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 M/B Per 
I get the understanding this was simply a cover name for M/K Heland. The vessel departed Ålesund on Nov. 4-1941, arriving Lerwick on the 7th, after having encountered a horrendous storm (this was the storm in which Blia went down). Heland later returned to Norway and continued fishing - follow link to Heland for further developments.

The following came along in Nov.-1941.
Skipper Severin Roald, Karl Johan Åarsæther, Åsmund Wisløff (Both Kompani Linge agents?), Odd Berset and Børge Johan Petersen.

 M/B Pluggen 
Arrived Peterhead, Scotland (probably from Nordland) on July 26-1940, with skipper Alfred Kvitvær, Lurøy.

 M/B Pokal (M 102 H) 
Departed Ålesund on Nov. 4-1940 with 9 people, the first group from the orginazation in Oslo taken care of by the Torsvik Group (see my Statistics page, link below). Among them was the Naval officers Lea, Sars, Bugge and Andresen as well as the Army officer Nagell.

This was Pokal's second attempt, having also tried to get out on Oct. 26 that year, but had to return due to motor trouble. The motor was repaired and they tried again on Nov. 4, had motor problems again, but managed to keep going until they reached Lerwick on Nov. 7.

 M/S Porat (H 61 S) 
Left Tælavåg on May 8-1940 with 2 people, arriving Lerwick around May 9.

These 2 were on board:
Teodor Midtveit and Karsten Øvretveit.

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