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Updated Sept.-2013 - I've only removed and/or fixed broken links. This page is over 10 years old and there are a lot more informative websites today than those listed here. With today's search abilities, links pages like this are really no longer necessary; it's easy to find what we're looking for without them. This page will no longer be updated.

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"Odd's War" - Links related to my father's story

Norwegian Merchant Marine & Navy
I have marked the sites that are in Norwegian with an N
Ships, sailors, Nortraship | The Battle of the Atlantic | Convoys | Facebook pages

Ships, seamen, Nortraship:

I'd like to mention that Sjøfartsfilm has quite a few movies that until now have been difficult to find, for instance, "Flight from Dakar" (see my page about Lidvard).

The next two links go to pages on my own website; all the others are external.

The Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939-1945
Lists Norwegian ships that sailed in the year 1939 through WW II, organized alphabetically, with information on what happened to them. Includes convoys, pages about German raiders, and much more.

and Nortraship's secret fund.

Passage to Freedom: a Tribute to the Norwegian merchant navy
A film about the Norwegian Merchant Fleet - from the Imperial War Museum

Nortraship flag

Norwegian Houseflags
A section of Houseflags of Shipping Companies

Camp Norway
The History of Camp Norway, Lunenburg; includes names of Norwegians who are buried in Nova Scotia.

Panamanian and Honduran Ships
This page contains a summary and account of 67 Panamanian and Honduran flag merchant ships lost or damaged during World War II, and lists the names of a number of Norwegian seamen who were on board these ships (it's a section of the U.S. Armed Guard website). I thought perhaps it might prove useful for someone who's searching for a particular Norwegian sailor.

Merchant Mariners killed on U.S. Ships
Alphabetical list of seamen (many Norwegian) who died on U.S ships. This one is linked to the letter A, scroll down to get to the alphabet. (From American Merchant Marine at War).

Vrakdykking N
I really like this site, it has gorgeous pictures of the ships discussed, and very informative articles. (Website for divers).

Wreck database
Alphabetical list of ships.

Lardex N
Information on ships belonging to the Sandefjord Companies Anders Jahre, Thor Dahl, A. C. Olsen, Haldor Viriks Rederi, Johan Rasmussens Rederi, and others.

Skipet N
Norwegian Shipping History Society. Ship information sorted by owning companies. Lots of information. This is the main page.

Bergen Steamship Co.
Skips in Det Bergenske Dampskibsselskab through the years, also covers several other fleets.

Norwegian Naval Forces
From U-boat Net.

The Norwegian subs Ula & Uredd

Sjømmennenes Minnehall N
(Seamen's Memorial Hall)
A memorial for seamen at Stavern, Norway. Searchable database containing the ship's name and the names of those who perished on each ship, along with a brief summary (in Norwegian) of what happened to the ship. "Søk navn" means 'search name', "søk skip" means 'search ship'. This website also has some foreign ships that had Norwegians on board. (Be aware that some errors have been found in the information).

Våre falne
4 books, naming Norwegians who died during the war (searchable). The books re also available at The Digital Archives: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 and Book 4.

The Other Side of the Medal
Poem about a war sailor, written by Michael Holmboe, Stavanger.

Og hver var satt til sin bestemte oppgave N
Norwegian bureacracy at its "best".

The Battle of the Atlantic:

Battle of the Atlantic Timeline

Timeline of the Battle of the Atlantic

Military History on line - battle of the Atlantic
All aspects of the battle; includes the story of the Enigma and Ultra, articles on surface raiders, U-boats and convoys.

Battle of the Atlantic
Allied Communication Intelligence

Battle of the Atlantic
From BBC's WW II section.

Battle of the Atlantic
The developments in chronological order. From Naval History.net (fantastic website!).

Battle of the Atlantic Bookstore
From Tom Purnell's home page. Lots more than books here. (I've also linked to various sections of his page in my Ship Lists, as he writes extensively about Convoy HX 72 & U-100).


