Where are all the old forum posts?

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Where are all the old forum posts?

Post by KML » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:49 pm

Welcome to the new Warsailors Forums!

From 2001-2019 we have hosted forums here but after a recent server upgrade, the abandonment of development on the open source Phorum software package, and some difficulties in upgrading the Phorum software we had installed, we have had to make the transition to this new platform, using the open source software phpBB.

For long time visitors, please be assured that all the old postings up to April 1, 2019 have been preserved, and we have created a read-only archive of all these postings which you can view at the links below:

Ship Forum Archive 2001-2019[
http://warsailors.com/forum/archive/for ... php-1.html
Find Old Shipmates Forum Archive 2002-2019
http://warsailors.com/forum/archive/for ... php-2.html
Maritime Books Forum Archive 2002-2019
http://warsailors.com/forum/archive/for ... php-3.html

How can I search the old archives?

There is a built-in search engine here for new posts, but we are waiting for the old archived version of the postings, in good old HTML, to be crawled by Google, and we will then be able to search all the old postings through a custom Google query. We'll announce that updated search page here, and link to it from within the archived pages when it is active. We will explore options for importing all the old postings to the new forum here, but unfortunately, in the meantime, we will have a split between the old archive pages and the new forum here.

What about links to individual forum archive postings out on the internet and within the forums?

We have created a series of forwarders that should redirect any links to the old Phorum software to the correct archived posting. Please let me know if this is not working (kml at huginn.net). This should mean that the wealth of pointers to postings on the old forums will remain intact.

What about my old user name?

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to transfer old usernames and the like to the new platform. We would be grateful if you registered again here on this new forum platform. New users may initially have their first few postings temporarily held in a moderation queue for approval (including my own first posting here!) as a spam prevention measure so don't panic if your first posting isn't immediately visible.

Warm summer greetings from Siri (webmistress at warsailors.com) in the US and myself, her son (Konrad "Mitch"ell Lawson - http://muninn.net), in Edinburgh, Scotland. Please get in touch with me in this time of transition if you spot problems with forwarding pages, registration issues, etc.: kml at huginn.net.


Konrad M. Lawson and Siri Lawson
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