding to Greenock. Her subsequent voyages are also shown on this document.

According to the external website that I've linked to at the end of this page, she was scheduled (with destination St. John's) for Convoy OB 262, leaving Liverpool on Dec. 20-1940, but she did not sail. She's also said to have been cancelled from OB 264, but A. Hague says she did join this convoy, which originated in Liverpool on Dec. 24 and dispersed on the 29th. She arrived St. John's on Jan. 6-1941, having sailed from Oban on Dec. 25-1940, again, see Page 1. A direct link to A. Hague's listing for OB 264 can be found in the Voyage Record; he has also included Marga, Nea and and Ørnefjell.

She was scheduled for the slow Halifax-U.K. Convoy SC 21 at the end of Jan.-1941, but instead joined the next convoy on Febr. 8, SC 22 - cargo of lumber for Preston, where she arrived on March 3. She's later said to have made a voyage to Iceland, having started out in Convoy OB 311, which left Liverpool on Apr. 16 (Cetus, Innerøy and Norefjord are also named). Fido arrived Loch Ewe on Apr. 20, and according to Page 2, she arrived Reykjavik from there on Apr. 25, but it's not clear to me whether she had continued in OB 311(?). In May, she made a voyage from Reykjavik to St. John, N.B., with arrival May 16, and the following month we find her, with a cargo of lumber for Sharpness, in Convoy SC 34, which left Sydney, C.B. on June 10. Fido arrived her destination on June 30. In July, she joined Convoy OB 347, which departed Liverpool on July 16 and dispersed on the 31st and also included Akabahra, Astra, Balduin, Bjørkhaug, Gudrun, Hestmanden, Leka, Marga, Maridal, Orania, Siak, Spes and Sveve. Fido's destination is given as St. John's, N.F., but as can be seen when going back to the archive document mentioned above, she arrived St. John, N.B. on Aug. 4, having started out from Milford Haven on July 15.

A. Hague has her returning to the U.K. with Convoy SC 47, departing Sydney, C.B. on Sept. 29-1941, arriving Liverpool Oct. 20; Fido stopped at Oban on the 17th. This convoy, which also included Berto, Bestik, Danio, Don, Heimgar, Ingertre, Marit II, Petter II (returned to port), Spes, Veni and Victo, is not yet available among the SC convoys included in my Convoys section but will be added, see ships in all SC convoys. Eglantine is named amont the escorts - see SC convoys escorts. Fido had a cargo of lumber, sailing in station 56.

Please go to the archive documents for information on the rest of her voyages. From Page 10, we learn that she got to go home to Norway in the fall of 1945, making several voyages home in the course of that year, and again early in 1946 (see Page 11).


Sold in 1953 to Strindheim Rederi (Bjarne Raak), Trondheim, and renamed Strindheim. Arrived Stavanger Oct. 5-1961 to be broken up, after having run aground off Kullen, Sweden on Febr. 5-1959 (refloated and laid up).

Related external links:
OB convoys - OB 262 and OB 264 are included, and Fido is listed as cancelled from both of them, but as mentioned, it looks like she did sail in OB 264.

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The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "Nortraships flåte", J. R. Hegland, "The World's Merchant Fleets 1939", Roger W. Jordan - and misc.


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