Note also that my own convoy section has a lot more information on misc. convoys, as well as several related links.

Convoy Battles
The convoy system, including the numbering system is explained in detail, with a list of all the intercepted convoys during the war. From here you can go to "The Greatest Convoy Battles" with information such as port of origin of each convoy, where it was headed, number of ships in the convoy and their names, name of attacking U-boat, ships lost, information on the escorts etc. In addition you can read about the U-boat Operations, and there's a list of all the German U-boats and information on their commanders. (From the excellent website U-Boat Net).

Convoy routes WW I and WW II

Battle of the Atlantic - Convoy ONS 154
Describes the battle for this convoy in great detail.

Joining the war at sea
A book by Franklyn E. Dailey Jr. This is linked to the chapter on convoy preparations, with details on Convoy HX 150, AT 20, KMF 25A, SC 48, ON 67. The site also has info on the loss of the Rescue Ship Toward, USS Buck and much more. Here's his Table of Contents.

Group Wotan and the Battle for Convoy SC 104
There are also articles about The battle for Convoy ON 113 and Convoys ONS-18/ON-202 The links keep changing (this is the 3rd or 4th time I've fixed them) so if these don't work, all the articles can be found on this page.

OS/KMS Convoys
There's also has a section for the returning SL convoys, as well as a section for Russian Convoys and many other series.

Convoy Escort Movements of Royal and Dominion Navy Warships
A section of the very informative Naval-History.net

Facebook pages (you have to be logged in to Facebook to see these):

Skipshunden Bamse N
(See my page about Thorodd)

Hestmandens venner N
(One of Nortraships ships, which has now been restored - see Hestmanden)

Krigsseilerne N

Det var hjem vi sjøfolk skulle N

The Invasion of North Africa

Operation Torch

Operation Torch

Coming to Africa
Chapter 5 of "Joining the War at Sea". Continue to Chapter 6 for more information.

The North Africa Campaign
Views on the campaign, background history. Created by Paul John.

Order of Battle Operation Torch

U.S. Army Campaigns of WW II
Algeria-French Morocco.

It is not a pretty sight
The bomber pilot, Glen Edwards' diary from the months after the invasion. (There's also a book available which is based on the diary).

The Strathallan Story

Links to articles on France & Morocco

Henri Philippe Petain
The president of the Vichy government. He was later sentenced to death, but the sentence was changed by De Gaulle to imprisonment for the rest of his life. (He died in prison in 1951).

Refugee Problem in France
A note sent by Secretary of State Cordell Hull to Gaston Henry-Haye, French Ambassador, January 9, 1941 [1]. From WW II Recources, a site containing primary source material on the web (original documents regarding all aspects of the war).

United states policy
toward France and the French people - Text of a note dated April 13, 1942, from the Acting Secretary of State to His Excellency Gaston Henry-Haye, Ambassador of the French Republic. Dept. of State Bulletin, issue of April 18, 1942. Also from "WW II Resources".

WW I history links can be found on my Links page. Also, be aware that there are a lot more maritime and WW II links within my Ship Lists, related to the text on each individual page.

Other Maritime Links

Allied Merchant Seamen, Navies & Ships, WW II
Gt. Britian | U.S.A. | The Netherlands

Great Britain/Commonwealth

Merchant Navy Sites:

The Red Duster
The British Merchant Navy.

Empire Ships
Alphabetical list of Empire ships (also, list of ship builders).

Fort Ships of WW II
Alphabetical lists with details of each ship. Also covers the "Ocean" and "Park" ships. Has an individual page on the loss of Fort Longueuil, crew list, survivors' stories etc.

Allied Merchant Seamen of WW II
Great site, with links to personal stories! Maintained by Maureen Venci (Canada).

Canadian WW II Merchant Ship Losses
Part of the "Naval Museum of Manitoba" website, link under the "Maritime Museums" section on this page.

Canadian Merchant Ship Losses
This is a revised version of the list linked above. This website has many interesting articles.

