German Convoy 348

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Jordi Comas
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German Convoy 348

Post by Jordi Comas » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:58 am

Hi all,

Does anyone know the composition of German convoy No. 348? This convoy was attacked by British MTB-230 and MTB-234 and MGB-18, MGB-21, MGB-82 and MGB-86 on the night 30/9/42-1/10/42 off Terschelling Island. There were 8 cargos and 5 escorts (V-1313, V-2003 sunk, V-2007, V-2008 and V-2011).

1 German cargo: Monsun
7 Swedish cargos: Elisabeth Maersk, Narvik, Thule (sunk), and 4 more....which ones?

Thank you very much
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