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 M/B Tassen 
21', 3 1/2 hp motor.

Initially left Skjebstad, Mandal on Sept 6-1941 with 3 people, setting off with a course for Newcastle, but meeting bad weather and heavy seas they had to return to Skjebstad, then left again 2 days later. They again encountered heavy weather, and often had to use a sea anchor (one time for 18 hours), but eventually arrived Amble Harbour (just north of Newcastle) on Sept. 14.

The following made the voyage:
Ottar Hay, Thomas Kaurin Johansen, Trygve Lind (owner of the vessel).

 M/B Telma (SF 100 SU) 
About 30' - The vessel was provided for the purpose by owner Lorentz Ødejord, Hjønnevåg.

Departed Solund on Oct. 27-1941 with 11 people, encountered bad weather with resulting motor trouble and eventually ran aground near Sandøy (Orkneys) late at night on Oct. 30. The passengers were assisted by people from shore.

On board were:
Arne Engen, Andreas Johannessen Geiterøy, Olaf Steen Hafstad, Julian Holmås, Arvid Korsvold, Hans Jacob Meland, Agnar Mongstad, Gustav Mulelid, Kjell W. Olsen, Hans Rohde, Alfred Sperrevik.

 M/B Traust 
Left Utvær in Solund in the middle of July-1940 with 2 people, namely Gunnar Fougner and Ruben Larsen, who belonged to a sabotage group that had been shipped in from Shetland by Mons Storemark shortly before. After having landed the 2 passenger in Shetland the following day, Traust returned to Norway, and later made 3 more voyages to Shetland carrying passengers sent by the Årstad-Brun Group in Bergen.

On her 2nd voyage, Traust had 5 passengers (names unavailable). Skipper Hilmar Langøy.

On her 3rd voyage another 5 passengers were on board, among them someone by the last name of Aksdal and Vallin as well as Nils Norland. Skipper Hilmar Langøy.

The skipper's brother Gerhard was part of the crew on 4 of the voyages, Erik Langøy was also among the crew for the 2nd and 3rd voyage. On the 4th voyage Thorvald Larsen was included, and on the 5th, Edvard and Olaus Langøy and Odd Rongevær.

The following came along on her 4th voyage Sept. 16-1940:
Skipper Hilmar Langøy, Haldor Espelid, Fredrik Falkenberg, Rolf Hagen, Kristian Haldorsen (husband of Else Haldorsen, who escaped the following year - see M/S Nordlys), Trond Halsvik, Thorvald Larsen, Nils Nordland, Sigurd Wiik.

On a 5th voyage, she encountered motor trouble and skipper Hilmar Langøy borrowed M/B Stjernen from Austrheim, heading west again with a total of 22 people. Near Shetland, they experienced engine problems, and Stjernen had to return, but was repaired and again headed west on Oct. 17-1940, arriving Lerwick on Oct. 18. The following 18 landed in Shetland (from Stjernen):
Skipper Hilmar Langøy (went to London on a mission for the organisation in Bergen), Lalla Bugge, Knut Forfang, Gunnar Fosse, Helge A. Grindheim, Henrik Hafstad, Kersti Hauge, Valdemar Hauge, Christian Jacobsen, Johan Kjerland, Kjell Reed Mohn, Ø. Myklebust, Einar Sem Olsen, ? Pedersen, Melancton Rasmussen, Gabriel Reed, Erik Rick, Knut Vidnes.

Stjernen subsequently returned with her crew, who were arrested later that year.

 M/B Trygg (M 37 HØ) 
Left Torvik, Herøy on Oct. 22-1940 with 3 people, arriving Lerwick safely.

On board were:
Skipper Osvald Torvik, Peter Berge, Jan Paulsen (all from Herøy, and all 19 years old).

 M/B Trygve (M 29 V) 
Departed Vigra a little after midnight on Jan. 1-1942 with 12 people, the voyage having been organized by Milorg and the Walle Group. They arrived Lerwick on Jan. 4.

On on board were:
Skipper Fredrik Aaraas (Kompani Linge agent, who had jsut completed a mission in the district and was returning to "base"), Knut Egil Almquist (agent), Leif Andreassen, Bjarne Melvin Aurdal, Arne Fausa, Bjarne Lars Føien, Reidulf Kristian Hagen*, Arne Høyer, Kaj Martens, Ingvald Smith Kielland, Ole Hoff Snefjellå, Guttorm Thoresen, Jan Reidar Weltzien.

These people were from various parts of the country, some from Oslo, some from Stavanger, Mo i Rana, Haugesund etc.

* Reidulf Hagen from Nordfjord, a member of the Torsvik Group (see my Statistics page), had been transferred from jail to the hospital in Ålesund, having pretended to be sick for a while, but Gestapo wanted to send him to Oslo for more interrogations, so he escaped.

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