S/S Nerissa
A very informative website about this ship and her fate. Includes a crew and passenger list.

Empress of Asia

Honours & Awards to Canadian Merchant Seamen WW II
A section of Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy - also covers pre war awards.

Ships attacked off the Australian coastline
A list of ships attacked by Japanese submarines in this area.

Navies etc.:

Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939-1945
British and Commonwealth naval aviation history with 1000 pages about squadron units, aircraft, aircraft carriers, museums and research. I've linked this one to the section "Ships", but the main page is easy to get to.

Royal, Dominion and Allied Navies in WW II

The Royal Naval Reserve Record of John Wilson
Forbes Wilson has created this extremely well researched site about his grandfather, John Wilson, skipper on board the British trawler Rutlandshire, which endured a violent attack by German bomber planes in Namsfjord outside of Namsos, Norway in April of 1940. The crew managed to get to shore and was taken care of by the Norwegians at Skomsvoll on the island of Otterøya (near Namsos) until they were picked up by the destroyer HMS Nubian (see the report from Nubian on Forbes' website). Includes background history for the attack on Norway, list of British trawlers lost in WW II, and a very helpful research page.
New development: Forbes has now found people at Skomsvoll who remembers this episode, and he and his father have been invited to the 17th of May celebrations in Namsos (Norway's Constitution Day) from 2001. Among a long list of items in the planned program the first time, they visited the house where John Wilson and his crew were given shelter that night in April-1940. I was lucky enough to be able to take part on May 17-2003 and it was a fantastic experience! Since 2001 Forbes has also found the descendants of the crews of other vessels involved and some of them were present when I visited Namsos this year.
A new quest: Forbes has found out that the ship's bell from Ruthlandshire still exists (in Stavanger) and would very much like a picture of it. So if anyone who knows where the bell is would contact either me (address at the bottom of this page) or Forbes (through his website) he would be most appreciative. This means a lot to him and his family.

The Naval Ships of Victor Johns in WW II
Another nice personal site, lots of information here too.

Battle Cruiser Hood

British Submarines of WW II
Huge site, with links to other countries' submarine sites.

British Submarine Losses

Axis Submarines Destroyed by Canadian Forces, 1939-1945
Also from Rob Fisher's site.

WW II Canadian Navy Ships

Royal Australian Navy Gun Plot
This is huge! (WW I and II and more).

Royal Australian Navy
Includes a detailed history of each individual ship of the Royal Australian Navy.

Australian corvettes, WW II


U.S. Merchant Marine in WW II
Very informative web site on the USMM. This link goes to a page dealing with convoys and Atlantic crossings, since that information relates to my father's story. But from there you can go to the Index page for a great variety of links. Norwegian Mariners or American, they were all in the same "boat"!

U.S. Merchant Ships Sunk or Damaged in World War II
The title is self explanatory, and this is a part of the above website USMM.

U.S. Merchant Ship Losses WW II
Listed by month (U.S. Coast Guard website).

American Merchant Ships sunk in WW II
List from Arthur Moore's "A Careless word, A needless sinking" - w/pictures (a portion of the Armed Guard website, link below).

US Armed Guard
Has several pictures of Liberty ships & others, among a huge variety of other items (merchant marine, pictures, excerpts from books, personal stories, articles, ship logs and reports; the list goes on and on).

The T2 Tanker page

U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Vessels
Sunk or Damaged Beyond Repair during World War II, 7 December 1941-1 October 1945.

The U.S. Coast Guard in World War II
Includes Coastguard Combat cutters of WW II

The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting ships (destroyers, submarines, battleships, aircraft carriers, torpedo boats etc. etc).

Naval History & Heritage - Ship Histories
Not just US, but all nationalities. Includes list of former naval ships, preserved as museums, list of ships present at Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941, list of ships present during Surrender Ceremony in Tokyo Bay, 2 September 1945 and much more - here's the main page.

