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 M/B Igland (SF 48 B) 
Left Bremanger on Dec. 23-1940 with 7 people.

On board were:
Arnfin Grotle, Bård Grotle (skipper, later to become one of the pioneers in the "Shetland Gang"), Henrik Grotle, Ola Grotle, Sigmund Ove Førde and 2 more.

 M/B Ingeborg (H 6 S) 
Departed Tælavåg on July 21-1941 with 4 people and arrived Lerwick the next day. Skipper was Arne Olsen Nipen.

 M/B Ingeborg (SF 224 SU) 
Left Straumen in Solund on Aug. 17-1941 with 7 people, arriving Lerwick on Aug. 19.

These were on board:
Skipper and part owner Søren Strømmen, Otto Holen, Andreas Lillehjem, Aslaug Marie Strømmen, Borghild Johanne Strømmen, Trygve Olai Olsen Strømmen and Leif Viken.


Left Ålesund on July 27-1941. On board were Gabriel Smith and Sverre Haugbråten, the latter having escaped from imprisonment. He had been injured in an encounter with the Gestapo and had been sent to hospital. The voyage was organized by Waldemar Toivonen, Oslo. They encountered horrendous weather but arrived Aberdeen and was towed to shore on Aug. 4.

G. Smith was later killed at Walcheren, while Haugbråten was injured during the raid on Måløy. He also experienced being torpedoed, but survived the war (he died in 1965).

See text under Isbjørn.

 I Win 
Left Florø on Oct. 27-1944 with 2 people, arriving Scapa Flow on the 30th.

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