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M/B Gangar (ST 119 NF) 
Departed north Frøya on May 14-1944 with 22 people, arriving Lerwick on May 16. Skipper was Harald Dyrø (in my Norwegian Guestbook there's a message from his grandson).

 M/B Glimt (M 303 HØ) 

Departed Volda on May 25-1941 with 15 people, arriving Sumber Head, Shetland 4 days later after a stormy voyage. Continued to Lerwick with arrival June 1.

These came along:
Ola Aksnesseter, Throstein Wilhelm Engelsgård, Jacob Nikolai Rinde Helseth, Lauritz Homlen, Karl Færden Hånes, Olav Lundteigen*, Håkon Myhre, Ole Arnfinn Myhre, Sivert Arthur Ole Mork Myhre, Sven Sigfried Nordlund (Swedish), Tor Vaa Raknes, Tørres Rustung Sandvig, Dagbart Brynjulf Strand, Erik Thuestad, and Bergfinn Åslid.

*My Guestbook has a message from a relative of Olav Lundteigen.

M/B Gneist 
Left Masfjorden on June 10-1940 with a group of saboteurs who had arrived from Shetland around the beginning of June (on the Danish Hospits?). The skipper, Oskar Leirvåg, had previously taken 7 people to Shetland in May that year, among them a British diplomat from Oslo by the name of Campbell - see Snål. He had returned to Norway, but found it best to get out for good this time. The skipper had his wife Larsine with him on Gneist, as well as 3 of his children (Oskar, Maria, Laurits and Konrad). Gneist had previously belonged to Ivar Duesund, who was later executed - see text under Viking II.

 Good Hope 

Departed Kolbjørnsvik, near Arendal on July 27-1941 with 6 people. The following day they were spotted by a German aircraft and a few hours later a voorposten boat reached them. They were towed to Kristiansand where the prisoners were handed over to the Gestapo. 5 of them were later sentenced to death, 4 of whom were shot at Håøya, while the 5th was beheaded in Berlin. The 6th ended up in concentration camps; he died shortly after the war as a result of his experiences.

The 6 were:
Olaf Andersen, Charles Jacobsen, Carl Petter Johansen, William Nilsen, Oscar Sørensen and Alexander Ugland.

 M/B Grei (M 33 NA) (lost) 
Left Nord-Aukra on Nov. 30-1941 with 2 people. Experienced engine trouble the following morning, and after that had been repaired they encountered a storm. One of those on board, Kristian Hægdahl had had an ear surgery shortly before they left, and by Dec. 10 he was dying out there on the sea. The boat was drifting and they only had enough food for one more day. The other passenger, Gerhard Sundby wrote a farewell letter to his mother and placed it in a bottle which was found in western Finnmark on Febr. 23-1942. The letter was sent to his mother in Haugesund. The 2 were never heard from again.

M/K Grimsøy 
159 gt, Homeport Ålesund.

Escaped to Gt. Britian with a cargo of aluminum just before the capitulation of the North of Norway in June-1940. "Hjemmeflåten - mellom venn og fiende" says she had 18 passengers on board, while "Englandsfarten" (both listed on my Sources/Books page) says she left Tromsø via Honningsvåg on June 7 with 9 people, then went to Canada.

Skipper was Peder Farstad, who had his daughter Gerd and his sons Audun, Otto, Rolf and Arne with him. Also on board were Professor Leiv Kreyberg, Karl K. Larsen and Gunnar Nygård.

 M/B Gullborg (H 170 F) 
Skipper: Martin Davanger.

Departed Fjell on Sept. 21-1941 with 26 people, one of whom was female, and arrived Lerwick on the 23rd.

 M/S Gå På 
Built 1899?
100? gt.


Departed Ålesund on May 30-1940. See the story under Utvær.

The book "Damp - Dampskipets æra i Vestfold" also mentions a Gaa Paa (double a is the same as å), a steamship of 508 gt built in Gothenburg in 1883, owned by R. M Peterson, Moss until 1902. From 1915 she was owned by A/S D/S Treborg (J. Ringen, Haugesund), renamed Treborg. Sank following a collision with an unknown steamer on Febr. 15-1918, voyage Port Talbot- St. Malo with coal. This vessel is also mentioned in "Våre gamle skip" which adds that she was purchased by J. Ringen in Jan.-1915, then managed by Jens J. Salvesen, Kristiania from Nov.-1916 (Treborg) Position for collision is given as north/northwest of Longship light vessel, agreeing with the voyage and cargo.

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