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D/S Astra
Updated Dec. 14-2012

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This is a post war picture of this ship when named Ringen. Received from George Robinson.
A picture of Astra is available on this external page (click in it to enlarge).

Manager: Markus Chr. Stray, Kristiansand
2164 gt

Laid down as War Tramp for the Shipping Controller, U.K., built by Staten Island S. B. Co., New York (695), launched as George Harbor, completed June-1919 as York Harbor for U.S. Shipping Board, New York. Renamed Astra for Skibs A/S Astra (Chr. Stray) in 1929 (1930?). Owner from 1933 was A/S Alfa, Kristiansand.

Captain: Sverre Flack.

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Her voyages are listed on these original images from the Norwegian National Archives:
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7

Please compare the above voyages with Arnold Hague's Voyage Record below.

 Voyage Record
From Jan.-1940 to May-1945:

(Received from Don Kindell - His source: The late Arnold Hague's database).

Follow the convoy links provided for more information on each (where the "Convoy" column is left blank, it means that convoy is not known).

Errors may exist and some voyages are missing.

Departure From To Arrival Convoy Remarks
1940 Jan. 12 Milford Haven OB 70 With OA 70, formed OG 14, Jan. 14.
Convoy available at OB 70
(external link)
Jan. 14 Formed at sea Gibraltar Jan. 19 OG 14 Convoy will be added
See ships in OG convoys
Jan. 26 Gibraltar Bathurst Febr. 2 Independent
Febr. 7 Bathurst Dakar Febr. 9 Independent
Febr. 9 Dakar Gibraltar Febr. 17 Independent
Febr. 25 Gibraltar Clyde March 7 HG 20
March 16 Clyde Independent A. Hague says:
Broke down NW Ireland, March 20
March 20 In tow after breakdown Clyde March 24 In tow to repair.
May 28 Liverpool* OB 157 *From Glasgow
(see Page 1).
Dispersed May 31
Convoy available at OB 157
(external link)
May 31 Dispersed from OB 157 Louisport June 10* Independent *Page 1 gives arrival June 18,
later arr. St. John's, N.F. June 26, left next day
June 28 Joined HX 53 Preston July 11 HX 53 A. Hague says:
Joined at sea from St. John's, N.F.
See also narrative below.
On to Liverpool July 24
(Page 1)
July 30 Liverpool OB 191 Dispersed Aug. 2.
Convoy available at OB 191
(external link)
Aug. 2 Dispersed from OB 191 Yarmouth, N.S. Aug. 13 Independent
Aug. 21 Yarmouth, N.S. Sydney, C.B. Aug. 22 Independent
Aug. 25 Sydney, C.B. Liverpool Sept. 10 SC 2 Arrived Preston Sept. 16.
Missing movements, Page 1
Oct. 14 Clyde OB 228 Dispersed Oct. 17
See also this external page
Oct. 17 Dispersed from OB 228 Reykjavik Oct. 21 Independent
Oct. 24 Reykjavik Reykjavik Nov. 10 Independent A. Hague says:
Probably a passage to Clyde & return
(Page 1 says "coasting")
Nov. 11 Reykjavik Reykjavik Nov. 17 Independent A. Hague says:
Probably a local Icelandic passage
Nov. 20 Reykjavik Sydney, C.B. Dec. 6 Independent A. Hague says:
Most probably independent
Dec. 7 Sydney, C.B. Parrsboro Dec. 11 Independent
Dec. 26 Parrsboro Halifax Dec. 28 Independent
1941 Jan. 2 Halifax Londonderry Jan. 19 SC 18
Jan. 26 Londonderry Milford Haven Jan. 30 Independent
Febr. 4 Milford Haven Sharpness Febr. 9 Independent On to Barry Febr. 26
(Page 1)
March 27 Barry Milford Haven March 28 Independent
March 29 Milford Haven Clyde March 31 OB 304 Convoy available at OB 304
(external link)
Apr. 3 Liverpool* OB 306 *From Clyde
(Page 1)
A. Hague says:
Detached to Reykjavik Apr. 8.
Convoy available at OB 306
(external link)
Apr. 24 Reykjavik Halifax May 5
May 5 Halifax St. John, N.B. May 6 Independent
May 20 St. John, N.B. Sydney, C.B. May 23 Independent
June 1 Sydney, C.B. Loch Ewe June 19 SC 33 See also narrative below
June 21 Loch Ewe Methil June 23 WN 143 Convoy available at WN 143
(external link)
June 24 Methil Grimsby June 25 FS 524 Convoy available at FS 524
(external link)
July 5 Spurn Head Loch Ewe July 9 EC 42 Convoy available at EC 42
(external link)
See also Page 2
July 18 Loch Ewe OB 347 A. Hague says:
