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Brevene på norsk.

(to a cousin in the U.S.A.)

Dated Baltimore, July 10-1945. My father wrote this in English, and I've left it unchanged.

Brev 8 og brev 9 var skrevet på engelsk og jeg har ikke oversatt dem til norsk. Dette skaper litt forvirring i linkene, men benytt linken øverst til venstre for å komme tilbake til den norske brevlisten.

Dearest Grace:

Thank you very much for your letter dated Dell Rapids May the 7th Sorry to hear that you have not got my letter. I got your letter (dated nov 7th last year) just before we started on a voyage to the Mediterranean. We where in some different places in Italy and North Africa. I wrote you, your mother and uncle John from the Italian town Brindizi. The letters may have been taken by the censore, since you have not got them.
We left Mediterranean the 23rd of December, so we had Christmas at sea. Have not had any real Christmas since 1936 together with my parents. Hope to have the next home (it would be almost another year before he could go home).
V-E day we were in the Atlantic in convoy as usual, so the day passed by very quiete, exept some depth-charges. It is the best way to celebrate such a great day, quiete and in thankfulness to those who losed their lives in the terrific struggle for freedom. I'm very thankfull that we got our country back, without total destruction as we feared. Among all others, the Norwegian people are very thankfull indeed. The country is of course much ruined, but it will soon be what it was before the war, and still better I hope. It may seams difficult, but it is not if the people do their very best.
Have not heard anything from home since I got twentyfive words through Red Cross for about a year ago. Hope they all are getting along allright.
Thank you a lot for the pictures you sent me. I should like to visit you. Haven't time to do so yet. I suppose it is very lovely in Dell Rapids, especially in sommertime. I will call you long distance tomorrow night. It is difficult to get through I guess. Will write your mother soon.
I better sign of and go to bed, it is late. Hoping you are in the best of health, and to have the pleasure to hear from you soon.

Your affectionate friend
Odd Conrad

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