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Odd's Service Book (Radio Officer)
Min fars "mønstringsbok"

Note that the ships are not listed in chronological order in these documents - I've done so on my page Odd's Ships. This is how I've desicphered the handwriting (some of them were easier than others, because I have letters written by my father establishing he was on board a certain ship at the time):

Aurelian, Thorshov, Titanian, Tai shan, Toronto, Olav Ringdahl, Toldeo. The next one looks like Bjolartus but I've been told there was no such ship. Roger W. Jordan has suggested it's probably Polarbris. The next one looks like J. K. Hansen, then Ragnvald Jarl.

On the page below:
Havtroll, S. Laurel (probably Southern Laurel), Beth, Mosjøen, Ulefoss, Bomi Hills, Southern Venturer and Baleares.

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