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Post by Sergey » Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:06 pm

Hi all!

Can someone help me about the following italian merchants and their fate + details like year of construction, cargo? Each of them was lost in June 1940.

Danilo B. (102 grt)
Maria (440 grt)
Carlo (253 grt)
Adige ((2189 grt or 1006 grt), capture by britisch off Malta
La Mora (?)

Thank you very much
phil morgan
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Re: Adige/Maria/Carlo/LaMora/DaniloB.

Post by phil morgan » Tue Jun 16, 2020 1:28 pm

Greetings Sergey

So far I can find data of one vessel only:
Danilo B (Sailing)
Registered Leghorn
Owners E Loffredok, L Zolezi
Build: Wood Aux. (Oil engine) Deutsche Werke, Kiel
Tonnage 102
Blt. 1921 by Gino Fenili. Viareggio
80x22x9.7 Ft.

Good hunting
de domenico
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Re: Adige/Maria/Carlo/LaMora/DaniloB.

Post by de domenico » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:06 pm

MARIA, a cargo steamer of 440 or 548 grt, built in 1903 (launch 26.3.1903 compl. 4.1903) as CAMERONIAN by the Blyth SB & DD Co. at Cowpen Quay for F.B. Cameron of London, in 1908 ALGOL for R.H. Penney & Sons of Shoreham, in 1923 MARIA for Gennaro Malinconico & Co. of Torre del Greco, from 1940 owner Teresa Palomba from Torre del Greco, bombed 13 n.mi. North of Tobruk on 28 June 1940
CARLO, a cargo sailing schooner (ketch or goletta ) of 253 grt, built 1900, owner Emilio Tomei & C. from Viareggio, mined 12 June 1940 18 mi. off Pianosa (Elba)
LA MORA, a motor-schooner (ketch or goletta) of 15 grt, built 1937, owner Guidi from Viareggio, mined 12 June 1940 West of the Secchio river mouth (South of Viareggio)
ADIGE, a cargo steamer of (1,006 or)1,060 grt, built 1906 (launch 3.3.1906 compl. 5.1906) by the Flensburger Schiffbau Ges. as CELIA for Adolph Kirsten of Hamburg, on 27.9.1919 mined and sunk off Jacobstad, raised 1921 as ADRIANA, same owner, 1928-34 to Hamburg-Rhein Linie of HAPAG, then back to Kirsten, purchased 1938 by Leonardo Mangiarotti fu G. of Genova as ADIGE, sold Oct. 1938 to owner Paolo Ferraro & C. from Genova, stopped by the British navicert control on 9 June 1940 and taken to Malta. Confiscated and used by Britain, first as ADIGE, damaged by the air attacks on Malta, then after repairs from 1944 as CANTAKEIT by the Anglo-Maltese SS. Co., Valletta, 1947 to the Comp. Salentina di Navigaz. as SALENTO, 1955 to Soc. D.E.N.F.E.R., Venezia, 1956-57 to SpA Navigaz. Trasporti, Pescara, broken up 2.4.1960 at Savona (I have a photo).

DANILO B., 102 grt, a cargo motor-schooner (a brigantino-goletta), built 1922, owners Luciano Loffredo & Zolesi from Porto Santo Stefano, mined 10 June 1940 4 or 9 mi. NW of Punta Carena (Capri)
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Re: Adige/Maria/Carlo/LaMora/DaniloB.

Post by Sergey » Wed Jun 17, 2020 2:17 pm

Thank you Phil & Domenico, excellent work!

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