New book: Expedition "Mirr"

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New book: Expedition "Mirr"

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Eine Darstellung der Tätigkeit deutscher U-Boote im Rahmen der osmanischen Kriegsführung in Tripolitanien und der Cyrenaika im Ersten Weltkrieg (1915 - 1918)

An account of the activity of German submarines in the context of Ottoman warfare in Tripolitania and the Cyrenaika during the First World War (1915 - 1918)

Jochen Krüsmann und Simon Schnetzke

Published by and available from: Arbeitskreis Krieg zur See 1914 - 1918 e.V. (
1st edition 2020 (ISBN: 978-3-9822226-0-8), German language, 337 pages with 49 photo pages as well as sketches, route maps and appendices, format 152 x 215 mm, hardcover bound, 29,95 € plus 3 € shipping costs (Germany) / 7 € (international).

The book is primarily devoted to the aspect of supplying the Ottoman troops fighting in North Africa and their allies, which was done almost exclusively by German submarines. In addition to the two submarines UC 20 and UC 73, which were mainly used for the expedition "Mirr", the publication also deals with all the voyages of the other German submarines destined for Libya in the years 1915 and 1918. In addition to primary sources, such as the war diaries of the U-boats involved and the Mittelmeer Division as well as documents from the archives of the Federal Foreign Office, the Turkish General Staff work was also consulted. For the first time, previously unpublished private documents and photos of the leader of the expedition "Mirr", Rittmeister Paul Wolff Freiherr von und zu Todenwarth, on the operation in Libya could be consulted. The individual chapters of the book are introduced by small compact excursions on land operations and political developments, since the submarine activities were closely interwoven with the events on land and many decisions of the authorities and persons involved cannot be understood in isolation from them. The work is completed with a list of the successes of the submarines covered in the book in the war of commerce and an extensive photo section with many previously unpublished photographs.
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