For Montreal.
Dispersed July 31.
Convoy available at OB 347
(external link)
July 31 Dispersed from OB 347 Port Alfred Aug. 1 Independent
Aug. 16 Port Alfred Sydney, C.B. Aug. 19 Independent
Aug. 24 Sydney, C.B. Barrow Sept. 12 SC 41 Convoy will be added
See ships in SC convoys
Sept. 29 Barrow Liverpool Sept. 30 Independent
Oct. 8 Liverpool Barry Oct. 12 Independent A. Hague says:
Possibly convoy from Holyhead
(see next entry and Page 2)
Oct. 10 Holyhead Barry Oct. 12 BB 86 Convoy available at BB 86
(external link)
Oct. 20 Barry Milford Haven Oct. 20 Independent
Oct. 21 Milford Haven Reykjavik Oct. 29 ON 29 Convoy will be added
See ships in ON convoys
and narrative below
(also, Page 2)
1942 Jan. 5 Reykjavik Loch Ewe Jan. 10 RU 4 Convoy available at RU 4
(external link)
Jan. 10 Loch Ewe Methil Jan. 12 WN 229 Convoy available at WN 229
(external link)
Jan. 12 Methil Tyne Jan. 13 FS 698 Convoy available at FS 698
(external link)
Jan. 22 Tyne Southend Jan. 24 FS 706 Convoy available at FS 706
(external link)
Again, see also Page 2
Jan. 28 Southend Blyth Jan. 30 FN 617 Convoy available at FN 617
(external link)
Febr. 11 Blyth Southend Febr. 13 FS 723 Convoy available at FS 723
(external link)
Febr. 21 Southend Tyne Febr. 23 FN 637 Convoy available at FN 637
(external link)
Febr. 28 Tyne Southend March 2 FS 738 Convoy available at FS 738
(external link)
See also Page 2
March 7 Southend Tyne March 9 FN 649 Convoy available at FN 649
(external link)
March 14 Tyne Southend March 16 FS 750 Convoy available at FS 750
(external link)
See also Page 2
March 19 Southend Tyne March 21 FN 660 Convoy available at FN 660
(external link)
March 27 Tyne Southend March 29 FS 761 Convoy available at FS 761
(external link)
March 31 Southend Tyne Apr. 2 FN 670 Convoy available at FN 670
(external link)
May 8 Tyne Sunderland May 8
May 15 Sunderland Southend May 17 FS 803 Convoy available at FS 803
(external link)
See also Page 3
May 26 Southend Methil* May 28 FN 718 Convoy available at FN 718
(external link)
*Arrived Grangemouth May 28
(Page 3).
June 4 Methil Tyne June 5 FS 820 Convoy available at FS 820
(external link)
June 12 Tyne Methil June 13 FN 732 Convoy available at FN 732
(external link)
June 13 Methil Loch Ewe June 15 EN 97 Convoy available at EN 97
(external link)
June 18 Loch Ewe Reykjavik June 22 UR 29 Convoy available at UR 29
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 3
July 2 Reykjavik Loch Ewe July 6 RU 30
July 7 Loch Ewe Methil July 9 WN 306 Convoy available at WN 306
(external link)
July 9 Methil Tyne July 10 FS 850 Convoy available at FS 850
(external link)
Later arrived Blyth Aug. 14
(Page 3)
Aug. 20 Blyth Methil Aug. 20 FN 790 Convoy available at FN 790
(external link)
Aug. 22 Methil Loch Ewe Aug. 24 EN 127 Convoy available at EN 127
(external link)
Aug. 24 Loch Ewe Reykjavik Aug. 29 UR 38 Convoy available at UR 38
(external link)
Sept. 14 Reykjavik Loch Ewe Sept. 18 RU 40 For Clyde.
Convoy available at RU 40
(external link)
Again, see Page 3
and narrative below
(also, missing movements).
Oct. 6 Loch Ewe Reykjavik Oct. 10 UR 44 Convoy available at UR 44
(external link)
Oct. 26 Reykjavik Reykjavik Oct. 27 RU 46 Put Back.
Convoy available at RU 46
(external link)
Nov. 3 Reykjavik Kirkwall Nov. 8 RU 47 Convoy available at RU 47
(external link)
Nov. 11 Kirkwall Aberdeen Nov. 12 WN 359 Convoy available at WN 359
(external link)
Nov. 14 Methil Spurn Head for Hull Nov. 15 FS 960 Convoy available at FS 960
(external link)
See also Page 4
Nov. 22 Spurn Head ex Hull Tyne Nov. 23 FN 871 Convoy available at FN 871
(external link)
Nov. 27 Tyne Methil Nov. 27 FN 875 Convoy available at FN 875
(external link)
Nov. 28 Methil Loch Ewe Nov. 30 EN 167 Compare w/Page 4.
(via Kirkwall).
Convoy available at EN 167
(external link)
Dec. 1 Loch Ewe Reykjavik Dec. 5 UR 52 Convoy available at UR 52
(external link)
Dec. 15 Reykjavik Loch Ewe Dec. 20 RU 53 Convoy available at RU 53
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 4
