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Brevene på norsk

(from Odd's mother Olava Holm to his cousin in the U.S.A.)
Translated by Siri Lawson

Hegra 3/2-46

Dear Alma Vilson

Many thanks for your welcome letter, and photographs. It was fun to hear from Ammerica. Here in Hegra it's peaceful now. There is more food now, if you only have money, you can get a hold of food, but everything is so terribly expensive. As far as clothes there's nothing to be had, it's also uncertain whether there will be any, yes things look bleak. I have 9 children, they're all married they're all doing well. I expected Odd for Christmas but he didn't come home. He's now on his way to the Antarctic Ocean with supplies to the Whalers a trip which takes 3 months Odd says that he'll be home for Christmas (he was able to come home that spring). It's been over 8 years since we saw our Odd. Odd is a really kind boy It's a very beautiful couple you sent me, the groom looks so much like my son Jarl just like seeing him. How is uncle Johan (Olava's brother in law, the brother of Conrad) and his wife. You must greet them ten thousand times. I'm on my own here at home and that's sad, it's very sad after Conrad, he's terribly missed, it was 3 years on January 6 since he died. he died of Tubercolosis when you get that disease you can't be saved. Have you never wanted to take a trip to Norway Alma? I suppose you're born in Ammerica Alma? can you speak Norwegian? can you speak Norwegian? (written twice) are you Johan’s daughter? (she was the daughter of Johan's brother Olaf. Johan married Olaf's widow, who was Alma's mother).
Your handwriting is so pretty mine is so ugly, I must end this now, greet all of yours. Many greetings to Johan and his wife.

Keep well and you are
warmly greeted from Olava Holm

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