The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II
By Robert J. Cressman. Very helpful resource, not only for information on events pertaining to the U. S. Navy, but also for facts on ships of other nations (From the website "Hyperwar").

Ships and Tonnage Sunk in WW II by U.S. Submarines

The Netherlands

Shiplovers Homepage
Photo's and data of Dutch merchant ships from 1870 till present. Also has a list of Dutch ships sold to Norway.

The Holland-America Line
Ships past and present.

Royal Netherlands Navy Warships of World War II
Ships, bases, equipment, specials (informative articles), pictures, forum.

The Submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy
From 1906 till 2000.

Other Misc.:

List of ships of the Polish Navy

Polish Navy in Scotland

The Russian Navy
Not WW II, but interesting history, and worth a visit.

History of the Russian Navy

Russian Navy Weapons
Includes submarines, destroyers etc.

Swedish Merchant Ship Losses

Irish Mercantile Marine during WW II

Danish Navy Ships 1939-1945

Naval Ships of the World's Navies
Several countries - includes damaged merchant ships

Germany / Italy / Japan


German Naval History

Prinz Eugen.com
Ships, weapons and men of the Kriegsmarine. Lots of pictures.

Marauders of the Sea
Detailed accounts of the voyages of German raiders.

The German armed forces 1918-1945

List of all the German U-boats, with information on each of them.

Search for German U-boat crew
In German

U-boat Archive
Lots of pictures, as well as records from the National Archives at College Park, Maryland.

The U boat bases in France

Very comprehensive website on the history of this U-boat.

The story of U-47

Story of the U-534

The Capture of U-505


Regia Marina Italiana
The Italian Navy in WW II. Submarines, ships, men, articles.

World War II Naval Ships of Italy

Italian Navy at War


Japanese Naval and Merchant Shipping Losses
Losses during WW II.

Imperial Japanese Navy

Japan - Composition of a fleet
From "Encyclopedia of World War II Naval Battles", main page can be found under "Misc. Maritime" below.

Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy

Advanced Japanese destroyers of WW II

Japanese battleships

Misc. Maritime Links, Ship Pictures and Notice Boards/Find Shipmates
Ships, battles, ship yards | Pictures of Ships | Notice Boards

Ships, battles, ship yards and other misc. maritime:

Rederi AB Nordstjernan, Johnson Line
Lots of pictures and info (text is in Swedish).

Fakta om fartyg
Swedish ships.

Ships of the East Asiatic Line

Alphabetical list of misc. Norwegian Ships N

Esso Ships

Swiss Ships

The Great Ocean Liners

The Ships List
Fleet list for the Union Steam Ships Company (here is the main page for this site).

This site has a lot of very interesting and varied information, and is really worth a visit. Includes several company histories.

WW II Troop Ship Crossings

Maritime disasters of WW II
The fate of over 140 ships of all nations, the Battleships, Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Liberty and Victory Ships, and the civilian luxury liners. Be sure to click on "lesser known facts" too! Part of George R. Duncan's web site.

Encyclopedia of WW II Naval Battles
Lists ships on all sides of the various battles, covering the Atlantic, Mediterranean, North Sea and Arctic, and Pacific. Also includes several convoy battles.

WW II Cruisers
Very comprehensive website, covering Allies and Axis, with pictures, histories and articles.

History of the torpedo

Sir Charles Goodeve
Development of degaussing.

Lend/Lease Act 11 March 1941

World Ship Society

List of ship owners.

Maritime Timetable Images

Worldwide ship wreck registry
A site that offers ship wreck records for sale.

South Portland Shipyards of WW II
Honoring the men and women who built the Liberty Ships. Includes Ships List, photographs, history and more.

British and Worldwide shipbuilders

This is for a WW I list of standard built ships, but of course, most of these builders were also in existence during the 2nd war. Lists builders in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Japan and includes an alphabetical list of ships (from the "Mariners" website).

Clyde Built Ships Database
Includes ships of the Anchor Line, Andrew Weir, Ben Line and several others.

