Invasion of Norway and the Copenhagen leak

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Invasion of Norway and the Copenhagen leak

Post by Platon Alexiades » Thu May 19, 2022 1:58 pm

Has anyone identified who leaked the information about Weserübung to the American Embassy in Copenhagen? On about 6 April 1940, they were informed that the invasion of Norway was imminent and that a division transported in ten ships would land at Narvik while Sweden would be left alone.

The signal was relayed by the British Admiralty in signal 1259/7 April to Admiral Forbes, C. in C. Home Fleet, who received it at 1420/7. It was not taken seriously as it was believed to be part of the "war of nerves". At 1735/7, another signal informed him that the German battlefleet was at sea and shortly after the Home Fleet sailed to intercept.

I am curious to learn who had passed the information. Probably a person in the Colonel Hans Oster circle of the German Resistance to Hitler? I have some suspicion on who it was but have no definite proof.

Years ago, I investigated the story but could only add that the signal was sent by the US Ambassador Atherton in Copenhagen but could not find any mention of the source in the US State Department files. Perhaps some information has been released since then?

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