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 M/B Odd (lost) 
Left Sunnfjord around Sept. 20-1941 with 3 Norwegians and 2 German soldiers. (She was in German service and the Germans were guards). They stopped at Bulandet to get a man to guide them out and that's the last anyone heard of the ship. On Sept. 22, M/B Sjølivet passed the wreck of a fishing vessel out on the ocean, this could possibly have been Odd.

The Norwegians were:
Nils Johan Kittang, Ingvar Andreas Sagen, and Einar Skare.

 M/S Odin (H 186 H) 
Left Fauksanger, Hordaland on Sept. 7-1941 with 5 people, arriving Lerwick on the 9th.

The following came along:
Skipper and owner Ingvald Breivik, Rasmus Andersen, Andreas Ingvaldsen, Asbjørn Leonardsen, Hilmar Nilsen.

 M/S Olaf (H 91 A) 
Departed Hanøy, Askøy on June 30-1941 with 4 people and arrived Fraserburgh, Scotland on July 3.

On board were:
Skipper and owner Olaf Rasmussen, Martin Breivik, Martin G. Eide, Nils Eriksen.

 M/B Olaf (ST 67 NF) 
Left Florø on March 15-1941 with 5 people, arriving Lerwick on the 16th. Skipper was Ingvald Johansen, Trondheim.

 M/B Olaf II 
18', Left Haugesund on June 2-1941 and arrived Fair Isle on June 6.

On board were:
Skipper and owner Arne Baste and Sverre Larssen, both from Haugesund.

 M/B Olai 
Departed Store Milde, Fana on Aug. 15-1941 with 4 people and arrived Fair Isle on the 17th.

These were on board:
Skipper Samson Skipenes, Georg Herøy, Jens Meidell Møllerup, Vemund Naustdal, all from Fana.

 M/B Olav (M 73 V) 
Left Vigra on Sept. 27-1941 with 18 people, arriving Lerwick on Sept. 30. The boat was stolen by Johan S. Molnes, who at that time was a member of the Walle group, organizers of this voyage (see my Statistics page, link below).

On board were:
Skipper Hans Furnes, Jonas Emil Fjørtoft, Ottar Per Fjørtoft, Sverre Furnes, Ludolf Gudmundseth, Erik Adeler Gundersen, Bjørn Oddvar Hansen, Inge Alf Moe, Peder Nupen, Per O. Roald, Per Louis Rønes, Trygve Ingolf Rørstad, Peder Harry Rørvik, Josefine Synnes, Anna Sæbønes, Rakel Wanswik, Ragnar Wold, Ingrid Årset.

 M/B Ottar 
Left Åkrehamn, Karmøy on Sept. 9-1941 with 3 people, all from Haugesund. The day after departure the motor stopped and they drifted south for 3-4 days in heavy winds. When the wind decreased they sailed west for 3-4 days. On Sept. 18 a German aircraft attacked with machine guns, hitting one of the passengers, Herluf Brå, in the arm and through his lung. The aircraft came over 6 times before it took off again, leaving Magne Østensjø dead in the cabin. The remaining man, Erling Ellingsen, battled to keep the vessel afloat, and also tried to take care of the injured man. The following day, they encountered a Dutch 14' vessel with 6 escapees on board, and that same day the men in both boats were picked up by a British minesweeper which landed them in Gt. Yarmouth on Sept. 19. Herluf Brå's arm had to be amputated but he recovered from his wounds.

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