1943 Jan. 19 Liverpool Loch Ewe Jan. 22 Independent
Jan. 25 Loch Ewe Reykjavik Jan. 30 UR 60 Convoy available at UR 60
(external link)
Missing movements, Page 4
March 18 Reykjavik Loch Ewe* March 25 RU 66 *Liverpool.
Convoy available at RU 66
(external link)
Apr. 11 Liverpool Loch Ewe Independent Compare w/Page 4
Apr. 13 Loch Ewe Methil Apr. 14 WN 415 A.Hague says:
Possibly this convoy.
Available at WN 415
(external link)
Apr. 15 Methil Hartlepool Apr. 16 FS 1090 Convoy available at FS 1090
(external link)
Later arr. Middlesbrough June 16
(Page 4).
June 25 Middlesbrough Methil June 26 FN 1056 Convoy available at FN 1056
(external link)
July 1 Methil Oban July 3 EN 250 Convoy available at EN 250
(external link)
July 5 Oban OS 51 / KMS 20 For Bone.
Convoy split July 13.
Available at OS 51/KMS 20
(external link)
July 13 Convoy split Gibraltar July 14 KMS 20 Convoy will be added
See ships in KMS convoys
July 18 Gibraltar Bone July 21 UGS 11 Convoy available at UGS 11
(external link)
Missing 1943 voyages:
Page 4 & Page 5
1944 March 8 Algiers Augusta March 12 KMS 43 Earlier 1944 voyages, Page 5 above
Convoy will be added
See ships in KMS convoys
March 14 Augusta Naples March 15 VN 27 Convoy available at VN 27
(external link)
March 22 Naples Augusta Escorted
March 26 Augusta Port Said March 31 UGS 35 Augusta to Alexandria
Convoy available at UGS 35
(external link)
Apr. 4 Port Said Alexandria Apr. 5
Apr. 11 Alexandria Tripoli, Libya Apr. 16 XT 22 Convoy available at XT 22
(external link)
Apr. 17 Tripoli, Libya Augusta Apr. 19
Apr. 25 Augusta Naples Escorted Page 5 gives arrival May 2
May 22 Naples Augusta May 23 NV 40 Convoy available at NV 40
(external link)
May 24 Augusta Bone May 27 MKS 50 Convoy will be added
See ships in MKS convoys
June 6 Bone Algiers June 7 MKS 51 Convoy will be added
See link above
June 19 Algiers Augusta June 25
June 26 Malta* Naples June 28 Escorted *From Augusta
Missing movements, Page 5
July 10 Naples Augusta July 11 NV 50A Convoy available at NV 50A
(external link)
July 12 Augusta Bizerta July 14
July 15 Bizerta Bone July 16 Left Bone July 24
(Page 5)
Aug. 1 Augusta Naples Aug. 2 VN 56 Convoy available at VN 56
(external link)
Left Naples Aug. 13
(Page 5).
Aug. 19 Augusta Barletta Aug. 21 AH 62 Convoy available at AH 62
(external link)
Aug. 27 Barletta Ancona Aug. 28 Escorted
Sept. 1 Ancona Barletta Escorted
Sept. 16 Barletta Ancona Sept. 17 Escorted
Sept. 22 Ancona Barletta Sept. 23 Escorted
Oct. 1 Barletta Ancona Oct. 2* Escorted *Page 5 gives arrival Oct. 4
Oct. 6 Ancona Brindisi Oct. 8 Escorted
Oct. 21 Brindisi Ancona Oct. 23 Escorted
Nov. 1* Ancona Brindisi Nov. 3 Escorted *Page 5 gives departure Oct. 30
Nov. 15 Brindisi Bari Nov. 15
Nov. 16 Bari Barletta Nov. 16 AH 79 Convoy available at AH 79
(external link)
Missing voyages, Page 6
Nov. 26 Barletta Ancona Nov. 27
Dec. 5 Ancona Brindisi Dec. 7 Escorted (See also Page 6).
Dec. 15 Brindisi Algiers Dec. 21 Independent
1945 Jan. 22 Algiers Gibraltar Jan. 28* Independent *Page 6 gives arrival Jan. 25
Jan. 31 Gibraltar Falmouth Febr. 5 MKS 80 Convoy will be added
See ships in MKS convoys
Febr. 5 Falmouth Downs Febr. 7 (See also Page 6).
Febr. 22 Southend Falmouth Febr. 24 TBC 77 Convoy available at TBC 77
(external link)
Apr. 22 Falmouth Milford Haven* Apr. 22 TBC 133 *Arrived Barry
(Page 6).
Convoy available at TBC 133
(external link)
Apr. 28 Milford Haven* Liverpool Apr. 30 MH 97 *From Barry.
Convoy available at MH 97
(external link)
Again, see also Page 6
May 15 Belfast Lough Reykjavik* May 20* UR 163 Convoy available at UR 163
(external link)
* This voyage to Iceland is not included on Page 6. She did leave Belfast Lough on May 15, and there's a note "For Loch Ewe & Iceland", but the word Iceland is crossed out. Arrival Loch Ewe is given as May 16, and she's said to have left for Dundee the next day, with arrival May 19, as noted by A. Hague below. Subsequent voyages are also listed on Page 6, as well as on Page 7.
May 17 Loch Ewe Dundee May 19 WN 692 Convoy available at WN 692
(external link)

