19 July 1940

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19 July 1940

Post by Jordi Comas » Sun Dec 20, 2020 9:15 am

Hi all,

The Mediterranean Fleet made a departure from Alexandria on 19/7/40 trying to catch up italian CL Giovanni dalle Bande Nere after she was damaged in the engagement of Cape Spada in which CL Bartolomeo Colleoni was sunk. I'm trying to find which ships were involved in this sortie.

Group 1: BB Warspite and some destroyers. Which ones?
Group 2: BB Malaya, Ramillies, CV Eagle and some destroyers. Which ones?

No sources available about this sortie.

On 20/7/40 6 Swordfish planes (from Eagle) took off from Sidi Barrani and attacked Tobruk thinking that CL Giovanni dalle Bande Nere was there but sank Italian destroyers Ostro, Nembo and cargo Sereno. CL Bande Nere was in Bengasi.

Thank you very much
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