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 M/K Jakk (H 120 H) 
Left Hellesøy on Sept. 9-1941 with 15 people and arrived Lerwick on the 10th.

These came along:
Finn Greve, Arthur Hellesund, Johannes Ingvaldsen, Mikael Hellesund, Bjarne Hellesøy, Ingvald Kvinge, Alfred Kristoffersen Misje, Kristoffer Misje, Erling Olsen, Jens Skjælanger, Magnus Eilertsen Svellingen, Walter Sæterdal, Trygve Thomassen, Bernt Olsen Turøy, Kristoffer H. Turøy.

 M/B Jan (H 135 S) 
Left Tælavåg on Oct. 5-1941 with 19 people, arriving Lerwick on the 7th.

On board were:
Skipper Kristian Winther Ellingsen, Thorleif Daa Andreassen, Hans Henrik Børsting, Bernhard Dahle, Helge Frimannslund, Johannes Færøy, Peder Kristoffer Førdedal, Odin Hovland, Knut Berntsen Høyland, Fritjof Kallestad, Karsten Kallestad, Bjarne Langset, Audun Mjaatvedt, Arne Røthe. The Guestbook message referred to below also adds Frants Tomassen to this list, saying that Audun Mjaatvedt and Daa Andreassen later died in England during the war, while Frants Tomassen managed to get to the U.S., where he became a pilot. Only Arne Røthe is alive today (Nov.-2005).

My Norwegian Guestbook has a message from the son of Arne Røthe. There's also a message from the granddaughter of Bernhard Dahle.

 R/S Johan Bruusgaard 
R/S=Redningsskøyte, meaning Rescue Vessel.

Said to have arrived Lerwick with 16 people on Apr. 21-1945, however, the article mentioned below states they arrived Lerwick on March 19, having left Bremanger on March 17.

Skipper was Georg Nessen.

My Norwegian Guestbook has a link to a downloadable article describing the crossing (text in Norwegian). In addition to the skipper, the article names Ivar Nøttingnes, Johannes Langeland, Johan Langeland, Didrik Grotle, Magnus Grotle, Werner Kumle, Leif Nesje, Knut Hallset, Sigvald Håøy, Olav Urvik, Sigurd Vågane, Sverre Vågane, Ragnvald Sørbotten, August Sande, and Orvald Sletten (some of whom were wanted by the Gestapo).

 M/S Juvel (M 102 S) 
Delivered in June-1936 from A. M.Liaaens Skipsverfter & Mek. Verksted, Ålesund (79) as fishing vessel / seiner Juvel to P/r Rasmus Ervik, Bringsinghaug in Sande (M-102-S). Steel hull, 94.2’ x 18,9’ x 7.8’, 111 gt, 5cyl 2tev Atlas-Polar dm 260bhp. Fishing near Greenland in the summertime. Lengthened in 1938, 106.3’ x 18.9’ x 7.8’, 130 gt, 160 tdwt.

On the night leading up to Apr. 8-1940 Juvel was southward bound from Finnmark with a cargo of fish when her crew saw mines being laid at Vestfjorden. Juvel subsequently discharged her cargo, then went home to Flatholmen in Ålesund. Later that month she was ordered by the Navy to go to Molde, where she took on board anti aircraft guns from HMS Sheffield and transported them to Tafjord Kraft. She then carried 100 soldiers and 25 tons anti aircraft grenades from Molde to Åndalsnes. When she arrived, Åndalsnes was on fire so the soldiers were landed in Isfjorden, while the grenades remained on board. At Daugstad the Germans attempted to bomb her, but she escaped unharmed.

Departed Norway on May 4-1940 with 25 people, arriving Klakksvik, Faroe Islands on May 6, still with the grenades on board; these were handed over to British authorities at Klakksvik.

These came along:
Skipper Rasmus Ervik, Oddny Ragnhild Dalen, Rasmus Dalen, John Eikaas, Alv Ervik, Elisabeth Ervik, Jon Reidar Ervik (born 1939), Josefine Ervik, Karl Ervik, Kjell Ervik, Leif Magne Ervik (1938), Mathea Ervik, Odd Ervik, Per Egil Ervik (1936), Per Ervik, Ragna Ervik, Signe Ervik, Arnfrid Kragset, Helge Kragset, Herborg Kragset, Jonas Kragset, Oline Kragset, Julius Ekremsvik, Ester Støylen, Wilhelm Støylen.

Juvel subsequently made 2 fishing voyages to Greenland, up until the time the areas were mined. She was then requisitioned by The Royal Navy for transporting troops and equipment.