 Misc. Voyages: 
For information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above. Follow the convoy links provided for further details; several Norwegian ships took part.

According to A. Hague, Astra sailed in Convoy OB 70 (ref. external link provided in the Voyage Record), which originated in Liverpool on Jan. 11-1940 and joined up with Convoy OA 70 on the 14th, the combined convoy forming Convoy OG 14, which arrived Gibraltar on Jan. 19. OG 14 will be added to my Convoys section; in the meantime, see the page listing ships in all OG convoys. There's also a ship by this name listed in Convoy HG 20 from Gibraltar to the U.K. the following month. Nationality is given as Panamanian in the original convoy document, but this was the Norwegian Astra.

It'll be noticed, when going to Page 1 of the archive documents, that she spent 2 months in Glasgow that spring. A. Hague says she had broken down on March 20 and was towed in for repairs. She subsequently appears in A. Hague's listing for Convoy OB 157, which originated in Liverpool on May 28-1940 and dispersed on the 31st, Astra arriving Lewisport on June 18, according to the archive document. Later that month, A. Hague has included her in Convoy HX 53. She's not mentioned on my own page about this convoy, where the information is based on original convoy documents, but perhaps this is because she joined the convoy at sea from St. John's on June 28; she's said to have arrived Preston on July 10/11. At the end of that month she's listed in Convoy OB 191, departing Liverpool on July 30, dispersed Aug. 2, Astra arriving Yarmouth, N.S. independently on the 13th (Strinda was torpedoed - follow the link for details).

