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Allied ships at Yalta

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 4:16 pm
by de domenico
For the Yalta Conference in February, 1945 a US naval contingent was made up of fleet flagship AGC 5 CATOCTIN, as communications and headquarters ship, in which President Roosevelt spent one night just after the end of the Conference. There were also the Liberty ship WILLIAM BLOUNT, which brought to Sevastopol a fair amount of cargoes for use at Yalta, and four fleet minesweepers: AM 246 IMPLICIT, AM 248 INCESSANT, AM 249 INCREDIBLE, AM 274 PINNACLE, to sweep some of the many mines left behind by the Germans and not swept by the Soviets off the Crimean coast (remember the loss of NOVOROSSIYSK ex GIULIO CESARE to a German mine still active in Sevastopol in 1955) and for air-sea rescue duties.
The British delegation availed itself of the services of the Cunarder RMS FRANCONIA. Does anybody know if there were other British units in support?