This document from the National Archives of Norway shows some of her voyages (or at least I think it's for this Juvel).

POST WAR: Returned to Norway in Aug.-1945 in bad state of repair, necessitating about a year at a yard for repairs, before resuming her fishing with Kjell Ervik as skipper and Karl Ervik as chief engineer. In 1949 a 5cyl Atlas-Polar dm 260bhp (1948) motor was installed. Sold in July-1956 to P/r Harald & Anders Vetrhus, Måløy (fishery No. SF-?-V), renemad Dagning 2. Sold in 1961 Harald Vetrhus, Måløy, renamed Dagrand. Sold in May 1969 to P/r / v. Alf Haugen, Måløy. Sold in Nov.-1970 to Karstein Solbakk, Fedje, converted to freighter, 130 gt, in coastal service. Sold in Jan.-1973 to P/r / Hermann Færøvik, Buskøy, coastal service. Renamed Sulevær in July-1973. Sold in May-1977 to Georg Nygård, Muslandsvåg in Tysvær, renamed Nyholm, in local sand trade. Rebuilt around 1977, 133 gt. In the spring of 1986 she was rebuilt at Skips- & Anleggsservice, Moksheim near Haugesund, new wheelhouse. Following bakruptsy in Aug.-1987 she was sold at a forced auction to Fjordfrakt AS, Hundvåg, Stavanger (Kirsti Nygård, Muslandsvåg in Tysvær), in local sand trade. Sold in Sept.-1991 to Odd Magne Stabben, Tømmervåg. In Jan.-1993 (possibly earlier?) she was sold to P/r Nyholm DA (Georg Nygård, Muslandsvåg in Tysvær), still in local sand trade. A 4cyl 2tev Wichmann ACA 300bhp motor was installed (year unknown). In Sept.-1995 she was exchanged with La Meer belonging to Odd Magne Stabben, Sørstrøno near Os and renamed Øyholm. Sold in Oct.-1995 to Loman Fisk A/S, Byrkjenesøy. Sold in May-1996 to Birma Shipping A/S (Birger Bergseth), Kårvåg, in sand trade in the western part of Norway for Vestfrakting A/S. Sold in Febr.-1999 to La Societe de Transport Mutsuma du Anjouan, Komorene.

(Pre war history, part of WW II history and post war details received from Trygve Eriksen, Norway - His sources: Dag Bakka jr., Leo Oterhals, the magazine "Skipet" and misc.).

 M/S Jøkul (M 11 SE) 
Delivered in Dec.-1937 from A. M. Liaaens Skipsverfter & Mek. Verksted, Ålesund as fishing vessel/seiner Jøkul to to Ole Sørdal, Syvdsbotn / Åle e.a. (M-11-SE). Steel hull, 98.9' x 19.8' x 8.2', 128 gt., 5cyl Atlas-Polar dm 220bhp.

Left Syvde for Iceland on May 9-1940 with 16 people.

On board were:
Skipper Knut Skår, Gunvor Giske, Haldis Giske, Karl K. Giske, Ragnvald Giske, Sonja Giske, Harald Holsvik, Peder Løseth, Hilda Remøy, Rolf Reite, Anna Strømmen, Oskar Strømmen, Unni-Lise Strømmen, Martin Vidnes, Knut Vik, Knut Vikenes.

POST WAR: Rebuilt and lengthened in 1949, 146 gt, new motor: 6cyl 2tev Crossley dm 450bhp (1949). Capsized and sank 26 n. miles west of Lista on Aug. 29-1964, when en route from the fishing fields in the North Sea to Egersund with herring. Crew of 12 rescued by the German cargo vessel Marie Oldendorff and landed in Kristiansand.

(Details on builder and post war info received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His sources: "Båter, baser og barske menn" Leo Oterhals 1997, Thor B. Melhus / Skipet and misc.).

 M/B Jåbæk (M 85 B) 
Departed Ålesund on May 2-1940 with 20 people and arrived Lerwick in the morning of May 4, having stopped at Baltasund. On their way south they had Bomma in front of them, also headed for Lerwick.

Jåbæk had been under military command since the war started. The skipper, Peder L. Godø was told to stand by f. o., and on May 2, the day after the south of Norway had capitulated, Godø was requested by the sherriff in Borgund to go to Ålesund. 16 people came on board, among them soldiers from the Bergen area. The skipper's brother-in-law and part owner of the vessel, Oskar Pilskog also came along. Other crew were John Godø and Ivar Nerland.

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