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 M/B Diamant (H 245 H) 
Departed Misje in Hordaland on Nov. 1-1941 with 9 people, arriving Lerwick the next day.

The following came along:
Skipper (and part owner) Anton Brynjelsen and his brother Bjarne, Elias Jensen, Johannes Matisen and his brother Mikkal, Anton Mikkelsen and his brother Malvin, Jonas P. Misje and Martin Turøy.

 M/S Disko (M 165 H) 
Departed Brattvåg on May 3-1940 with 5 families, and about half of the passengers were children. They arrived Thorshavn a couple of days later together with Koralen from Brattvåg.

On board were:
Skipper Johan L. Sønderland, Brattvåg, Mrs. Helland, Ole Helland, Anna Hildre, Hans Hildre, Harry Hildre (13), Hilmar Hildre (10), Ingebjørg Hildre (7), Sverre Hildre (16), Arnulf Hildremyr (age 3), Jenny Hildremyr, Johanne Hildremyr, Johanne Hildremyr (age 2), Karl A. Hildremyr, Oddny K. Hildremyr (age 4), Ola Hildremyr, Gina I. Rogne, Ivar P. Rogne (11), Jon P. Rogne (13), Lars J. Rogne, Peder J. Rogne, Greta B. Sønderland (age 5), Ingeborg Sønderland (age 1), Lars J. Sønderland (age 10), Norveig Sønderland and Peder J. Sønderland (age 8).

 M/B Dolsøy (M 319 A) 
Departed Volda on Apr. 16-1941 and arrived Lerwick on the 18th.

The following came along:
Skipper Arvid Johnsen, Fritz Erik Andresen, Andreas Grieg Bjerke, Albert Hofflund, Ragnar Hvoslef, Victor Johansen, Arvid Pareli Johnsen, Steinar Kiran, Ulf Johan Mangschou*, Per Martinsen, Per Borch Olsen, Anton Kåre Pettersen, Roy Andresen Ramsli, Daniel William Walker Ring*, Ivar Johan Silseth, Oscar Ulla, Kaspar Jarle Valle, Knut Winther, and Andreas Hofgaard Wyller.

* These 2 men had previously been among the passengers of M/B Reidar which was lost near Langholmen off Vigra in March that same year.

 M/B Dreggen (B 57 B) 
Included in Nortraship's register after her escape from Norway in Oct.-1944 and therefore listed in the other section - follow link for details.

M/B Dronning Maud 
About 20'.

Departed Udvåre near Lindesnes on Aug. 17-1941 with 3 people and arrived Aberdeen, Scotland on the 20th after a hard voyage. One of those on board was Søren Brandsnes who is mentioned several times on this website, follow this link to Polykarp, under the heading "The captured crew - A personal account" for more information. Alf Rasmussen and Gerhart Torp also came along.

See also this message to my Guestbook, which has a link to a picture of a similar boat, as well as a picture of Søren Brandsnes.

 M/B Drott (R 88 ES) 
Left Holmane near Egersund late in the evening of of Sept. 17-1941 with 15 people and arrived Peterhead (near Aberdeen, Scotland) around noon on the 19th.

This voyage came about because several of those who needed to leave had been involved with the so-called Oftedal Group (Stavanger) which had been discovered by the Germans and several of its members arrested. Earlier that fall the situation had become critical for many of those who were involved and the intention had been to leave with Drott then, but at the time there was a lot of German Naval and aircraft activity along the coast, after a British submarine had torpedoed a ship, so the voyage was postponed. Not long afterwards, one of the group's members, Ragnvald Olsen, Stavanger was arrested (he was executed the following year along with others from the Oftedal group). The voyage could be postponed no longer, and the following set out with Drott:

Skipper (and owner) Olav Kvalbein and his wife Helene, Leif Andreasen, Halfdan Egge, Gabriel Kronvald Idland, Kaspar Idland, Arne Kvalbein, Johan J. Kvalbein, Louis Larsen, Ingvald Nævland, Sven Ollestad, Birger Soma, Sven Soma, Alf Åkre and Christian Åsland.

 M/B Duen (H 73 T) 
Departed Øklandsvågen in Bremnes on Oct. 22-1941 with 38 people, arriving Lerwick on the 25th.

This voyage was organised by the Brun & Bremnes Group and Duen had been purchased for the purpose of escaping. Again, several of the passengers were wanted by Gestapo in connection with the recent arrests in Bergen of members of the Stein organisation.

Duen had a rough voyage with heavy weather and engine failure twice. They finally reached land near Sumburgh Head and stranded there in the dark.

On board were:
Skipper Petter Drægebø (he was a police officer and a mate by profession), Alf Adriansen, Knut Amundsen, Birger Andersen, Cisco Baldersheim, Erling Baldersheim, Lena Banner, Håkon Bjørge, Harald Bogstad, Johan Ludvig Erland, Alfred Fløysand, Kjell Giovanni, Finn Sundet Gundersen, Johannes Helland, Albert Henriksen, Karl Hjelle, Otto Andre Holthe, Kåre Karlsen, Reidar Lid, Rolf Anton Roscher Lund, Alfred Lunde, Erik Mack, Einar Madsen, Olaf Melkvig, Marie Moss, Sigrid Moss, Håkon Nilsen, Arne Paulsen, Hermann Rasmussen, Erling Sivertsen, Theodor Stenersen, Reinart Svendsen, Anton Sætre, Bjarne Thoresen, Leif Tjellaug, Gunnar Wiig-Andersen, and Lars Økland.

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