On Aug. 25 we find her, with a cargo of pit props for Preston, in the slow Sydney (C.B.)-U.K. Convoy SC 2, in which the Norwegian Gro and several others were sunk; follow the links for more info. Astra arrived her destination on Sept. 16, and the following month, she shows up in Convoy OB 228, which started out in Liverpool on Oct. 13 and dispersed on the 17th, and from which the Norwegian Dokka and others were sunk (again, follow the link for details). See also the external link to this convoy provided within the the table above. The Norwegian Brask, Chr. Knudsen, Gudrun, Noreg, Polyana and Topdalsfjord are also listed, and I believe the Dutch Bussum, though not included, may also have been in OB 228 - go to my own page about OB 228 for an explanation. Astra was only bound for Reykjavik on that occasion, arriving there on Oct. 21, having sailed from Clyde on the 13th. As will be seen when going back to Page 1, she later made a voyage to Sydney, C.B.

Early in Jan.-1941, she joined the slow Halifax-U.K. Convoy SC 18, bound for Sharpness with a cargo of lumber, arriving that destination, via various other ports, on Febr. 9, later proceeding to Barry, where she remained for a month. At the end of March, she's listed in Convoy OB 304, originating in Liverpool on March 30 (Astra joined from Milford Haven), dispersed Apr. 4. However, Astra arrived Clyde on March 31, joining Convoy OB 306 from there a few days later (see links in Voyage Record). This convoy started out in Liverpool on Apr. 3 and dispersed on the 9th. Astra had detached for Reykjavik on Apr. 8, later travelling from there to Halifax, with arrival May 5, proceeding to St. John, N.B. that same day (Page 1). She was scheduled to return to the U.K. with Convoy SC 32 from Halifax on May 19 (she was still at St. John on that date), but instead joined SC 33 from Sydney, C.B. on June 1, cargo of lumber for Grimsby, where she arrived, via Loch Ewe and Methil Roads, on June 25 - her voyages in this period are shown on Page 2.

In July that year, she's listed as bound for Montreal in Convoy OB 347, originating in Liverpool on July 16, dispersed July 31. Again, see the external link in the Voyage Record (several Norwegian ships took part). According to the archive document, she arrived Port Alfred on Aug. 1, having sailed from Loch Ewe July 18. A. Hague has now listed her, with a cargo of pulp and aluminium, in station 113 of the slow Convoy SC 41, departing Sydney, C.B. on Aug. 24. This convoy is not yet available among the SC convoys included on my website, but will be added - see ships in all SC convoys. Several Norwegian ships are named, namely Akabahra, Audun (from Iceland), Balduin, Blink, Carrier (returned), Einvik (sunk - follow link for details), Evviva, Fagersten, Fanefjeld, Grado, Gudrun, Heien, Hestmanden, Hildur I (the latter 3 from Iceland), Ledaal, Leka, Lom (from Iceland), Marga, Nesttun (also from Iceland), Orania (returned), Reiaas (from Iceland), Siak and Spes. Astra arrived Barrow on Sept. 12 (Page 2).

The following month, she's included in the westbound North Atlantic Convoy ON 29, station 13. This convoy, which originated in Liverpool on Oct. 22 and dispersed on Nov. 5, has not yet been added to my Convoys section, but for now, the ships sailing in it are named in the section listing ships in all ON convoys. Astra arrived Reykjavik on Oct. 29, having sailed from Milford Haven on the 21st. According to "The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II" by Robert J. Cressman, the destroyer Niblack (DD-424) damaged Astra in a collision at Reykjavik on Nov. 8-1941 (see the external link provided at the end of this page). This may be the explanation for the big gap in her voyages in this period (Page 2) - departure Reykjavik is given as Jan. 5-1942, when she returned to the U.K.

