Adding Images to Posts

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Adding Images to Posts

Post by KML » Wed Feb 09, 2022 1:29 pm

Testing image upload:

To upload a picture, create a new post, and scroll down to the three tabs below (Options, Attachments, and Poll Creation). Click the “attachments” tab and then the button “Add files”. Select the file you wish to add (please try to keep the file sizes to, at most, a few megabytes) and then add your text and post.

If you already have the image online somewhere and know the URL web address, you can use the small image button in the Edit Post window (looks like a landscape scene with mountains and a sun) and put the url in between the tags that the button creates (this is called using the BBCode).
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Re: Image Upload Test

Post by t-geronimo » Wed Feb 09, 2022 2:00 pm

Great improvement! :idea:
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Re: Adding Images to Posts

Post by davidships » Wed Feb 09, 2022 8:41 pm

Thanks Siri and Konrad
It works for me now!
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