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M/T Deodata

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Owner: Skibs-A/S Deodata
Manager: Christoffer Hannevig A/S, Horten
3295 gt

Originally a 4 masted steel barque built by Laporte & Compagnie, Rouen, France and launched as Le Quevilly on March 20-1897 for H. Prentout-Leblond & E. Boniface, Rouen (Captain Chotard), 3272 gt, 2518 net, royal sails over double top and topgallant sails, 98.14m x 13.83m x 7.36 m. Sold in 1900 to H. Prentout-Leblond & E. Lerouxe, Rouen. Saved the crew of the American schooner Ira Bliss on Nov. 25-1903, sinking 80 n. miles off Delaware. Equipped in 1910-11 with 2 auxiliary 6-cyl. MAN oil engines, driving twin propellers, speed 5 knots. Sold to Leroux & Heizey, Rouen in 1915. Run into by USS Sampson on Jan. 26-1917. Laid up at Rouen in 1921. Purchased by A/S Sørlandske Lloyd (K. A. Thorbjørnsen), Oslo in 1923. Derigged in 1926, converted to whale oil tanker and renamed Deodata. Owner at the time of loss was Skibs A/S Deodata (Christoffer Hannevig A/S), Horten, and had been fitted with a new 209 nhp oil/diesel engine, speed 7.5 knots, single steel propeller.

 Final Fate - 1939 (Norway neutral): 

Struck a mine off the Inner Dowsing lightship on Oct. 21-1939 when on a voyage from Constanza to Grangemouth in ballast, 53 19 50N, 38 21 50E - mine laid by U-19 (Meckel) on Oct. 17. All survived and were picked up by the Gorleston lifeboat Louise Stephens, which also rescued survivors from the Greek steamer Konstantinos Hadjipateras, which had struck the same mine field, as had the French Capitaine Edmond Laborie, 2 miles from the Inner Dowsing lightvessel. R. W. Jordan's "The World's Merchant Fleets 1939" says Deodata sank in 53 21N 00 36 09E, wreck dispersed.

Ron Young's book mentioned under my sources below gives her location today as 53 20 878N 000 36 348E, 11.99 n. miles east from Mablethorpe, at a depth of 19 m, totally collapsed, well broken up and dispersed, with wreckage and debris spread over an area of about 75 m by 55 m.

I've been informed by a visitor to my website that a team of British Sub Aqua Club divers from Grimsby plus a French team with TV filmed her in 2000.

For info, U-19 has also been credited with the loss of Manx, Pluto and Gudveig - follow the links for details.

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The text on this page was compiled with the help of: "The Comprehensive Guide to Shipwrecks of the East Coast 1918 to 2003" by Ron Young, w/permission from author, and misc.


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