Pictures of Ships, some for sale, others not (also post war vessels):

John Marsh Maritime Research Centre
A catalogue of a collection of 18000 photographs of 9200 ships taken in South Africa, mainly between 1921 and 1953. Prints can be ordered.

The National Maritime Museum Greenwich, London
They have an extensive collection of ships' photographs. I found several of my father's ships here by running a search under the ship's name.

Maritime pictures for sale
From the website Reflections (photo archive).

Library of aerial maritime photography.

Historical Collections of the Great Lakes

Vic Young & Len Sawyer's Black/White Negative coll.

German Photo Archive
Title of the page is "Schiffsbuchhandlung Fuchs", but they also claim to have over 400 00 ship pictures of the German Merchant Fleet from 1870 until today.

Maritime images from the past
Some of these go VERY far back in time. This is a section of the website Merchant Navy Officers

Online Library of selected Images
Downloadable images from the Naval Historical Center home page. Includes ships from all over the world, and also other Naval related pictures, as well as civilian. Includes Norwegian Navy ships.

Japanese Navy Ships
Donwloadable pictures (includes submarines). From the above website.

History and pictures, also from the Naval Historical Center.

Termaloma Productions
Ship photos from Stavanger, Norway (with links to several other websites with ship pictures).

Merchant Navy Nostalgia
Takes a while to load but has gorgeous pictures, covering Union-Castle Line, Cunard Steamship Co., General Cargo (Misc.), P & O and Orien Liners, Anchor Line, Ellerman Line and tankers.

Great Ships
Very nice postcard photos.

Simplon Postcards
Ships of all nationalities.

Ship Photos
Post war ships, 100's of pictures.

Royal Navy Warship Photographs
From the mid 1800's to the 21st century.

Notice Boards / Find Veterans & Shipmates:

Ancestry.com WW II Forum
Includes a message board for Merchant Marines.

Shipmate Search
U.S. MM.

Lost Trails
Veterans Search locator.

See also my own
Find Old Shipmates Forum and Ship Forum

Museums and Memorials, POW's, Archives:
Museums & Memorials | POW's | Archives

Museums & Memorials:

The Norwegian Maritime Museum
The museum keeps a database of crew lists etc. (but this database is not on line).

Det jødiske museum i Trondheim N
(The Jewish Museum in Trondheim).
A great collection of articles.

Holocaust Memorial Museum

Lofoten WW II Memorial Museum

Imperial war museum
Includes a film & video archive, photograph archive, diaries and much more (including a section on The Battle of the Atlantic).

Maritime & Naval Museums in Britain & Ireland
Listed by letters of the alphabet. It also lists about 500 historic museum-ships, many of which form part of the collections of some of the maritime museums in the main list.

Royal Museums Greenwich

The Australian National Maritime Museum

Naval Museum of Manitoba
Canadian Navy ships, Merchant ships, pictures, histories.

The Naval Museum of Alberta

The Mariners' Museum
Newport News, Virginia.

Danish Maritime Museum

Smith's master index of maritime museum websites
By Robert Smith.

International Naval and Maritime Museums
Long list of links to maritime museums around the world. (Does not include U.S.A.).

Naval and maritime museums U.S.A

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Holds a searchable Dept of Honour Register providing personal and service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces (including the Merchant Navy) who died in the First or Second World Wars. (A record of some 60,000 civilian casualties of the Second World War is provided without details of burial location). Also lists civilians who were killed by enemy action in WWII.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Searchable database. Also has a database for Canandian Merchant seamen, searchable by name of sailor and/or name of ship.

Astralian War Memorial
Includes, among other things databases where 1000's of WW II photographs can be found, including ships, and a searchable Memorial Roll of Honour database. Details on over 102,000 of Australia's war dead. More than half the entries have additional information attached.

Australian Merchant Seamens Memorial
Here's the main page - the site has a description of over 1000 memorials in various locations in Australia.