It'll be noticed, when going to Page 3, that she also had a long stay at Tyne (or North Shields) in the spring of 1942 - reason not known. Skipping now to July 2-1942, when I have her in Convoy RU 30 from Reykjavik, bound for Tyne with stores. She stopped at Loch Ewe and Methil Roads, before arriving Shields on July 10 and again had a long stay there. On Sept. 7, she was scheduled for Convoy RU 39 from Reykjavik, carrying vehicles for Glasgow, but instead joined the next convoy, RU 40, on Sept. 14 and arrived Glasgow on the 19th (link in the table above). The Norwegian Eldøy is also listed in this convoy (in tow of Empire Bascobel). Astra is also listed in other convoys to and from Iceland in the course of 1942 and early 1943, as can be seen in A. Hague's Voyage Record. Her 1943 voyages start on Page 4 (which shows a long stay in Iceland at the beginning of that year, with another long stay in West Hartlepool that spring).

In the summer of 1943, she sailed in Convoy OS 51/KMS 20, voyaging from Oban to Bone in station 22. This convoy originated in Liverpool on July 4 and split up on the 13th, the Gibraltar portion, KMS 20* (in which Astra and the Norwegian Sneland I took part), arriving there on July 14, while the OS convoy (in which the Norwegian Bosphorus is listed) continued to Freetown, where it arrived on July 23 - again, follow the external link provided in the above record for more convoy details. Astra arrived Bone on July 21, having sailed from Oban on the 5th. Her subsequent voyages are shown on Page 4 and Page 5, which also has most of her 1944 voyages.

In March-1944, she made a voyage from Algiers to Augusta in Convoy KMS 43*. She had sailed from Algiers on March 8 and arrived Augusta on the 12th, proceeding to Castellamare and Naples a couple of days later. Convoy information for some of her subsequent voyages can be found in the Voyage Record. In May, she's listed as bound from Augusta to Bone in Convoy MKS 50* and arrived Bone on May 27, having sailed from Augusta May 24 (convoy originated in Port Said on May 19, arrived Gibraltar May 31), continuing from Bone to Algiers with Convoy MKS 51* on June 6, arriving Algiers the next day (convoy had originated in Port Said on May 30, arrived Gibraltar June 9). Again, see Page 5.

At the end of Jan.-1945, we find her in Convoy MKS 80*, which departed Gibraltar on Jan. 31 and arrived Liverpool on Febr. 7 - Astra arrived Falmouth on the 5th, proceeding to London that same day, according to Page 6 (it'll also be noticed that she spent 2 months in Falmouth later on, with another long stay in Dundee that spring). From this document, we also learn that she went home to Norway in July-1945, and according to Page 7, showing voyages up to and including most of Nov.-1945, she went home a few more times in the course of that year.

Again, for information on voyages made in between those mentioned here, please see the documents received from the National Archives of Norway and A. Hague's Voyage Record above.

* The MKS and KMS convoys will be added to individual pages in my Convoys section, with more information on each; for now, the ships sailing in them are named in the sections listing ships in all MKS convoys and ships in all KMS convoys.

More information on the other Norwegian ships mentioned here can be found via the alphabet index below, or go to the Master Ship Index.


Renamed Ringen in 1946 for Ekerholts Rederi, Oslo. Broken up in Grimstad, Norway in 1960.

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HyperWar - Chapter III, 1941 - The collision with Niblack is mentioned under Nov. 8.

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Other ships by this name: There was also a Danish ship by the name Astra. Also, Haugesund had a small steamer by this name in 1916, originally delivered as Faithful to F. H. Powel & Co., Liverpool in June-1900, 795 gt. Named Thoughtful from 1906, Suffolk Coast from 1909, then Astra from 1911 (Glasgow). Purchased by Jacob Ringen, Haugesund from owners in Porsgrunn in 1916, management taken over by Brummenæs & Torgersen on Jan. 1-1921, sold to UK in 1923. Sailed under the British flag as Elvington, and from 1934 as Kyle Bute of Liverpool until broken up in Troon in 1955.


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