Burial Locations of Victoria Cross Recipients
(World wide).

Graves of WW II Personalities

See also my own Memorials page.

Prisoners of War and Camps:

The Falstad Center
POW camp outside Trondheim, Norway.

Russian Prisoners in Norway N
National Archives, Norway.

Fleet Air Arm POWS
Lists names and camps (British aviators).

Prisoner of War
From Stalag 18A.

The Stove in Barracks 3
I love this story - well worth a read!

The forgotten camps
A very comprehensive list of the various WW II prison camps.

Anne Frank was not alone
Holland and the Holocaust.

Anne Frank Center - U.S.A.

Holocaust Timeline
From "The History Place" (this website takes a while to load).

The Nizkor Project

Simon Wiesenthal Center
Articles and exhibits.

List of WW II POW camps

The Java Index
(British & Commonwealth prisoners).

List of ALL Japanese camps
Site for the Study of Guam and Allied POWS under the Japanese in World War II, here's the main page

Never Forgotten
Taiwan POW camps, incl. list of names of prisoners and several links to other POW websites.

Southeast Asia under Japanese Occupation

FEPOW Community
Far East Prisoners of War, has a wealth of information.

Twelve Hundred Days
Russell A. Grokett's story of surviving the Bataan Death March and three years as a Japanese Prisoner of War. Includes photos, maps, and audio clips.

Captain George Duffy's POW page

History of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor, Inc.
A lot of information on POW's and prison camps, personal stories etc. Also has a section on the The Hellships of WW II with pictures of the ships, and a link to a roster of those who were on board Arisan Maru.

The Hell Ships
A section of NARA (Prologue Magazine).

German Prisoners of war WW II

Island Farm
Bridgend, South Wales

Several more links can be found on my own misc. POW's pages which can be located by going to the main page for the ship lists. Names of some camps in Africa are listed on my page Labor Camps.


Researching Mariners and Ships
Tips on where to find archives on mariners in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Germany, and Finland.

Sources of information for ships research
Useful information on how and where to do reasearch on ships, voyages etc. etc.

Looking for records of merchant ships
The national Archives

The National Archives of Norway
Go to "Search The Catalogues" to find Nortraship archives. Here are some other misc. Norwegian Archives (addresses and contact information can be found by clicking on each name).

Researching Mariners in Norwegian Archives
Information on how to obtain data on a Norwegian sailor or ship. From a web site entitled "Mariners", which also provides help for research into mariners and ships of the merchant marine and navies of several other countries.

Forbes Wilson's Research Tips
A section of "The Royal Naval Reserve Service Record of John Wilson", linked further up on this page under Gt. Britain. Includes addresses and info on where to find the misc. Admiralty Records.

National Archives, Kew
Includes Catalogues and Online Records

Imperial War Museum collections

Research Guide, Merchant Navy WW II
Information on where the misc. records are held (National Maritime Museum).

National Archives of Australia

Public Record Office, Victoria

Library and Archives Canada

Naval Marine Archive
In Ontario, Canada.

Maritime History Archive
Memorial University of Newfoundland. Includes searchable crew lists.

The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
(also has lists of war casualties).

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Has copies of original dokuments, correspondenc etc.

WW II - General History:


The Campaign in Norway

Operation Weserübung

The invasion of Norway
Lists the naval units taking part, and also has a page on German coastal Defences in Norway in WW II.

Norway 1940
"Dedicated to the struggle of Norway in the spring of 1940. A campaign famous for the daring German assault over enemy controlled sea, Allied indecision, Norwegian failure and the traitor Quisling."

Norway During WW II
Interesting articles, pictures, popular forum, buying and selling of artifacts etc.

Tungtvannsaksjonen på Rjukan N
The "heavy water action" at Rjukan.

Operation Freshman

Operation Freshman

Tiger's Revenge
The story of 10 American airmen and their aircraft that crashlanded in Brunlanes, Norway.

Archie - A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command

A collection of 660 posters from WW II
On The National Library of Norway website. Each poster sometimes has more links in the text, some of which is in English.

Vågsø & Måløy Raid

The Norwegian armed forces
Includes info on the Norwegian Navy, ships, submarines etc. etc.

The Norwegian Army in Exile 1940-1945

Battle of Hegra Fortress
Close to my heart (I made many a ski trip up there, and even lived there for a while when my grandmother cooked for students). Well known in Norway for its resistance to the Germans in WW II, with only a few brave men from the village (the last group in Norway to give up the fight).

Hegra Festning N

Norsk Krigsleksikon N
Norwegian War Encyclopædia.

NorgesLexi N
(War Encyclopedia)
Indexed facts on the occupation years in Norway. Even if you don't speak the language, have a look at the many pictures.

Norway's liberation

The Soviet Advance into Norway

The Nazi Children's Home Page

Miscellaneous Countries:

Timeline of WW II in Europe
From The History Place.

2nd World War Day by Day

WW II Campaigns

The World at War
A year by year, day by day account with links to related sites. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's monitored very well, because many of the links no longer work.

The Generals of WW II
Searchable, or browse by nation.

Breaking the Enigma Cipher

Romanian Armed Forces in WW II

Military History Online


Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library.

Operation Overlord - The Normandy Invasion

Axis History

The Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain
(Royal Airforce).

Battle of Britain Timeline

Britain at War
Has a wealth of information, including Japanese POW's info.

How this newspaper covered various events during the war.

Sids War - the Story of an Argyle at War
A personal story, well worth a visit.

WW II + 55
Very interesting data, in chronological order. A section of Battleship USS Washington website.

WW II Recources
A site containing primary source material on the web (original documents regarding all aspects of the war).

A hypertext history of the 2nd world war. Political Papers, Policy Statements, Treaties, etc. Military/Service Histories, Pacific Theater of Operations, European Theater of Operations and other useful sources.

The U.S. Army Center of Military History
Lots of WW II related articles.

Dad's War
A long list of links to web sites of sons and daughters who have written about their fathers' war experiences.

The Wartime memories project

The Second WW Experience Center
Here are just a few examples of what can be found on this site - Celia's Story, Anna Golesworthy's Story (both were prisoners of the Japanese), Christopher Tulitt's Story (the sinking of the City of Athens, City of Canton and City of Adelaide), and many more.

Military aircraft crashes in Australia, military airfields, military units, military camps, prisoner of war and internment camps, command structure in the South West Pacific Area, signal intelligence units etc. etc.

Lost Lives
The 2nd World War and the islands of New Guinea - has many personal stories.

The Battle of Arnhem Archive

The Russian Battlefield
Archival documents, personal stories, etc.

The Dutch East Indies

The Northern Mariana Islands & WW II
Japan as a Pacific power, Japanese Strategy, American Strategy, Invasion of Saipan (includes Amelia Earhart's story), the last surrender of WW II, Tinian offensive etc. etc.

Hong Kong War Diary
The defence of Hong Kong. Includes a listing of each individual defender.

Battle of Hong Kong

Japan at War 1931 - 1945
Articles and books.

The Imperial Japanese Aviation Resource Center
Specifications and images of Japanese bomber aircraft.

Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy - Hiroshima

Axis Biographical Research

The Berlin (Potsdam) Conference, July 17-August 2, 1945
Conclusions of The Berlin Conference of the three Heads of Government of the USSR, USA, and UK. From the Avalon Project (Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy), Yale law school. This excellent site also has other documents, from pre-18th century up until our time, including documents such as Germany's Declaration of War with the United States of December 11, 1941 and 100's of others. Well worth a visit.

The German surrender Documents

Crimes, trials and Laws
Includes the Nüremberg trials - From Web Genocide Documentation Center.

WW I history links can be found on my "Links" page. Also, be aware that there are a lot more maritime and WW II links in my Ships Lists.

Ship Forum

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